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Funding avenues for overseas education

Although one is well aware of the various benefits of overseas education, people often restrict themselves from doing the same due to the high costs associated with it. The fall in the value of rupee coupled with the rising costs of attaining an international degree hinders study abroad plans that a student may have.

However, the above mentioned facets should not restrict you from achieving your dreams; various funding avenues are made available for overseas education which makes the process of studying abroad easier. Before making any arrangements for funding, one must undertake meticulous planning to understand the costs that may be incurred. The costs incurred will not only include tuition and application fees but also consists of costs of books, entrance tests fees, travel, accommodation and food.


Parents plan their childs overseas education expenditure in advance and few students have creative solutions to their financial woes through investments in various avenues. The exchange rate considerations are paramount when making funding plans. After careful deliberations of costs, the following avenues can be availed:

Personal funds

A large number of students avail this option when making funding considerations. Family and friends are often sponsors of the students. People pool in their personal savings to make funding opportunities for education. Funds from personal savings are usually utilized from saving accounts because they offer higher rate of interests. Personal investment decisions should be continuously reviewed to undertake maximum benefit for the same.


The second most popular funding avenue to study abroad is that of education loans. The education loans provided by the banks have a varying rate of interest. The bank makes several considerations before availing a loan to a student. If the students sponsor is strong the ease with which a bank loan can be availed will be greater.


Assistantships are programs made available to students, wherein they provide their services to the university. These services include assistance to professor, at the library or any other on-campus jobs that will allow students to cover the expenses incurred. Most of these assistantships are usually made available to post-graduate students, however now an increasing number of universities make this opportunity available to all the students.


Scholarships are financial assistance provided by the university in attempt to reduce the financial burden of overseas education on students. These act as alternative sources of funding and are highly sought after by the students. Not only universities, but even governments and private trusts provide scholarships to the students. The best way to attain a stupendous scholarship is to sell yourself to the admission committee. Scholarships can either be availed on the basis of academic qualifications or on need basis. Apply to a large number of scholarships to increase the chances you have of availing one.


A large number of universities are increasingly offering discounts to students when the fees are paid in one go. This motivates the students to study abroad.

Miscellaneous factors

Other means through which funds can be accumulated or the costs incurred reimbursed are through undertaking internships while studying abroad. Furthermore, interaction with faculty members is imperative because they source you to other individuals that can help you attain financial avenues. Long term investments for education can be made in fixed deposits or in mutual funds which are safe methods through which money can be accumulated for education purposes.

It will take you some time to settle in a new country; therefore before one gets accustomed to the financial situation in the foreign country you must carry local currency and forex cards in case of emergencies.


Student Testimonials:

It was a homely environment; the counselor was so friendly and guided me in every step.

Name - Sowmyashree
Country - Australia
University - Swinburne University

The starting point of my higher education was Edwise. With their help and guidance I was able to clear my Visa process without any problem. They did everything in their power to make the application process smooth. All together my experience was a stupendous one.

Name - Avinash Govindrajan
Country - Canada
University - Thompson Rivers University

It was a great experience. I am satisfied with the services and I would like to thank the team for all their cooperation. The experience was really good because of which my process of going to USA really became easier.

Name - Shruti Kotak
Country - USA
University - University of Pittsburgh

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