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Tips to Study From Home

With the COVID-19 pushing people into their homes, we find ourselves pushing through the days. For a student, it becomes more of a task, since they have to study from home. Used to attending classes on campus, meeting fellow students, having a range of interactive sessions. It becomes extremely tedious for students to study alone at home.

The range of distractions, to the technical issues that a student may face. Studying from home is no easy task. Motivation has definitely dwindled and you may find yourself lacking that enthusiasm you earlier did to brush through those pages.

However, since times are tough, it is necessary for us all to power through. If you find it difficult to study from home, here a few tips that will help you through this magnanimous task. With these tips and a dash of determination and willpower, you will definitely find yourself powering through your study sessions from home.


Make a Timetable

Just like your college or university, make sure you make a timetable and adhere to the same. Since you're used to working through a schedule, you will find it easier when you have your day laid out in front of you. Not only will this help organize your time, but also help you when you're juggling with multiple tasks at hand. Schedule your breaks and give yourself enough breaks between your study time. Make sure that you don't treat your timetable like a piece of paper and make sure to follow the same.

Have a Fixed Study Place

Since we are at home, we often find ourselves lazing on the bed or the couch throughout the day. It is important that you create an area that is dedicated to just your study. Make sure that it is clean and organized as well as equipped with all your study material and stationery. When you're in this area make sure you mean business. Whilst it's easy to end up napping when you're on your bed, this dedicated study place will make sure that you only spend time doing what you're mean to be doing.

Refrain From Multitasking

Since you're at home you will find yourself with a mammoth list of tasks apart from studying. Not only do these tasks includes your household chores, but also includes a list of other activities as well. Make sure to not take too many tasks at hand. Stick to your timetable and plan an achievable list of tasks. Don't go overboard but make sure you always strive to achieve more than you did yesterday.

Sleep Well

Being at home, it is natural that your sleep schedule has gone for a toss. While it's fun to stay up till the wee hours of the night, it does ruin your morning. Thus, even if you're at home it is important that you get a goodnight's sleep so that you're fresh during the day to achieve all the tasks you have at hand.

Eat Well

Staying at home is equivalent to binging on a lot of munchies. It is important that you keep yourself energised for all the studying you have at hand and eat a nutritious meal. Set a time for all your meals so that you don't find yourself gorging on food while you are supposed to be studying.

Keep your Gadgets Away

Unlike at university, you're a free bird at home and there is no one to refrain from using your phone while studying. An easy distraction, you will find yourself caught in its web spending countless hours on the phone. And before you know it, you have spent all your day on it. Therefore, the time you have dedicated for studying make sure that you stay away from your phone.

Stay Fit

Considering that you have the entire day at hand, keep your mind as well as your body working. Set some time aside for your body and exercise. You will be surprised with the wonders it does. Not only will it help your body stay fit but also energize your mind.


Whilst it is extremely pressurizing to be at the peak of your productivity this lockdown, make sure that you also go easy on yourself and relax your mind. Have a certain down time set aside for the day. Use this time to either watch a show, movie, talk to your friends and relatives. Give yourself the much-needed rejuvenation.

Studying at home can be a task, but with these few hack's things will definitely seem easier.


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