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GRE GMAT SAT : A Brief Introduction

March 2019

Language testing plays an important role in the teaching-learning process. It helps language teachers to place students at their appropriate levels, to diagnose the students' strengths and weaknesses, and to evaluate their performance during and at the end of the course.

The purpose of a language test is to determine a person's knowledge and ability in the language and to discriminate that person's ability from that of others. Such ability may be of different kinds such as, achievement, proficiency and aptitude.

Excel GRE GMAT SAT for Studying Abroad with Edwise

GRE :-

Analytical Writing - There are two tasks in this section: Analyse an Issue and an Argument. The issue task requires analysing and developing opinion around it. In the argument task, the candidates have to analyse and present their position regarding it. Learn to give reasons for the opinions. Practice using better vocabulary. Determine the direction of the argument i.e., for or against. Filter all the points for or against the issue based on a reason. Although spelling or grammatical error will not affect the score, severe and persistent errors will detract from the overall effectiveness of the writing and lower your score.

Verbal Reasoning - This section measures the ability to analyse, understand, plan, add value and draw conclusions to the data. To analyse and evaluate you must distinguish between concepts, words, the relationships between them and different parts of sentences. Vocabulary plays a vital role. Along with learning new words, learn and practice the usage of the words as well. Practice as many reading comprehensions as possible. Learn all the rules of grammar and tenses to understand the basic usages. Spelling and grammatical errors may prove to be fatal.


Verbal - As this is an Integrated Reasoning Section, it is always advisable to determine what exactly is being asked before selecting the best choice, so it is important to use your time correctly. Do not spend too much time on one question if you are not sure of the answer, rather just eliminate the wrong choices and select best of the remaining choices. Do not skip any questions as they are based on the same prompt of the previous questions. Before you confirm your answer, re-check your answers as you may not navigate back to change your response. All questions are compulsory as there is a penalty for not completing the test. You may lose your score if you fail to follow these instructions.

Analytical Writing - The best approach to Analytical Writing is to read the instruction carefully. Always plan the answer before writing and take a moment, think and then attempt the question. Organise your thoughts and ideas and them develop them to respond the question, re-read your answer and if required improve it.

SAT :-

Reading - Read all the choices before you decide. Break down the unknown words into prefixes, suffixes, roots. Get acquainted with the introduction of the text. Try to predict the passage while you read the opening sentence. For the paired reading passage, read the passage one by one and then answer the following questions. For the graph analysis section, evaluate the graph and the axes and incorporate the data from the given passage.

Writing And Language - This is based on essay-editing skills and is generally easy to finish. Lookout for the common errors like verb, tense, punctuation, words etc. Every word is important so jumping into some conclusion without reading the text will not work. Determine the concept of the text, narrow down the issue by reviewing the answer choices.

Essay - Start the essay with a prominent thesis and organise it throughout. No personal opinion is required for your response to the analysis made. Use clear transitions, precise vocabulary and specific descriptions. Take time to read, plan and take notes of the given source. Watch out for the errors like spelling, sentence formations and grammar. Pace yourself so that you can make a strong conclusion to your response.

Excel GRE GMAT SAT for Studying Abroad with Edwise

Student Testimonials:

Edwise has been essential in helping me get a good score in GRE. The course books provided by Edwise along with the one-on-one lectures helped me prepare for the exam in the best possible way by giving me an idea about how to tackle the exam. Apart from these two, The Barrons online test and the mock tests I gave at Edwise helped me to adapt to the examination environment. The exams last 4 hours, sometimes longer. Overall it has been a good experience at Edwise and I'm glad to have come here.

Name - Mayank Vishal Labh
Score - 326/340
Test - Le GRE

I always thought GMAT is going to be a very difficult test to score, but due to my faculty's constant support, motivation and espacially Barrons online test boosted my confidence. I achieved my desired scores. Edwise has trained faculties for coaching who know their job very well and they guide the students till the very end. Thanks

Name - Rahul Vaidhya
Score - 730/800
Test - Le GMAT

I owe Edwise an excellent testimonial for its relentless support and dedication towards helping me achieve my goal. I really appreciate the effort put in by Faculties for guiding me throughout the process.

Name - Mitesh Ganatrah
Score - 2310 /2400
Test - SAT

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