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Engineering in UK

May 2019

From Alexander Graham Bell to John Logie Baird, the United Kingdom has produced some of the greatest engineering minds. From television to telephone, steam engines and jet engines the UK has a rich engineering heritage. Any student would be fortunate to be associated with UK's engineering culture.

Engineering in UK

Engineering in UK is an upcoming field with massive investments being made by governments and other institutions in research and development. In UK, the engineering led industry contributes to 40% of the GDP. Sub-fields in engineering range from design, manufacture to operations. The engineering field in UK can be briefly analyzed through the following points:


The engineering degree that one receives from the UK can either be a Bachelor of Engineering (B.Eng.) or a Masters of Engineering (M.Eng.). The B.Eng. program is a three year intensive course, upon completion of which a student can become an Incorporated Engineer. The M.Eng. program is a university level qualification which is a 4 year program, however certain students complete it in 5 years who wish to get one year work experience. Upon achievement of the M.Eng. course a student becomes a Chartered Engineer.


The engineering field is vast, with a large category of sub-disciplines. The Chemical Engineering course is a consolidation of physical science, life science, math and economics. The field looks to transform raw materials into fruitful forms. Civil Engineering looks to design, construct and maintain the physical and natural environment. Its areas consists of transportation, municipal, water and coastal engineering. Furthermore, Electronic Engineering is in the field of power detection, signal processing, telecommunications, power transmission, circuits and motor control. Mechanical Engineering applies physics to machines, tools and the maintenance of structures. The field then scrutinizes, constructs and concocts machines for further development. Moreover, Computer Engineering concerns itself with designing computer systems and hardware, which is utilized in industrial plants and software engineering. A contemporary field called Mechatronics is a confluence of electric and mechanic systems which is used to design machines such as air-conditioners, aircrafts and automobiles. There are tremendous universities in the UK through which your engineering career can reach new heights.

Market position

An engineering degree holds key positions in various fields such as medical, mobile, transport and leisure facilities. An engineering degree from the UK holds great significance because it is ranked fifth in the world for innovation. Three of the world's top ten engineering universities are in UK. The hands on work experience along with quality teaching makes sure that the graduate is well versed with excellent communication skills and determination, allowing them to get affluent jobs.


An engineering degree from UK although challenging and creative allows you to foster a specialized career path in diverse fields such as aerospace, nuclear, nano and satellite engineering. Students can tailor make their course for which they are greatly assisted by universities as well as government authorities. The engineering course is seen as a great opportunity to learn and avail job opportunities.

Study in UK

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