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Study in Canada- Education System

The education system in Canada falls under the complete dominion of the territories and provinces, which means there is no central education system in Canada. An interesting notion about the education system in Canada is the fact that public education in the country is free up to secondary school.

Courses in Canadaare amongst the most widely recognized globally. The education system in Canada comprises of both public and private institutions. You are met with a wide choice of over 96 universities, 175 Community Colleges that offer an ambit of programs. Having this brief idea regarding the education system in Canada, we can delve deeper into the nitigrities of the system that help it make one of the most sought after globally.

Study in Canada

Types of institutions


Universities in Canada are funded by the public hence offer high quality education at economical rates to international students. This is one of the greatest advantages when compared to other study destinations. A broad range of courses and degrees from undergraduate to doctorate even certificate and professional degrees are available. The classroom size is generally large and Post Study Work Option upto three years is also available.

Technical Institutes and Community Colleges

Career oriented, these have a more practical and technical related curriculum. Some of its typical features includes small classes, off-campus course offerings, infrastructure and interactive environment. Government owned and managed, these offer Post Study Work Option of upto three years.

Career/ Technical/ Private Colleges

Privately owned and operated, their primary objective is preparing you for the job market after a short period of instruction. The emphasis at Career College is on practical skills. Post Study Work Option depends on the institution.

Types of Certifications


This qualification is awarded upon one year of programme.


This qualification is awarded upon one or two years of programme.

Advanced Diploma

A three year program, it may lead to a Bachelors Program.

Bachelor's Degree

A four year full time study program, it is awarded by universities, university colleges and community colleges, which can lead to graduate level studies.

Post Graduate Diploma/Certificate

A specialized applied course, it leads to either a Certificate or a Diploma. The duration of the program is between 8-12 months and is often preferred by students when compared to Master's programs. These programs have in them, work terms which offer you full-time opportunities to attain practical skills along with theory. Duration of the work term in the course is between 12-17 weeks. In order to make an application in the said program a three or four years of Bachelor's degree is required.

Masters Degree

If you look to further learn, research or broaden your career possibilities, the Master's Degree is your best bet. A two year degree, it can be pursued either after a 4 years of Bachelors or 3 years of Bachelor along with a 1 year Post Graduate Diploma from Canada.

PhD/ Doctorate

Highest attainable qualification, it generally takes 4-7 years to complete.


If you're looking to study in Canada, you should begin planning one year prior. Universities and colleges in Canada usually have intakes in September and January which are known as Fall and Winter intake respectively. Some also have a May intake but this is largely dependent on the university under consideration.

Tuition Fees

 Programs  Tuition Fees (Per year/ Approx)
  Diploma and Certificate Program  C$13000-C$16000
 Bachelors Program  C$13000-C$18000
 Masters Program  C$17000-C$25000


Scholarships in Canadaare limited in nature and only cover a certain cost of the course. If you have attained exceptional academic results, your chances of attaining scholarships at universities and colleges in Canada increase. The amount you will attain varies from institutions, that will cover a certain section of your education and living expenses. Applications are usually made directly to the institution. However, Community and Career Colleges along with school boards and private schools don’t usually offer scholarships.

Co-Operative Work Term

A work term, it is included in the course curriculum. It gives you the chance to gain practical knowledge related to the field of specialization. It has a large number of benefits, one of the most prominent ones being gaining on the job training while studying. These programs usually last for 12-17 weeks.

These courses in Canada amalgamate multitude of subjects with relevant work experience, giving you a head start with your job prospects. These are great opportunities for you to connect with the job market by networking with companies.

With a clear understanding of the education system, you're decision to study in Canada will become much simpler.

Canada Education System

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