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Study Abroad Guide

Tips for successful university applications

The decision to study abroad often has a few hurdles. However, upon successful completion of the same, can one be truly satisfied. The university application process is one of the most strenuous moments of a student's life. Students feels like it holds the key to their future.

An admission committee goes through floods of applications daily, it is an arduous task to make yours stand out in the pool of competition. Below given are a few tips that would assist you in attaining an application that stands out from the rest for overseas education.



Like many other tasks in an individual's life, undertaking research work is of paramount importance when looking to study abroad. Before looking at any university, one must be fully aware of their interests. Only upon realization of one's aspirations will the picking of college be undertaken in an appropriate manner. It is imperative to not only research the university but the course as well. A university may have an overall high ranking but what is of significance is its ranking in the program of your choice. While it is critical to know the expectations the university has from you what is of greater significance is whether the college satisfies your expectations. All these details will be of great significance and will be a boon to include in application documents.


The best way to judge the feel of the college is by interacting with college alumni. They will be able to paint a clear picture of the university. Interaction with the faculty will not only allow you to have greater information, but show the authorities that you are interested in the program.


As mentioned beforehand the admissions committee goes through a magnanimous number of applications. Thus if you're exaggerating it can be spotted easily which will diminish your chances of availing admission. The Statement of Purpose should mirror your true personality and not be a replica. While it is tempting to reference other works, understand what inspires you and appropriately create your application documents. Increasingly universities are now undertaking a social media check, thus one must be sure that the facts shown are truthful when looking to pursue education abroad. Be yourself and don't lose perspective of why you made an application in the first place. To make the admission committee believe in your achievements always provide examples. Due the limited time you have to make your case, briefly explain yourself and portray how you are significant.


Deciding to study abroad is not a decision one can undertake on a whim. It requires immense planning in all fronts to successfully enroll at a foreign university. Keep ample time and determination to prepare for tests which will be a determining factor. Having an academic calendar will be of significance, think about interests or any short programs that you can undertake during your education abroad which will enable you to have an upper hand over other applicants. Always have multiple options to fall back on.

Document processing

Being aware of due dates will prevent you from facing any unforeseen circumstances. Reworking and reanalyzing your application documents will bring to light things that earlier missed your eye. Be cautious when selecting someone to write you a Letter of Recommendation. The letter is of immense significance in the application process and will speak to your strengths. Begin beforehand and submit documents which will enable you to be meticulous in the process. Make multiple people proofread your documents; getting varied opinions on the documents will enable you to have an extensive view. Keep copies of all the critical documents in case of emergencies.

Although grades are critical in the application process, activities undertaken outside the classroom which include extracurricular and social activities will be deciding factors in your application to study abroad.


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