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Top 5 Courses to Study in USA

USA continues to be the higher education hub for international students. If you want world class education along with strong career opportunities the United States is the best destination for you. USA has always been an attractive study destination for prospective students, the reasons being quality education, cutting edge technology, work opportunities, excellent funding options and flexible curriculum.

The United States being the leading destination for international students, offers the most attractive opportunities and choices for furthering your education. The education system lays a lot of emphasis on not only building a very strong base of concepts but also on the practical aspects and employment related skills.


From the range of courses that are available to study in USA. The 7 most prominent ones include:


Few of the world's best B-schools are located in the USA. Students who have an inclination for business, economics, administration are drawn to this field. Apart from an excellent education, students will have the opportunity to undertake networking activities and will be presented with internship opportunities. The foundation knowledge in this field ensures that emphasis is put on both theory as well as practical studies. This field hosts several areas of specialisation such as Accounting, Economics, Entrepreneurship, Information Technology, Management and Health Administration to name a few.

Business Analytics and Data Science

Few of the top schools renowned globally for Business Analytics are located in the USA. There are several courses and specialisations that studying a Business Analytics course offers. A graduate in the said field of study, will not only be able to comprehend the business programs but also develop strategies and help through decision making. The immense areas of specialisation offered, ensures that every student will find an area that is of his interest. On the other hand, Data Science teaches a student the nuances of working with data and removing insights that will help transform the findings. Students that have an epiphany for statistics and are inclined towards an analytical and problem-solving approach whilst at the same time have an attention for detail should study the said courses in USA. Having knowledge in the said field of study, will allow the student to work as a Data Scientist, Analyst, Engineer or even a Strategist.

Computer Science and Information Technology

Whether it is the job placements or the high starting salaries, Computer Science and Information Technology are one of the most sought-after programs to study in USA. A vast subject area, it is filled with sub-disciplines, that not only emphasis on quantity but quality as well. Few of the most top ranked institutions in the said field of study are located in the USA, that offer lucrative placement opportunities to its graduates. A constantly evolving field of study, it is not for the faint-hearted. Only if you have a passion and luxury to study the subject in detail, should you apply to study the same. With new job constantly evolving in the market for this field, students can find themselves after a graduation in the said subject working in areas such as business, commerce, defence, education, engineering, entertainment, government or medicine.


A constantly growing field of study, studying Engineering in USA offers immense career prospects to international students. Whilst the subject deals with science and mathematics, it makes sure to tap into the creative side of students as well. A challenging field of study, studying the said course imbibes in student's problem-solving skills, decision making abilities, designing and operating systems skills. The field presents immense job opportunities, and a lucrative pay scale, along with a high job satisfaction due the constantly evolving field of study. An innovative program, it makes sure project management, teamwork and communication skills are imbibed in the students. There are various areas of specialisations, some of which include Petroleum, Electrical, Computer, Aerospace, Chemical and Materials Engineering. An Engineer in the USA has a pay scale that indicatively ranges between $50000-$1000000.


A Pharmacy degree allows students to prepare as well as dispense drugs, whilst at the same time understanding how it effects the human body. If you choose to study the course, you will spend a significant amount of time in laboratories, undertaking research and understanding the chemical nuances. Apart from learning the fundamentals of the field, you will also understand facets of areas such as Biology, Chemistry, Ethics and Medicine to name a few. Emphasis is places on both theory and practice to comprehend the creation, effects and prescription of drugs. It is important that you have strong communication skills to study this field in order to understand and make appropriate recommendations. You can find yourself in a career in the Clinical, Military, Pharmacology, Toxicology or Science field.

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Student Testimonials:

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Country - USA
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Name - Saahil Das
Country - USA
University - North Dakota State University

I am glad that I chose Edwise, I made a right decision and I am grateful to Edwise and my counselor who supported me throughout.

Name - Shraddha Jani
Country - USA
University - New York Institute of Technology

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