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Social Media Screening for USA Student Visa Applications

July 2019

The USA student visa application is a crucial element of the admission process, the recent announcements in the alterations of visa requirements are important to understand while making the application. First proposed in March 2018, the said proposal received a green signal recently and is now put into active force.

In a recent announcement by the US State Department, all students seeking admission in US colleges and universities are required to submit usernames of certain social media sites. Therefore, the once innocent social media posts will play a determining factor in the visa application process.

The US government has brought in the said amendment to enhance their screening process and only allow genuine entrants to study in USA. This criterion was earlier required only to be submitted by those applicants who had travelled to certain countries. However, now it is being levied on all individuals looking to study in US colleges and universities. Certain diplomatic persons have been omitted from the new legislation.

Apart from social media usernames, students are also required to portray international departure and travel status.

The prominent reason to bring the said legislation into force was the increasing hold terrorism has gained on social media platforms. It is largely seen that terror organizations, utilize social media accounts to entice innocent students. Therefore in an attempt to vet international student’s looking to study in USA, the said legislation has been brought to force. The student is required to produce only their social media usernames and not passwords; however an assemblage believes that the legislation could be detrimental to the privacy of individuals. Not only this, many are of the opinion that this will lead to self-censorship being adopted by the students.

The social media platforms, that the US government is requesting information from includes that of, Douban, Facebook. Flickr, Google+, Instagram, Linkedin, Myspace, Pinterest, Qzone, Reddit, Sina Weibo, Tencent Weibo, Tumblr, Twitter, Vine, Vkontakte, Weibo, Youku, Youtube and many more. Authorities have said that they require the said information because they want to filter the most sincere, honest and deferential students. Moreover, students can also volunteer to furnish information from social media platforms not listed by the authorities.

The competition to get into US colleges and universities is on a high and the newly adopted legislation will impact a large number of applicants. Students now have to be vigilant about posting deceptive posts on social media, as it will have serious repercussions on the USA student visa application.

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In face of the newly accredited law, certain steps should be utilized by students looking to study in USA.

Shun away from violent posts

Students should curb posts that encourage discrimination against certain individuals or stimulate violence. In light of the recent violence at US colleges and universities, the US government has become extremely alert about the same.

Refrain from political posts

The youth now takes an increased stance on political ideologies and makes their opinion about the same heard. Social media platforms are often used as the forums for such discussions. In light of the recent laws, students should refrain from posting about political ideologies, figures, international policies, political situations and much more. That being said, students shouldn't stop posting about politics, instead take a neutral stand that speaks to your character. Utilization of such a stand will ensure that the authorities see into your level headed, neutral and poise stance. Students should abstain from posting about anti-US policies or ideologies.

Resist posting pictures from social gatherings

As an adolescent, a student craves to portray how enthralling their social life is. However, excessive posting about partying can be detrimental to one’s USA student visa application. To show oneself in a positive light, limit the number of posts of social gatherings. Imagine that a future employer is perusing through your social media accounts and only post those pictures that you would want them to see.

Deleting posts is not the answer

If the student believes that deleting posts will be the answer to all their problems, they are incorrect. Many social media firms are based in the USA hence all information whether deleted will be accessible to them. Therefore, deleting posts will only make the student look suspicious.

Cease from excessive posting about the USA

Don't excessively post about USA, as the authorities may see this as the students wish to settle there. Some posts will be positive as they depict how the student is interested to study in USA. On the same hand, no posts about the country may look suspicious.

Saying that the new policy will affect the decision of international students to study in USA will be incorrect. The prominent education system along with contemporary teaching techniques will ensure that the USA holds a prominent place as a study abroad destination.

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