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Tips to Secure a Job After an Education Abroad

Studying abroad can be a daunting experience, from finals to assignments to homework and presentations, the list goes on and takes a toll on students.

A prominent reason a significant number of students decide to study abroad is the job prospects it holds. An international work experience does wonders for a student's resume and makes them highly attractive to future employers.

Overseas education is a challenging experience, but what is more challenging is securing a job abroad. Not only does it add value to the resume but also develops personal skills.

The steps to finding a job after the completion of the study abroad program can be broken down as follows:


Finding the Right Job

If the university has a career cell, it is best to get in touch with them and understand the career possibilities offered. Sign up for newsletters and online job forums that regularly post job updates. When signing up for a job it is important for students to understand what their goals are. Outline what your priorities are and lay out a plan accordingly.


Research involves both undertaking your own homework as well as interacting with people. If possible, students are advised to find people in their interested line of work and interact with them. Understand what the industry is like, to judge whether it is a best fit for you. Networking during college becomes extremely important because it helps open doors of several career avenues. Apart from interacting with other students it also becomes critical for students to undertake their own research. We can now access information on our fingertips and students are pushed to access all the relevant information possible.

Plan in Advance

If students are undertaking the decision to study abroad solely with the purpose of attaining a job there, it is important to plan in advance. Understand what the restrictions of the student visa are and plan your next steps in advance.

Ask the University for Help

In majority of cases, universities have a dedicated department that looks to help students with their aspirations of attaining a job. Don't be shy of asking questions, it is important to get all your queries solved. Workshops are conducted through the academic year that help students enhance their resume, specific career advice, all of which come in handy when a student decides to look for jobs.


An activity that all students should take on a war footing is networking. Since, students are interacting with people from all corners of the world, it becomes important to enlarge their social circle. Being a part of relevant groups or societies will allow you to connect with people that have similar aspirations, allowing students to not only get a second opinion but also open doors.

Meeting Criteria

If students are looking to work after the completion of their program, they are required to change their visa status. The said facet is technical in nature and students need to make sure that they meet all the requirements when filling an application for the same.

Popular Jobs students undertake

Whilst it is rightly said that every child is different, and thus the career avenues picked by students are likely to be different, there are certain job fields that are popular amongst students. These include education, writing, management, engineering, and medicine to name a few.

Job Prospects Specific to Countries

Every study abroad destination has its own policy that it adopts in order to promote jobs. For instance, New Zealand is extremely popular in the area of Tourism and Hospitality Management, the country has a list of skilled migrant activities that it releases every year. This list includes professions which are required in the country, if the student's area of expertise happens to lie in one of the said areas, their chances of attaining a job increases significantly. Moreover, Fashion, Marketing, Law are some popular job avenues in France. Hospitality and Engineering are renowned fields in Ireland, whilst Tourism, Administration, Engineering, Management are popular areas in Australia.

There is no plan that students can follow specifically to attain a job, every student will have their own process that they will have to carve out themselves. At the end of the day, it is the student's skills that helps them secure a job abroad.


Student Testimonials:

I was totally unaware about the various procedures and formalities to be undertaken for a foreign education. I wanted to pursue an MBA course but was blank about how to go about it. I would like to thank the counseling team at Edwise for its effort and follow ups.

Name - Komal Punjabi
Country - USA
University - Fairleigh Dickinson University

It was a great experience at Edwise. Special thanks to the team who kept constantly following up on the tasks to be done. I had problems in arranging the documentation. I would like to thank my visa counsellor for helping me in getting the visa. I recommend Edwise to everyone who plans to study abroad. It's the best place to visit for professional and quality guidance.

Name - Alwin
Country - Canada
University - Toronto Film School

I really want to thank Edwise for making my dreams come true. The amount of work and dedication put by Edwise was breath-taking. I was guided to possibly the best university and I reached it without breaking a sweat. Thanks to the entire team at Edwise for making this happen.

Name - Siddharth Rajgopal
Country - USA
University - Lincoln University

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