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Job prospects while Studying in Australia

Being an educational hub, Australia boasts beautiful landscapes with exotic flora and fauna spread across the country and is home to a multicultural society. Australia has amazing sports and recreational activities like cricket, hockey, Rugby and Aussie Rules. It's warm temperate climate is a unique feature of Australia.

Over the past few years, more than 300,000 students have been drawn to Australia due to its student friendly environment and its new innovative teaching methods. Study in Australia is more economical than other countries, offering more opportunities to its students. Students that choose Australia for their education often have very promising careers and are valued for their globally recognized qualifications from universities in Australia.

Students that enroll at Australian Universities are often encouraged to take up part time employment to help them earn a little extra pocket money but also learn new skills that will help them in the future.


Here are a few things to keep in mind while studying and working in Australia:

Visa Allowances

While looking out for jobs in Australia, an important thing that students, especially international students have to check and keep in mind, are the allowances that the visa provides. These are mainly the allocation of working hours and the university rules and regulations. These allocations are given by the Government to make sure that students have equal opportunities.

Types of Jobs

International students apply for jobs in the service sector and food industry among others while also applying for internships, tutoring and volunteer programs. These helps them generate some extra income to help them cope with the cost of living. Paid work opportunities include work in cafes, restaurants, hotels etc. Tutoring is an opportunity for students to interact with other students and help them academically. Internships are also quite famous among students. These can be applied for via the placement cell of the university. These could either be summer internships or year long. Volunteering is a way for students to help out at NGOs and interact with others passionate about the same cause as they are. It's a great way to get hands on experience dealing with people while also giving back to the community.

Work Entitlements

In Australia, students are eligible to work around 40 hours every fortnight (2 weeks) during their course term and unlimited hours during vacation time. Students have to remember to keep their degree in focus while working as that is one of the rules that universities insist on. The only restriction is that students cannot start working until their course begins. Students also require to have a Tax File Number (TFN) to work in Australia. Students can earn around $18 to $22 an hour during employment.

Popular Courses

While Study in Australia, there is a wide variety of employment options to choose from. Studying a specific kind of course also helps in getting jobs that are either related to or beneficial to line of education. A few popular courses that have this benefit are courses like Carpentry, Accountancy, Actuarial Science, Agricultural Sciences, Architecture, Engineering like Mechanical and Biomedical Earth Sciences, Hospitality and so on. These fields of study offer opportunities like internships and volunteering to give students the on site experiences to help them develop the required skill set to excel in their respective fields.

After Graduation

Students who complete a course of 2 years or more are entitled to a Skilled Graduate Visa which allows them to stay back for course 2 years and lookout for employment. While some students use this time to gain points for a General Skilled Migrant Policy of PR which grants them Permanent Residency in Australia. Skilled Graduate Visa Holders can apply for 3 categories of Visas with 18 months. They are mainly, Provisional Skilled Regional Sponsored Visa, Permanent Skilled Independent visa or a Permanent Skilled Sponsored Visa. If a student secures a job during this time, then the student can receive an employer sponsored visa.

Australia offers a sea of opportunities for its students. Mostly International students get jobs more easily because their skills and their eagerness to learn. International students are always encouraged to make the most of this opportunity and learn the required skills that employers find favourable. Students often find the experience so rewarding that most of them consider PR as a possibility to help them better their career prospects and explore what Australia has to offer. While some return to their home countries, students also stay back and undertake more courses to test and better their interest in the field of study.


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