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How studying abroad can boost your CV

Job applications can be a nerve wracking process, with intense work needed to be undertaken before one can step into their dream job. The curriculum vitae becomes a deciding factor in availing a job offer. When entering the job market, a prospect makes all the efforts to make himself stand out from the crowd. Upon seeing a CV, recruiters take only a few seconds before deciding the fate of a job prospect. If you've attained education abroad, your chance of catching the eye of the recruiter increases multifold.


Considering the CV holds great value in the application process, it is imperative that you make it stand out in today's horse race. Given below are a few reasons that explain how attaining an overseas education will aid your CV:


Basic elements that everyone includes in their CV are job titles, qualifications and previous employers. In todays era everyone receives quality education, however when an employer sees that you have decided to study abroad, his faith in your skills increases. He can believe the fact that you have the capacity to put yourself out of the comfort zone and into situations that test your abilities. The adaptability one gains by living in a foreign environment will be of great aid in the professional world.


Survival in university becomes impossible without a support system. This support system is provided by friends. Socializing at home is relatively easy; however the ability to make friends in a foreign land can be an intimidating task. Moreover, while studying abroad one meets people from different cultural ethnicities, the ability to mingle and network with a varied set of individuals acts as a reaffirming factor in the corporate environment. Friends that you have made at university will be placed in different corners of the world, which can be a great asset not only for yourself but also for the company looking to hire you.

Culture Acceptability

When a student attains an education abroad, apart from the education received he also experiences a varied culture. The art, history, food, language and cinema that the student experiences is different. This reflects on their ability to be accepting to different culture, which highlights their traits to be able to work with individuals from varying backgrounds. Overseas education requires the pupil to have a basic understanding of foreign language, which acts as a feather in the student's cap.

Showcases skills

More than the knowledge gained, what attracts the recruiters is the fact that an education abroad harnesses ones skills. Studying abroad is a daunting experience, however if one successfully manages to pull through, it portrays the strength of their personality. The modern world is constantly evolving, thus a pupils ability to immerse themselves in a challenging university environment persuades the employers immensely. The importance given to practical knowledge in overseas education reaffirms the students ability to imply what he has been taught in the classroom and juggle between multiple tasks. Out of all the attributes one gains from studying abroad, independence is a prominent skill one achieves. Studying abroad is a strength of character and the independence gained is extremely alluring to recruiters. Furthermore, as the corporate world is becoming globalized, attainment of an international degree signals your ability to work in an international environment. Nothing in life comes easy; however the resilience one gains by studying abroad will be of great aid in the pressuring situations at work. Communication skills are imperative to thrive in the world of business, similarly surviving at an international college requires impeccable communication skills. The achievement of the same can only be attained at an international level which enhances your CV.


Student Testimonials:

It's been a pleasure being associated with Edwise. The inputs given by counselor have been very helpful. I could not get any better support from anywhere.

Name - Vikas Kaliramana
Country - Australia
University - RMIT

Edwise helped me select a reputed university that gave me a good scholarship, credits and fit my budget. They helped me at each and every point and also helped me for the visa process. Frankly speaking it was a great experience.

Name - Pratik Patel
Country - USA
University - Suny Buffalo University

My experience with Edwise has been warm & friendly, I can't recollect even a single instance when I haven't been welcomed with a smile. Keep up the good work.

Name - Oommen Thomas Panicker
Country - UK
University - University of Brighton

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