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Study in UK: A Student Hub

September 2020

Top universities in UK are home to a significant number of international students, and even in the face of the current crisis, the confidence that the UK holds has remained unaverred.

Support offered by the government

The government in the UK is offering universities access to government-backed support with the likes of the job-retention scheme. This scheme comprises a plethora of options, some of which include business loan support, short-term contracts and much more. Realising the financial difficulties that students may face, the government has also undertaken the decision to increase funds, research grants as well as teaching payments. Unlike other study abroad destinations, students who decide to study in UK will only be required to self-isolate for a fortnight post their entry. These are some of the many reasons why UK continues to be a prospective education destination.

Support offered by universities in UK

Universities in UK have acknowledged the woes a student faces during their strenuous times and has made provisions to ensure that students are supported through the same. Certain universities are not making it mandatory for the student to submit academic references and several other support schemes have also been announced. Universities are looking forward to catering to international students and provisions in order to deal with the same have also been put into place. Moreover, those with a Tier-4 student visa and are studying for a period of 6-months or more have access to NHS. This NHS help curtails a certain cost component of health aliments that a student may face in an unfortunate situation.

What should students do

As a student looking to study in UK, one must remain positive and optimistic. The mindset goes a long way when going through the gruesome task of making university applications. It is important that students undertake an informed decision and stay in the loop for what is happening currently. Study in UK has been an attractive prospect since the shorter course duration means an economical fee structure when compared to the counterparts. Moreover, with the newly brought in 2 years stay back opportunities, students now have the opportunity to make most out of their study in UK and reap the benefits of alluring jobs that the country has to offer. The most important takeaway that a student needs to take from the said situation is to always be prepared. Things can turn in the split of a second and students are highly encouraged to make sure that they always stay at the top of their game.

What does the UK offer?

Top universities in UK not only offer students a friendly environment, but also a great learning environment which helps students enhance their future prospects. Moreover, to ensure that the worthiest students receive the opportunity to study in UK, universities also present several scholarships. Home to one of the oldest established education systems, students can be rest assured that the education they attain from the UK will be revered across the globe. What is important to note is that several other study destinations have formulated their course structure on the basis of the framework laid down by the education system in UK. Host to a strong economy, accompanied by the emphasis provided to innovation, the UK has a bright future ahead of themselves and students should be ready to tap into the same. Restrictions have been eased and steps have been introduced in the UK towards normalcy.

Online Classes

Another factor that is being heavily advocated by universities in UK is online classes. Students who cannot travel given the current situation are highly encouraged to undertake online classes, ensuring that there is no hindrance in the education prospects of students. Students have been given a timeframe by when they will be required to enter the UK to complete the remainder of the course. Through online classes, every effort is being taken to provide any form of assistance that a student may require on their journey to study in UK. Supporting international students has always been a priority of the universities and this attitude has remained unaffected even during the times of this crisis. UK has been a forerunner when it comes to hybrid classes and they are gearing for the future.

Study in UK offer cutting-edge and career opportunities and therefore, students are highly pushed to consider the same. If you have any doubts in regards to your study in UK, Edwise now offers Live Free Virtual Counselling which is an excellent medium through which you can solve all your study abroad woes from home.


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