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Planning to Study Abroad During a Pandemic

September 2020

Post the shock that the world has faced, the situation may look grim from those students looking to study overseas. However, as prospective international students, it is critical that you don't lose focus of the bigger picture. This bigger picture is the many benefits you will attain after attaining education abroad.

If you are looking for the next steps to undertake, we at Edwise as abroad education consultants have laid out a comprehensive plan that you should undertake.

Make Applications

The easier way out may seem like deferring your plans or taking a break; however, it would be quite detrimental if you decide to do the same. If you have decided to study abroad go ahead and make the application. Unless you have something productive lined up it would be quite detrimental if you show the gap on your CV. The academic year is still not lost and you have an opportunity to make the most out of the situation. Like students, even universities are facing an uphill battle, however, they are doing everything in their power to make the process as seamless as possible. Universities are accepting online applications and several adjustments in application waivers and documents have been put across the table by them. For the time being, universities are conducting their classes online and with this, you ensure that your education prospects continue. Application deadlines on the other hand have also been extended to accommodate the needs of the students. To be able to study overseas students are required to appear for certain requisite admission tests, this is the perfect opportunity for the same. Moreover, students can also utilize this time to get their application documents in order.

Consider Online Classes

Another component being actively advocated by universities are online classes. These online classes offer immense convenience to students. Taking the travel restrictions into consideration it becomes arduous for a student to travel to their study destination. However, with online classes that is not an issue anymore. Students at any corner of the world are able to study through these online classes since they are scheduled at convenient time zones. Students can pick their own study pace and be in control of their prospects. Moreover, online classes help curb a major component of cost, since students will be saving their travel and accommodation expenditure. Furthermore, a number of students are often wary of leaving their family when they decide to study overseas. However, with online classes, this is not an issue anymore. Students can prepare for these classes from the comfort of their homes with their family whilst enjoying home-cooked food. Several study abroad destinations have even gone a step further and have reassured their students that even if they do attend their classes online, their post-study work rights will still remain intact.

Future Expectations

In the near future, when the travel restrictions are lifted students can expect that they will be required to adhere to social distancing norms. Classes may be conducted on a rotational basis with only a limited number of students being asked to attend classes at a particular time. Hybrid classes will also be the future, with students being met with an amalgamation of online as well as offline classes. Even before the pandemic struck a significant number of universities conducted a certain proportion of their classes online, the only difference being the increase in the importance of these online classes.

Skill Enhancement

While it is natural to feel wary of attending online classes, there are many benefits that it presents to its students. Every minute the world is becoming technologically advanced and with online classes, students ensure that they remain in the loop themselves. Moreover, students become more accountable and independent with these online classes since they attain a higher degree of independence. Another major benefit that online classes present is the fact that it leaves students with ample time in their hands to undertake a part-time job in their country. With this facet, students are not only learning theoretical concepts but are also able to practically imply their knowledge. Online classes allow students to interact with others from different parts of the world and thus, in the comfort of their home's students are able to meet global players.

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