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How to Apply for Study Visa in Australia

June 2019

Australia is one of the most preferred study destinations. A degree attained from Australia holds great significance in the global world which is why a large number of students opt to study from the same. Australia is also known as the global education hub; all imaginable courses are made available under one roof and it is the one stop shop for all courses. The Australian visa process is simple to comprehend and ample information is available for the students. The Student Visa Australia is also known as the Subclass 500, is given to only those students studying in CRICOS (Commonwealth Register of Institutions and Courses for Overseas Students).

Australia is a global education hub, which offers the finest education to not only locals but also international students. It is the third most popular international study destination, with a magnanimous number of courses offered in world renowned universities.

To apply for a study visa in Australia a student needs to make an online application. Australia follows the Simplified Student Visa Framework, which has led to smoother application process. In the Australian visa process, if the student is attaining sponsorship it should be within the family who will be able to give the student a positive profile. Although many students give the IELTS exam to get student visa Australia , one can also make an application through the PTE or TOEFL exam.

The Australian visa process offers Masters by research or PhD students with unlimited work rights. To apply for study visa in Australia one can begin submitting the visa 120 days before the commencement of the program. Applying for a student visa Australia is an extremely painless, smooth and straightforward process. If one is looking to apply for a study visa in Australia, they usually have to get in touch with the Department of Home Affairs who is in charge of the visa applications.

Before a student visa Australia is issued, specific requirements must be fulfilled by the prospective students. To apply for a study visa in Australia student must be accepted into a full time course, which is registered by the government. The Australian visa process requires the prospective student to fulfill the GTE requirements known as the Genuine Temporary Entrant. This measure is brought in by the government to ensure that students entering the country are there for genuine education purposes and not as means to gain a job. To apply for a study visa in Australia, student must show that he has adequate funds to not only cover the tuition costs but also living and travel expenses.

Student must show adequate English proficiency which is shown through the IELTS, TOEFL or PTE exam. The student visa Australia requires the pupil to obtain Offer Letter and the Confirmation of Enrollment from the university. Having a valid passport of minimum six months is mandatory in the Australian visa process.

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The Australian visa process can be briefly understood as follows:


To apply for student visa Australia one should either be studying an English course or Vocational courses such as business, marketing, tourism, hospitality and sports. Furthermore, one can also avail the visa by undertaking a Bachelor, Master or PhD program.


The Australian visa process requires the student to have certain documents to process the visa. The most critical document is the Confirmation of Enrolment, which is provided by the university highlighting that you have accepted the place in a course and paid the stipulated fees. Furthermore, the Genuine Temporary Entrant is a document highlighting the fact that the student is a temporary entrant who is eventually looking to go back to his country. In some cases of the Australian visa process an interview is also conducted at the Australian Embassy. Moreover, certificates portraying financial standing and evidence of funds are also mandatory in the application process. Colleges in Australia require students to give an English Proficiency Requirement through an IELTS, TOEFL or PTE; the scores required vary depending on the course under consideration. Many courses need an Australian Health Requirement through the Overseas Student Health Cover who is the insurance provider for visa applications. Upon acceptance into their choice of course, the health cover needs to be paid. The cost of the health cover varies according to the duration of the course. The Australian visa process doesn’t end there; the applicant must meet certain character requirements to avail the student visa.


The application fee for the Australian student visa is approximately $575 AUD. The Australian visa process takes four weeks to process after filling the application. The student can renew the visa multiple times for the duration of enrollment of the course. One can enter 90 days prior and stay for an extra month if the course is below 10 months. The student visa Australia applies to programs lasting for 12-52 weeks. If the course is over 10 months then student can auxiliary stay for 2 months, if the end date is in December then student can stay for 3 additional months. Thus the Australian visa process is extremely meticulous in nature, with specifications for every set of individuals.


On availing the student visa Australia, students can work for 40 hours in two weeks and work full time during study breaks. One can apply for the visa at any age, which could either be for varying periods. A short term visa lasts for six months and long term for three years. To apply for a student visa in Australia is a feather in one’s cap because it is one’s path to the doors of the highest education standard in the world. Procuring a student visa is the pathway to acquiring a work visa or being sponsored by an employer in Australia. One of the greatest benefits that the student visa Australia holds is the fact that the student can take along with them a family member. Upon completion of the course many students look to obtain a two year post study work visa, which allows them to work in the country.

Australia as a study destination is highly sought after by Indian students because it accepts the twelve plus three years of education for a postgraduate degree. These master’s courses in Australia last for over one to two years. The Australian education system is recognized globally due to the research facilities available with state of the art equipment.

Australian graduates are recruited into international institutions due to the quality of education provided by universities. The country is not only famous for its climatic and political factors, but even in terms of safety offered to the students. The ESOS Act, known as the Education Service for Overseas Students protects the interest of overseas students. The Act not only protects the interests of the students upon enrolling into the course, but even during the application process, the university must provide the student with all the relevant information required for the course. The institution has various duties towards to the students that it must adhere to which includes providing students with an orientation before the commencement of the course, contact details of relevant officials and course credit information. The ESOS Act, part of the Australian visa process requires the institution to inform students of the attendance requirement and present the students with a complaints processing forum.

To apply for study visa in Australia, which includes the ESOS Act not only presents the university with a certain duties but also requires the student to fulfill certain requirements. The student visa Australia requires the student to fulfill all student visa requirements, they must not only maintain OSHC requirement but also adhere to any written agreements signed. To continue living on a student visa Australia student must maintain course progress along with certain attendance requirements and inform concerned authorities if there is any change in address. Furthermore, if the student is below eighteen years of age the Australian visa process is different.

To understand the Australian visa process, what is of utmost importance is to understand the Australian Qualification Framework, which recognized by the government, enables the student to transfer from one level of study to the next. Colleges in Australia offer various undergraduate and graduate level courses. And the Australian visa process differs according to the level of study. The study levels can ether includes a Bachelor’s Degree or Master’s Degree which is either taught or research based. Some of the other programs include Graduate Diploma, Advanced Diploma or a Doctoral Degree.

Upon completion of a two year course in an Australian university, the Australian visa process enables the students to avail a Skilled Graduate Visa, which is a 24 months. Availing this visa allows student to work full time or undertake activities to gain additional points for General Skilled Migrant Policy. Within eighteen months the student visa Australia changes to Provisional Skilled-Regional sponsored visa (Subclass 487) or Permanent Skilled- Independent visa (Subclass 885) or a Permanent Skilled- Sponsored visa (Subclass 886). Furthermore, the Australian visa process allows the student to avail an employer sponsored visa at any point in time.

All colleges in Australia have carved a niche for themselves and thus have global recognition. Australian graduates hold great respect in the job market and corporate employers actively seek individuals who have attained their education from Australia.

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