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Top 5 Courses in Canada

June 2019

Picking an accurate place to study requires immense research. Each country provides varied courses and selecting one that perfectly fits your interests, is a crucial task.

Canada is the up and coming study destination with a vast number of students opting for it. The reasons to choose Canada range from the opportunity to study at a world class education center, to the ability to witness the technology wave. To Study in Canada not only presents you with ample job opportunities but also allows you to enjoy an exceptional quality of life.

Canada is one of the highest spenders on education amongst economically developed countries. Canadian graduates enjoy successful and prosperous careers in comparison to graduates from other countries. A large percentage of colleges in Canada are ranked amongst the prominent universities in the world. Although the entry requirements are competitive in nature, the quality of education provided is superior in nature and is thus highly sought after by students. The number of international students studying courses in Canada is increasing by the year.

Courses in Canada are comparatively cheaper than those of other countries making it highly sought after. The Permanent Residency criteria are relatively more relaxed. Apart from its highly established course structure, it also enjoys the status of being one of the safest and most livable countries in the world.

Although majority of the Colleges in Canada teach their programs in English, a large section of the population speaks French. Courses in Canada enable students to work off campus without a work permit for 20 hours a week and full time, which is 40 hours during holidays. However, some courses have work experience as part of the curriculum. Moreover, students can work upon completion of the course for 3 years depending upon the length of the program. A student can expect to earn approximately C$11- C$14 per hour.

Colleges in Canada begin their intake in September while the other intake is January. Few also accept students in May.

The courses in Canada can be understood through the following subcategories. A Certificate course is one year in length and offers basic knowledge in the said field of study. A Diploma qualification is awarded on the basis of one to two years of successful study. Furthermore, an Advanced Diploma is a three year program which can lead to a Bachelor’s Degree. These are designed to give students the opportunity to learn and develop many marketable skills in their preferred area of study. It places great emphasis on technical aspects by giving hands on experience and foundations of the program, the practical application received by students is highly sought after by employers. This enables the student to get jobs relatively easier. Upon completion of four years of full time study from a university one can attain a Bachelor’s Degree. Moreover, one can also avail a Post Graduate Diploma or Certificate; this is a specialized course for 8-12 months. Many students prefer this over the Master’s program, due to the opportunity to work alongside the course. To be able to study this program one must have a Bachelor’s Degree or 4 years of education. Similarly, Master’s program is pursued by those looking to enhance their already existing skill set in a said area. A two year program, it can only be pursued upon completion of a four years Bachelor’s or a three years Bachelor’s and a one year Postgraduate Diploma from a Canadian university. Students also pursue a Doctorate or PhD, which is the highest degree a student can achieve. This program usually takes four to seven years to complete.

Study in Canada

Canada has ample courses to provide to every student who sets foot in the country, some of the prominent courses include:

Computer Science and Information Technology

Pursuing a Computer Science and Information Technology degree in Canada is not only easier to obtain but is also internationally recognized. The rigorous theoretical backgrounds coupled with the wide choices in programs are of great assistance to you. The courses offered range from programming, IT Security to Health Informatics and Cloud Technologies. In today's technological world having a degree in Information Technology, allows you to modernize your skills and expand your knowledge base. A degree from colleges in Canada allows you to network with industry tycoons, thus presenting you with a wide ambit of job opportunities. Attaining a Computer Science or Information Technology degree by studying in Canada will enable a student to reach great heights on the career ladder.

Business Courses

Business colleges in Canada offer bountiful courses from analytics, finance, marketing to organizational and management skills. These courses are widely opted by the students because of their demand across the globe. Majors in business add up to 51% of the inclination and are offered by majority of the colleges in Canada. An understanding of how an organization operates bestows upon your decision making, problem solving and presentation skills. This acts as a great bone in today’s business driven world. And will enable you to become the driver of your own business. Although majority of the countries offer courses in business, the practical applications of business courses in Canada enable the students to have an upper hand over the rest.


The Canadian Council for Professional Engineers is the accreditation organization for engineers within the country. The Canadian economy is witnessing a technology boom and thus, a degree in engineering from Canada would provide great impetus to your future prospects. Although highly competitive in nature, this degree is the most sought after and presents highly paid job opportunities to the students. The challenging course work equips you with intellectual development and prestige in the society. The wide internship opportunities make sure students get ample experience. Engineering courses in Canada are one of the most sought after programs.

Project Management

Project Management as a field of study concerns itself with assigning resources to a specified task in the business. This task can either be a one-time activity or an ongoing process. Project Management is a growing industry and a degree in the same allows you to become a specialized expert, harnessing you with necessary leadership skills. This degree enables you to learn alongside field experts and also presents you with the opportunity to achieve hands on practical experience. Having a degree in Project Management expands your career opportunities and enables you to have a greater voice in your business.

Business Analytics

Business Analytics is an amalgamation of technology and business, making it an ideal study option for you, if working with immense data and programming is your field of interest. Students are trained in data analysis and business intelligence tools allowing them to indulge in predictive modeling. Although, relatively new, it is turning out to be a booming industry with a large number of companies looking for students trained in the same. A business analytics course has become highly relative in today’s world due to the increasing importance it plays in the overall efficiency of the business firm. It also plays a pivotal role in providing solutions to problems faced by businesses.

To Study in Canada one needs an English Language Requirement which is achieved through either an IELTS or TOEFL. The scores for the exams vary according to the course under consideration. However, most undergraduate courses in Canada require a 6.0-6.5 score. Postgraduate courses require scores within range of 6.5-7. TOEFL scores are also accepted by universities, undergraduate courses in Canada need an 80 and above, while postgraduate courses need a 90 and above.

The scholarship avenues made available to prospective students are competitive in nature. Most universities offer scholarships to students who have exceptional academic records. The scholarships awarded to the students are limited in nature and only cover a certain part of the course fee. Limited number of colleges in Canada offer scholarships to their students.

There are various courses offered in Canada which can be largely divided into three board categories namely; Diploma and Certificate Program, Bachelors Program and Master’s Program. The tuition fees in Canada can be understood as follows. Diploma and Certificate Programs range from Rs 676000- Rs 832000. Further, Bachelors Programs approximately cost Rs 676000-Rs 936000. Lastly, Master’s Program approximately range from Rs 884000- Rs 1300000. The above given costs are given in accordance to the exchange rate of C$1= Rs 52/-.

To be able to study in Canada one needs to avail a Canadian Student Visa. One can expect the visa to arrive between 4-6 weeks. The Canadian visa application can either be made online or can be processed through a paper based application. To avail a Canadian student visa, one needs to have a certain list of documents. These include; IELTS score, a Guaranteed Investment Certificate of CAD$10000, to cover living expenses for the first year of stay.

Students can work for one year upon completion of a one year program and for three years upon completion of two years or a longer duration course. Bountiful, quality education is offered in Canada, making it an impeccable study abroad destination.

Courses in Canada

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