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Scored Low In Your Board Exams? It's Not The End Of The World

November 2018

Have you ever scored low in any of your board exam and immediately saw your world coming crashing down? If yes, then you should definitely continue reading this. Even if quotes like “Failure is the stepping stone to success” or “Even the word Impossible has 'I' 'am' possible in it” or “We learn from failure not from success” etc might sound cliche, they still hold immense accuracy and relevance.

In the contemporary world, a lot of new careers and professions have come into existence. Each of these careers and professions require and demand specific kind of qualifications which are offered by educational institutions worldwide.

In order to lead a luxurious, lavish and most importantly a secured life, the demand for rich quality education has reached its highest peak. Every young individual today strives to get into a topmost university to gain the best education.To reach to this level, one has to surpass numerous challenges. The most important challenge one has to face is to secure high scores.

Don't let low scores come in the way of your dreams. The youth today has variety of options. Field of study is no more narrow.

There are various options you can look at:

Studying Abroad Overseas Education Consultants

Pleathora of Courses:

With courses available for all fields, you can choose any one which best suits your interest. Courses like Fashion Designing, Music, Photography, Acting and Theatre, Mass Communication and Media, etc can be considered.

Entrance Exam Based Courses:

There are many courses that require one to give entrance exams. Such courses do not give much prominence to the grades you have scored in your past examinations. One's application in such courses is purely based on how one performs in the entrance test. Courses such as Design, Management, Mass Media Communication, Journalism, Law, etc are all entrance exam based courses. Thus dont bother yourself with unnecessary stress.

Join a Community College:

Community colleges are higher education institutions that offer diploma and transfer degree courses of short duration. Usually of two years. Low scores dont matter much as they readily admit students with low GPA. The reason for this is because, pursuing a course from a community college is just a kick start to your higher education.

Engage in Extra-curricular Activities:

Specialising in extra curricular activies like sports, music, arts and theatre, dance, etc increases your chances of getting admitted into the desired college and university. Working for a reputed club or organisation or even starting with a business of your own can get one shortlisted.

Ask for Recommendation:

This is one of the smartest way one can adopt in order to increase the chances of getting admitted. Ask your school and college teachers, your coach, work colleague, and your boss to draft letters of recommendation for you. Their words might speak louder than your scores.

Powerful Statement of Purpose:

Its an essay that gives you a chance to write and explain in detail about yourself and about your dreams and aspirations. Through this essay you can try your level best to convince the admission committee why you should be and are apt to be admitted to the university, irrespective of your low grades. How you tell your story holds the power to change the admission officer's mind and make him/her consider your application.

Don't Restrict Your Thoughts:

Universities in different countries offer different courses. Dont restrict your research only till well known countries and university/colleges. Try looking out for next best institutions. Not getting into a reputed college doesnt mean that there are no other ways of succeeding. Very often, the less known educational institutes offer the best quality education. Hence, do an indepth research.

Career counseling:

Things clearly haven't worked out for you due to low scores. Your old plan has gone for a toss. This might leave you in the midddle of nowhere. If this has happened, then there is no need to worry. You can always seek help from a counselor. A counselor acts like a fire brigade who comes to your rescue. Consult him/her and get the right guidance.

Studying Abroad Overseas Education Consultants

What Edwise Students Studying Abroad Says?

I had my best experience as they guided me very well throughout my journey. It was indeed a one stop solution to all my questions/queries.

Name - Pooja Sheth
Country - Canada
University - Humber College

Edwise Overseas Education representative gave me good knowledge for various universities which proved to be very helpful for better selection of university.

Name - Patel Maunesh
Country - USA
University - Missouri University

Wonderful experience. I got all my queries resolved. My counselor helped me a lot with the admission and scholarship.

Name - Vibsaw Awasthi
Country - Australia
University - Deakin University

Edwise Overseas Education Consultant

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