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Checklist to Keep in Mind While Rushing Into Study Abroad Application Submission

April 2018

While you're waiting for the summer to pass and for term-time to roll on up, however, you may want to follow study abroad checklist to make sure you're as prepared as you can be for your trip. Whether you're planning to study abroad for a month, a semester, an entire academic year or a full degree, it's vital that you think about the important, bureaucratic things like travel insurance that will help make your time abroad run as smoothly as possible. So, you've been accepted onto a program at a foreign university of your choice, and are preparing to set off into the distance via plane/boat/train/parental vehicle to start your new international student life.

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Travel insurance

It might just look like an unnecessary cost, but, in reality, travel insurance is essential. For a small, one-off payment, travel insurance will cover you if anything happens to you during your studies - be this illness, injury or theft - and will make sure you don't spend your entire life savings on a trip to the doctor's! In many countries, health insurance is also a requirement for international students, and you may be asked to prove you have sufficient cover.

Financial evidence

When applying for your student visa or further financial assistance, you'll likely have to prove your current financial circumstances (i.e. you'll have to prove that you have the funds to finance part or all of your study). The same may be asked of your parents if they will be supporting you. Usually, you can request these statements from your bank, or you can just print them yourself from home through online banking.

Also, if you pay a fee of any kind, like when applying for your student visa, you'll likely be sent a receipt or confirmation. Ensure you have a copy of this as it proves you have done this, as well as the date this was processed. At the very least, use your own records of this financial transaction from your bank, building society or PayPal account which shows this transfer. This way, if you don't receive what you are meant to, you have evidence.


To make sure you're fighting fit before leaving home, it's wise to visit your doctor for a full medical check-up and to make sure you've had all the vaccinations you may need for your chosen study destination. For far-off countries, these vaccinations will come at a price, but rest assured your doctor will tell you if they are completely necessary. If you need any assistance while you're away, make sure your doctor sends a copy of your medical records abroad. Foreign prescriptions are not always honoured so it is advised that you allow yourself extra time to collect your prescription before your medication runs out.

Academic Scripts

Throughout your schooling, you should keep safe all academic scripts and results with grades, in chronological order. If these are not in English, they should be translated alongside the translator's accreditation - this way admissions staff can judge whether you have the necessary grades to study there, and compare these to their own grading system. It is also worth keeping certificates for extra-curricular achievements as well.

Student Visa

Depending on your chosen country of study you will likely have to procure a student visa in order to be allowed in the country for the full length of study. Often, if applying for an undergraduate degree at an accredited university, the school will assist with the student visa process. This is not always the case however, so make sure to ask. If no help is offered, get straight onto the job of securing your student visa yourself. To do this you will need to contact the embassy or consulate of your country of study and may need to attend an appointment as part of your student visa application. Here you'll be asked to bring documentation such as a university letter of approval, the aforementioned valid passport, proof of funds, and, occasionally, a return ticket for your journey home at the end your studies.


Of course you're not going to forget your passport. But what you may need to ensure in the run-up to your study abroad program is whether your passport will remain valid for the duration of your travels. Processing times vary from country to country but can often take six weeks or more. If you wait until you're abroad before renewing your passport, you'll have to face embassy visits, queuing and even more form-filling than usual - the last things you want when in an exciting new country! Many countries, in visa applications and such, will require you to have at least six months extra on your passport beyond the end of your studies, so make sure you allow for your study time, any additional travelling time, plus an additional six months. If you do need to renew your passport, make sure you apply as soon as possible to avoid being without a passport come start of term.


Once you have all the right documents, re-check it as many times as you want. This will take you one step closer to your dream university. Have attested copies of all the documents in a folder and arrange it according to the check list. This will help you organize your application better. It might seem like you have all the documents necessary, but never be too confident. Plan ahead of time and prepare all the documents a couple of months before the application process starts.

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Name - Rishabh Sharma
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