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Guidelines to follow while acquiring Letters of Recommendation

A Letter of Recommendation plays a vital role in the application process for Overseas Education as it verifies the claims that the applicant makes and proves the validation to the admissions committee. A LOR must be unique and different from another persons and not plagiarized from any other sources as that is considered unethical. The LOR also helps the committee to learn more about the applicant which may not be reflected in their grades, from those who have taught the coursework and are experts in their fields and also from supervisors or coworkers in the professional setting as a face to face interview is not possible for the wide range of applicants with the universities.

Usually, an applicant advised to get 2-3 LORs as it mandatory for the application. Depending on the referee, the letter has to be printed on the letterhead of the respective organization and it is imperative that the applicant and referee share a relationship either in a professional or academic capacity.


A few guidelines to follow are listed below:

Professor/ Department Head/ Principal:

A few points that must be mentioned in a LOR are:

- How many years has the professor taught the student?

- What are the different subjects or courses that the professor taught?

- Mention the grades and score specifically as they are very important to the application.

- Are there any special projects that the student has undertaken and how was the performance is the mentioned project?

- Any special efforts or impromptu efforts taken by the student in the project work?

- How was the students conduct both academically in class and attendance?


A professional Letter of Recommendation is an essential part of the application for degrees that have work experience as a requirement. These are usually graduate programs like MBA. In a professional LOR, the important elements that have to be included are:

- How many years has the applicant been working at this company?

- What is the job role and other responsibilities?

- How was the performance of the applicant in the organization?

And many more points.

A letter of recommendation has to be submitted online and in a soft copy format. Paper based letters may be submitted but it becomes inconvenient to risk loss of physical documents during postage.

For educational letters of recommendation, it is advisable to get a recommendation from either of the three, Professor/Head of Department/Principal or even all. Educators at this post usually hold greater reputations.

For a professional recommendation, the letter has to be given by the students current or previous employer. The referee should also be someone who has had a direct interaction or been incharge of the applicant.

Every letter of recommendation must be printed on the letterhead of the respective organization. For educational recommendations, the letter has to be on the letterhead of the school or college or institute. For professional recommendations, the letters have to be printed on the letterhead of the respective organization.

The letters of recommendation have to be dated or else they will be disqualified from the application. The letters have to be signed in ink and not a stamped signature by the reference. All letters have to be submitted at least 1 month before the first university deadline.

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