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Growing popularity of journalism courses

Journalism is the field of disseminating information through different mediums of media which enables a wider audience to have an informed opinion. With a surge in the number of information avenues, journalism as a field of study will be ever-growing, thus a large number of students decide to study abroad through the said program.

Prominent study abroad countries which are forerunners in offering quality journalism courses are USA, UK, and Canada to name a few. The duration of the course varies from three to four years. A journalism degree is extremely wide in nature with the opportunity to work at different communication mediums such as newspapers, online, television, advertising agencies or as a freelancer.

To be able to thrive in the field of journalism, one must possess certain skill sets such as inquisitiveness, adaptability, confidence, enthusiasm, patience and sensitivity towards humane issues all of which students can attain after an education abroad. Although the ability to write well is required in the field, one must be an avid reader to be able to have information at his fingertips.


The growing popularity of journalism courses is owed to a variety of factors:

Express viewpoints

The prominent benefit of being an aspirant of journalism is the opportunity to express one's viewpoints. Not many people have the chance to earn a living by propagating their ideas; however the fact that one can express their emotions is an alluring aspect. Apart from disseminating one's own information, the ability to understand alternative viewpoints will broaden one's horizons and enable them to become informed individuals all of which an overseas education will imbibe you with.

Exhilarating field of study

Journalism is a competitive and exciting line of work, which provides one with an adrenaline rush by being on the line of action. By being amongst driven and passionate individuals, their values may automatically get imbibed in you. The lucrative salary packages act as great motivators to excel in this field. Employers are extremely confident in abilities of students to have attained an overseas education.


The greatest benefit of pursuing this field of study is the chance to travel the world, the interaction one has with individuals both nationally and internationally allows one to seep in new cultures. Moreover, this enables one to have knowledge from different fields thus enabling one to learn new things. An investigative and curious mind will thrive in this field. An education abroad will provide just this.

Skill enhancement

Working on deadlines whilst attaining overseas education will develop your time management skills, which will be of great benefit to you. Becoming an informed individual with deep knowledge in a variety of fields will enable you to be aware of your surroundings. The recognition one gains by getting their work published is unparalleled. Many journalists have become part of the history of huge change and have thus made a positive impact in the society.

Torchbearers of the society

The primary duty of a journalist is to break down complex technical topics into basic information that can be comprehended by the general society. Investigative journalism brings into light facts that were earlier unknown, thus allowing the public to become more aware and enabling them to make an informed opinion. The dissemination of information on a broad range of topics allows them to have a true perception of events whilst they study abroad.

Course specifications

Programs from leading universities offer their students with internship opportunities with leading companies. Thus providing them with the opportunity to practically imply the theoretical knowledge learnt in classrooms. By gathering information and effectively communicating the idea, one can become a leader in the said field after an overseas education.


Student Testimonials:

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