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Education in UK- Wealth of Knowledge

July 2019

Every year, a large number of international students make their way to study in UK. From undergraduate to Masters even PhD programs are offered at these prestigious institutions. As a student in the UK, one gets to witness different cultures and learn from the best in the field. The education system in the UK is recognized globally due to the quality through which knowledge is imparted.

Education in UK

Theeducation system in UK can be broken down into five basic components:

• Early years
• Primary years
• Secondary years
• Further education
• Higher education

Popular courses

• Actuarial science
• Architecture building planning
• Business Management
• Creative Arts
• Computer Science
• Engineering
• Law
• Medicine
• Physiotherapy
• Sports Management
• Surgery
• And many more

Higher Education in UK

After secondary school, the system of higher education in UK commences. Herein there persists a difference between university and colleges. A university is a registered higher education institute, at the end which the student receives a degree. Moreover, colleges are further education institutes which enable students to earn degree. The curriculum, is not set by the government but by the university itself. Therefore, the universities enjoy certain levels of autonomy. However, the Office for Fair Access (OfFA) looks over the admission procedure, this is done to ensure that everyone is provided fair access to education. Choosing the correct higher education institute depends upon many factors, some of which include size, cost, location, courses offered and the reputation.


• Undergraduate courses that provide students with a Bachelor’s Degree, usually take 3 years to finish, but some institutions provide sandwich courses that are offered in 4 years.

• Postgraduate courses that provide students with a Master's Degree, typically takes one year. If the student peruses a research based degree then the time duration may increase to two years.

• Doctorate Degrees, full time degrees usually take three to four years, while part time degrees may take six to seven years.

Benefits of education in UK

• Strong Student Union enables students to attain discounts at a variety of avenues such as food and travel. The rights of students are also protected
• Financial assistance can be achieved through bank loans, bursaries, scholarships or sponsorship
• Regular assessment of universities ensures that they live up to the expected standard and provide quality education to the students
• Diverse Culture
• Extra-Curricular Activities
• Quality Education

Entry requirements

Undergraduate courses last for a period of 3 years and have varied entry requirements depending upon the course under consideration. Students also have at their disposal the option of diploma and foundation courses. Postgraduate courses in UK last for a period of one year. If students have work experience, their chances of gaining admittance will increase multifold. Many students also opt for pre-Masters course. Business courses such as those of MBA or Finance require students to give a GMAT exam with the score threshold 600-700, along with work experience between 0-4 years. The entry requirements vary upon the program; however, students are required to have good academic records along with satisfactory marks in the English Language Proficiency Tests

Costs to study in UK

Education in UK

Costs to live in UK

Education in UK


Universities in UK are funded by the government thus constrained funds are available to offer students bursaries and scholarships. Some however offer certain awards based on merits and performance during the course. Certain universities in UK, not only offer special awards for Indian students but individual departments also provide support. Furthermore, the British government has a few sponsored awards which provide support to students. Scholarships are immensely competitive and deadlines are much in advance.

Study in UK

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