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How Duolingo is helping students with their study abroad dreams

Due to the advent of the COVID-19 several test centres around the world have shut their doors to students. However, this does not mean that those wishing to study abroad are left with nowhere to go. In an attempt to provide international students with all possible means of support during these tiring times, universities are accepting Duolingo as supplements to English Proficiency tests that are required as part of the university application process.

Before the complete lockdown, test centres began witnessing cancellations for their appointments, this when universities across the globe began realising the importance of having an alternate medium through which students can appear for their English proficiency tests. Students should however note that to make their visa applications, they are still required to appear for the IELTS.



An online based test, it is used to measure English proficiency of non-native English speakers within 60 mins. All the student needs are an internet connection and a gadget. An adaptive test, the difficulty of the next question increases with every correct answer given by the student. The system also offers students the chance to appear for mock tests before they appear for their final Duolingo exams.

Test Format

The format of the Duolingo test can be broken down into three categories. In the first five minutes, students are given a quick introduction to the Duolingo test followed by which the basic rules and regulations are explained to the test giver. Listening, reading, writing and speaking skills of the students are tested in the next 45 minutes, which as mentioned earlier, is undertaken on an adaptive basis. The last 10 minutes comprises of a video of the answers provided by the student. Based on the overall performance of the students, they are given a topic to write on within 3-5 minutes.


With technology making strides in every avenue of our lives it comes as no surprise that it has also managed to make a strong footing in the test taking field as well. Language testing through Duolingo incorporates immense elements of technology to make sure that students can still continue on their journey to study abroad. Not only is this medium more accessible, but is also affordable compared to other avenues.


Using the services that Duolingo has to offer takes away several drawbacks that students earlier faced. From being more affordable than the earlier tests method, Duolingo also helps save a significant amount of time. The time students spent travelling to test centres has now curbed, resulting this medium to be more convenient and faster whilst at the same time being secure. Considering that students can take this exam from the comfort of their homes means that the anxiety students faced being at a test centre have now vanished. Earlier, students also faced issues due to the limited test taking capacity of centres which acted as hindrances to their journey to attain an education abroad, however, Duolingo has managed to take all of this away.

Test Duration

The Duolingo test is divided into several sections such as Listening, Reading, Writing and Speaking, all of which take approximately an hour to complete.


It approximately costs $49 to appear for the Duolingo test and an added advantage is the fact that students are not required to shell out extra money to send their test score results to the university.


The scores for the Duolingo test ranges between 10-160, with a significant number of universities looking for a score of above 120. However, it is best to check with the university under consideration to understand the specific score required. To ensure authenticity during the test, recordings are also taken to make sure that the authenticity of the test is not questioned.

Post Taking the Tests

Students are notified through emails when their scores are ready. Students can also login to the website to check their scores. It approximately takes 24-48 hours for the scores to be recorded after the student has given the test.

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