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USA University Admissions Amid COVID-19

Amongst the top-ranking institutions worldwide, a large proportion of them are located in USA. These institutions rank highly due to multifold of reasons some of which include, quality education, technological advancement, infrastructure and much more.

The US education system utilizes a professional approach which enables you to learn a formidable amount of knowledge. The aim of institutions in the US, is to not only make sure you receive relevant knowledge but also imbibe in you professional skills. This ensures you have the relevant skills in the professional world, giving you better growth prospects.

These are few of the many reason's students decide to study in USA and it continues to be one of the most sought-after study destinations.

However, due to the pandemic COVID-19 that swopped the floor off everybody's feet, it is natural that there has been impact on the university admissions in USA. The novel virus, is unique to everyone and its repercussions can only be understood with time. The probable answer to any question related to the COVID-19, is time. It is anxiously with bated breath that everybody is waiting for this phase it pass. It is through time that we will truly be able to capture what the future holds for us. USA universities and colleges as well the Department of Homeland Security are providing all possible means of support to international students.

Study in USA

To look at how the COVID-19 has affected university admissions in USA, look at the below given comprehensive points:

Students planning to study in USA

A considerable number of students who were planning to study in USA in 2020 are met with a road block. However, not all hope is lost for them. Students are given the choice to either start their courses online in their home country or can defer their admission to the next intake or year. Patience is the key here. It would be quite detrimental to decide against studying in USA, because as mentioned earlier, studying in USA is definitely a feather in one's cap that will allow one to have a kickstart to their career. The most practical solution is to wait and see how things pan out and let time take its course.

Students who are currently studying in the USA

Students who are currently studying in the USA were met with two options, they could either stay back or return to their home country. Those who decided to stay back are now completing their courses online. However, with the curtail in flights they are now stuck in the USA. Those who have decided to return to their home country are now completing their course online. However, students are facing issues in terms of time zones and internet connectivity. The number one question on student's minds is how soon can they return to their study destinations. What the work opportunities will be like after this, ends can only be answered with time.

Things are expected to fall into place in the times to come.

Online Courses

USA has always been renowned for its online courses. And even before the outbreak occurred, a considerable number of courses were conducted online. Spring semesters are almost seeing an end; however, summer semester is still incomplete.

Job Opportunities

Like most countries, USA is also following the trend of working from home. IT companies especially, are increasingly seeking work from home interns. Nearly everything is making its presence online.

Online Proficiency Tests

Entrance exams such as TOEFL, GRE, GMAT are now conducting tests online. Duolingo is becoming an increasingly used platform by universities for English proficiency tests.


The I-20 form which was earlier sent to prospective students by currier is now sent in an electronic format. Enabling the students to take a printout and use the same. The I-20 is now referred to as the eI-20.

What next?

Students who have already made applications: Students who have already made applications to study in USA in the Fall'20 intake, will have to wait and figure out how things pan out. Nobody knows how the COVID-19 will pan out and thus should wait and evaluate the situation. Classes may either start online or the start dates may get pushed back. Whether or not you will receive scholarships and the cost component of the program will all be understood with time.

Students looking to make applications: Application deadlines are likely to get extended; it is recommended that you keep the process on and prepare for the required tests. Students have quite a few months in hand before the start of the Fall intake. Programs which earlier started in August end or first week of September may get pushed to end of September or first week of October.

It's best to not make hasty decisions because it is too early to say how things will pan out. No one can predict anything; it is thus best to wait and watch.

USA University Admissions

Student Testimonials:

Though I took the decision to study in USA quite late, Edwise efficiently enrolled me in an excellent university without me experiencing any pressure. Thanks for making my dream come true.

Name - Sheetal Shah
Country - USA
University - Long Island University

It has been wonderful, whenever I visited Edwise right from the planning stage, application stage till getting a visa they were there to guide me all the way.

Name - Rohan Shirodkar
Country - USA
University - Texas A & M-College

It was really great being consulted by Edwise!! The most amazing part was the friendly atmosphere made there.

Name - Dhruv Shah
Country - USA
University - Pace University

Edwise Overseas Education Consultant

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