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Fun Things You Can Do While Studying Abroad

April 2019

While the benefits of studying abroad are abundant and varied in nature, it can be very daunting settling into a new lifestyle. A degree overseas however, is a life-changing experience, one that is well worth the investment. You gain a unique set of life skills that sets you apart from the others, while witnessing a different side to the world. By familiarising yourself with the city's history and current events, you allow yourself to embrace these differences. Here are some ways on how you can make your semester abroad more enjoyable.

Fun Things You Can Do While Studying Abroad

Step out of your comfort zone

The only sure way of making your study abroad experience memorable is by stepping out of your comfort zone. Do not stay locked up in your room the entire time, explore your new home and discover your surroundings. One of the best parts about studying abroad is the people you will get to meet. The friends you make during your time overseas will stay with you the rest of your life!

Explore your surroundings

Studying in a foreign country provides you with ample of opportunities to visit new and exciting places. Plan out where you want to go and the things you want to see. Explore the natural wonders, landmarks and monumental sites your host country has to offer. This is your chance to explore a new city and make memories along the way.

Try the local food

Instead of eating at popular food chains, try the local vendors. Cities are well known for their authentic and exotic cuisines, and there is no better way of getting a feel of the city than experimenting with the local street food.

Live like a local

If you are going to be living in a different country, the best way to experience what the country has to offer is by integrating yourself into the community and live like a local. Locally shopping for groceries is a great way of saving money and allows you to experience the culture first-hand.

Experience public transport

One of the most thrilling aspects to studying abroad is experiencing public transport. Take the bus to witness the scenic part of town or hop into a metro for a convenient and cost effective travel. Public transportation makes every inch of the city easily accessible and is a budget way to get from one place to another. You get a feel for the residents of a place when you witness how they go about their everyday lives. When faced with change, being able to adapt and gain control over the situation is an important life skill on its own.

Find a hobby

Taking up a new sport or a hobby can be a positive attribute. The willingness to try new activities is the key to thriving in a new country. You may end up finding a hobby you are actually passionate about and may even develop friendships in the process. Find a hobby that's not just relaxing, but one that will broaden your current horizons.

Fun Things You Can Do While Studying Abroad

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