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7 Quick and Handy Tips to Make Cultural Adjustment Easier While Studying Abroad

April 2018

Studying Abroad comes with some responsibility on the student's part. As you will be living and functioning within another culture, it is important that you keep in mind the local cultural norms. This might influence the way you dress, the way you speak, and the way you interact with the locals. It is important for travelers to practice sensitivity throughout their journeys, as your behaviour may otherwise offend others unnecessarily or bring a bad name upon all travelers.

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Here are Some of The Tips to Make Cultural Adjustments Easier:-

Your Experience :-

Reflection on time spent abroad is one of the most important elements in making the experience worthwhile. It is possible to spend months abroad without breaking out gaining intercultural competence. Think about your goals before you go and spend time each week writing privately, talking with a new friend, or documenting in creative ways what you've been experiencing.

Engage Yourself :-

Saying so, the more you are on the internet, the less you are part of the local community. The more your thoughts are with people and events back home, the less you will understand the nuances of your immediate environment. So, it is advisable to spend time with the locals to feel at home.

Cultivate Humility :-

Listening to what people have to say, and assuming that there are logical reasons why people do things the way they do, can go a long way towards creating positive relationships across cultures. Being willing to concede that your way of operating in the world is just one of many valid ways can make your encounters with different ideas and people.

Studying Abroad Overseas Education Consultants

Embrace Opportunity :-

Street music, local team sports, family visits, religious services, fish markets, political rallies, and impromptu dance parties are all potentially fascinating experiences, but ones you will certainly miss by not actively participating in your community abroad.

Don't Be Judgemental :-

One of the characteristics of moving from one culture to another is irritation with what appears to be the absurdities of local practice. Keeping an open mind is one of the best strategies for a productive and enjoyable time abroad. Of course, these are not absurdities, but cultural differences - to be observed, examined, understood, and ultimately even appreciated.

Be a Good Observer :-

It can be extremely useful to write down a brief account of interactions or behaviours you find puzzling and then ask someone local for help in decoding what you've seen, as it can spark really enlightening conversations. Done in the context of journal writing, it can also form a record that you can revisit in the future when the details of your experience are beginning to blur. Cultivating the habit of observing the ordinary is surely one of the most useful ways to affect our own behaviour when abroad and recognize how much we take for granted in our own local and national culture.


As you develop a routine abroad and accomplish the goals you set out for yourself, see if you recognize yourself in one or more of the common phases of cultural adjustment. Students encounter a wide range of adjustment processes abroad. You might cycle through these phases at different times, not necessarily in linear fashion. If you have no feelings of discomfort whatsoever, you might consider whether you are actually making an effort to interact with people in your new environment.

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