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Planning To Pursue UG from UK/USA? Key Facts You Must Know

April 2019

The United Kingdom and United States are actively becoming more diverse, attracting students from across the globe. Despite shared language and high profile institutions in the UK and US, the cultural differences in these two countries are miles apart. Recognized by employers and academics alike, candidates who look to these popular destinations in the pursuit of their educational opportunities are provided with an excellent learning environment all throughout their academic journey. Here are important facts every student must keep in mind when looking to study at an undergraduate level in the UK and US.

UG Course in UK and US

Academic Criteria:

In order to apply for an undergraduate degree either in the US or UK, candidates need to first complete high school and provide acceptable certification on completion of the same. Additionally, candidates also need to provide academic achievement demonstrating the ability to succeed at university level studies. Both countries differ in their own entry requirements and candidates are expected to meet the necessary pre-requisites set by respective universities. Often candidates may even be required to complete a foundation course if they fail to meet direct entry requirements.

Standardized Testing

For most Schools and Colleges, your level of understanding and competency in English is the key to acceptance to your degree program. Those looking to study in the U.S will require standardized testing such as the SAT and the TOEFL to be considered for admission, while those opting to pursue a bachelor's degree in UK are required to give the IELTS.

Employment Opportunities

Under certain circumstances, students are permitted to work in both the US and UK during their term abroad. Along with the extra cash and experience, you learn to practice English in a professional setting and will moreover build up your network. It is also important that you understand the demands set by your courses and manage your schedule accordingly.

Know the Laws

Every country will have certain rules that you need to adhere to and so it is important that you obey the laws of your host country at all times. What may not be a big deal at home, can be a serious offence in another country. Minor offenses can create trouble for an individual who isn't well versed with the local laws. It can lead to tarnishing your image. Hence one must make sure to stay away from unnecessary troubles.

Get Travel Insurance

Travel insurance policies act as a financial safety net and are worth the investment. Should you get sick or have any medical issues when overseas, your travel insurance will allow you to claim irrecoverable costs.

Study in UK

Student Testimonials:

It was an excellent experience with Edwise. I received great help from my counselor. My admission and visa process went real smooth and it was all because of the team of Edwise.

Name - Nikitha jose
Country - UK
University - University of Manchester

It was a very warm experience. My study abroad dream transformed into reality only because I received great help from the team of Edwise. I would suggest Edwise to all those who wish to study abroad.

Name - Shahabas Naseem
Country - USA
University - University at Buffalo

My experience with Edwise was very good. The staff and counselors here have complete and in depth details about overseas education. This is why I was helped immensely at all times. Thank you so much Edwise.

Name - Harshvardhan Khoday
Country - UK
University - Regents London

It has been a great experience so far. My counselor has always been available for all my queries at any point of time. I never once felt stressed or confused while dealing with the process of studying abroad. Thank you Edwise for the help provided.

Name - Sandesh S Prabhu
Country - USA
University - University of Keltering

Edwise Overseas Education Consultant

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