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Reasons why you should take the GMAT exam

May 2019

The Graduate Management Admission Test is one of the most renowned exams that candidates are required to give to get into a business school. The Graduate Management Admission Council (GMAC) consists of 220 business schools and is made responsible for conducting the GMAT exam.

Reasons why you should take the GMAT exam

Over 20000 budding candidates give the GMAT exam. Although extremely onerous, giving the GMAT exam is the pathway to your dream university. There exists an ocean of reasons as to why you should take the GMAT exam, some of them include:

Career opportunities

Getting into an acclaimed business school is the stepping stone to your dream job. Sailing through the GMAT exam requires high levels of perseverance, thus your prospects of landing a coveted job rise magnanimously. The employer becomes aware of the fact that the student is highly committed to the field. Promising business entrepreneurs pursue a MBA, admission decisions for the above mentioned course is based on GMAT scores. Every section in the exam targets a required business trait, thus excelling in the exam is a signal of how you may flourish in the business field. The test is based on industry standards thus, the likelihood of getting jobs at a global company increases.

Skill augmentation

Many students consider the exam as a way of get admission into their preferred university. However, they fail to recognize the fact that it helps manifest in you certain skill sets. Time management skills are imperative in the exam. As there is a stipulated time frame for a given question, successfully completing the test requires excellent time management skills. The various categories of the test help flourish verbal, writing and quantitative skills. Giving the GMAT exam makes you socially aware and thus enables you to become a global citizen. To excel the exam, one needs to have an eye for the detail but also needs to consider the bigger picture. Decision making skills are rudimentary to successfully completing the exam. Although the test preparation is crucial, it requires great stamina to give the exam.

Exam format

The duration of the test is 3hrs 7 min. It’s divided into four sections- Quantitative which has a score range of 6-51 with a one mark increment, Verbal which has the above mentioned score range and increment. The Analytical Writing Section has a score range of 0-6 with a half mark increment, the Integrated Reasoning Section asses the student’s ability to evaluate information presented in diverse formats and sources. This section is newly initiated because skills required to ace the section are essential in the business world, with scores ranging from1-8. The exam is given in a Computer Adaptive Format, which makes it a trusted, reliable and highly secured medium. The difficulty of the next question depends on the previous answer. And thus the exam format is highly challenging in nature.

Sought after

Esteemed business schools heavily rely on scores received in GMAT, they look for students whose scores range from 580-600 out of 800. Increasing number of schools now opt for GMAT scores to have a diverse pool of students. Student’s performance in the test highlights their ability to tackle business issues. Flexibility of individual section scores, coupled with the high security through biometrics to enter the test center makes it a highly renowned test. There is no age limit to give the exam and scores obtained are valid for a period of five years. The knowledge and confidence gained by giving the exam will be of great aid to study abroad.

Reasons why you should take the GMAT exam

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Name - Mohd. Riyaz
Country - France
University - Champagne School of Management

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Name - Sahil Singhal
Country - USA
University - Manhattan Institute of Management

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Name - Navjyot Ukarde
Country - USA
University - Thunderbird School of Global Management

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