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The future of an education abroad

With the current study abroad scenario in a frenzy, students are left at the altar with an uncertain future. With a hopeful respite in the future, students can be reassured that when they do decide to commence their classes, they will be met with a set of new rules and regulations.


Response to the current situation

Faced with an unprecedented time, it has never been the case that international students from every corner of the world were asked to return to their home countries. However, it should be duly noted that the universities took every possible step to ensure that the education of a student is not hindered. They quickly managed to shift classes online and provided all possible means of support to ensure that the students could continue these classes online smoothly, without facing any hassles. Moreover, overseas education experts have collaborated with several universities to organize an ambit of virtual fairs, allowing students to interact with university delegates and having all their queries solved. This has ensured that there is no full stop on the study abroad aspirations of students.

Steps for the future

With classes currently being shifted online, universities are now gearing for the future. They are allowing students to shift classes in case their chosen field of study does not provide an online medium. Moreover, they can commence a certain proportion of their classes online, without having a negative impact on their visa status. Not only this, but students are encouraged to start their classes at the university's partner organizations in other destinations, whilst reassuring students that they can move back to their chosen study destination once things normalize.

Visa Application

Although, universities are undertaking all the necessary steps to ensure that the current process is smooth and has even laid the foundation bricks for the future, several other parties also come into play. Before students can commence their study abroad dreams, visa and their government services need to resume. Apart from this, students also need to receive a green signal from both their home country as well as their study abroad destination to be able to start their education journey.

Health of Students

For a significant number of universities, the real problems will begin once international students are allowed to start their courses on campus. It is here when the university will be required to be extremely pragmatic in their approach to ensure that the health and safety of students is looked after.

Problems faced by the university

These are indeed challenging times for the universities as well, since their revenues are going to take a substantial hit due to lower student enrolment for the current intake. However, they are expecting a considerable inflow of student applications in the next intake period.

Courses Offered

A significant number of students are also worried about the courses offered. There persists a fear that the number of courses offered will see a decline post the COVID-19, in an attempt to curtail the costs. However, that is far from the truth, since universities are constantly updating their programs according to student demand, to make sure that they offer students with those courses which are demanded by the students. As far as possible, universities are also refunding the fees paid by the students wherever possible.

Support offered by universities

As mentioned aforehand, universities are offering all possible means of support to ensure that the study abroad dreams of students are not hampered. To this extent, they have offered several scholarships to students in need, to ensure that the pandemic does not disrupt their educational prospects. Moreover, universities are considering a delay in the academic calendar hoping that the travel restrictions will be lifted in the near future to ensure that a greater number of students will be able to travel to their overseas education destination. In an alternative case, universities are also considering a hybrid of online classes and on-campus programs to ensure that not only do classes start online but students can also travel to their destination soon. A significant reason student decides to study abroad are the job opportunities presented, however, since the pandemic has put everything on a toss, students are reconsidering their decision to study abroad. However, universities have taken this into consideration as well. They are looking to provide students with several virtual job opportunities to ensure that a major component of the study abroad experience remains intact.

While it all seems to be in a frenzy now, it is crucial to remember that an overseas education has positive impacts on the future prospects of students.


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