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Tips for writing a strong SOP

A Statement of Purpose or SOP is a vital part of the application while applying to Universities abroad. The SOP describes your personality, your skills, interests and aspirations. As the student is an unknown individual to the admission committee at the University, the SOP is a way for students to add a personalized touch to their application. As Universities receive thousands of SOPs during each intake, it is imperative that the SOP stands out among the crowd.

A Statement of Purposeare really simple to write but need to have certain points covered in them for it to make a substantial contribution to the application. A few tips to write a strong SOP are firstly, to start well in advance and plan out what all you are going to mention in your SOP. Planning ahead gives you time to collect all your thoughts and give time to your application. Second, Maintain a formal tone throughout the SOP as it is going to be reviewed by a well qualified panel at the university. Third, write persuasively to convince the reviewers that you are serious about your education and future plans. A strong SOP is essential to convince the university that you are serious about further education and want to excel at their university.

Each Statement of Purpose has certain sections to it that have to be covered. Each section has its own importance but if written well, collectively they make a strong SOP.


The sections are mentioned below:


This sets the tone for your Statement of Purpose. In the introduction, start with a quote or inspirational line that is representative of your interests. Add a few sentences about your family background and childhood experiences. You can also present your understanding of the field of study you are interested in.

Academic and Professional Qualifications

In this section, you should mention your educational qualifications from primary schooling to college and from Undergraduate to Graduate qualifications, based on relevance. Feel free to also mention what you have done in the past in terms of education, what course you are currently pursuing along with your academic strengths and the diffrent you have undertaken. If you have professional experience, you should mention it here as well as your job role and responsibilities in the organization. This helps in establishing your current career progression and development.

Course Selection

In this section, you have to talk about the course that you have an interest in. You can talk about what led you to choose the course and how it will help you in the future. You are advised to talk about how this course is different and why it caught your attention. Also mention what skills you want aim to build and develop with the modules you wish to pursue.

Country and University Selection

In this section, you should talk about why you chose this country and university. Talk about the perks of choosing this country over others and how this university is best suited for your course and area of interest. You can also mention how the country is suitable for you and the various facilities the university offers that will help you in your course. You can specially mention faculty members and the work they are doing in that specific field to show the university that you have done your diligent research.


In the concluding paragraph, mention your preparedness for the course and what contribution you intend on making to the university. You should have a focused tone in this section to make your case and also talk about how you are ready to make a difference and significant change in a global perspective.

These are guidelines that you can refer to while writing your Statement. Make sure that your Statement of Purpose is written by you with your experiences and expression. Do not plagiarize your Statement as it unethical and wrong. Focus while writing the SOP and express yourself as much as possible.


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Country - Canada
University - Lambton College

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