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5 Mistakes Indians Make While Applying For Overseas Education

April 2018

More and more Indians are opting for study abroad these days as it has better prospects and greater number of opportunities considering the future of the candidate. Choosing a country to study in and a program are the most crucial decisions the candidate has to take care of in order to avoid problems.

Here Are Some Tips To Help You Avoid The Most Common Mistakes While Applying for Study Abroad.

Studying Abroad Overseas Education Consultants

Inadequate Research :-

Students are in so much hurry to go abroad that often they ignore a lot of basic but crucial information related to the program they are applying for or the university or institution they would choose. Always prepare a set of questions pertaining to your areas of interests. Gather as much information as possible of the program you are applying for by asking these sample questions.

  • Is this the right program for me?
  • Does this program have as much value it has in the host country as in any other country?
  • What different contents are there for the same program in different institutions or universities?

Feeble Financial Planning :-

This is one of the most important factors to be given serious attention to. In a way, it is the soul of your whole study abroad dream. Feeble financial planning definitely leads severe reverberations down the line.

Accumulate all the information related to student loans, tuition fees and other expenses. This will help you to sort out a number of insipient issues in advance. Good money management skills will help you in saving extra money and ease the pressure. It will also help you in finding a suitable part time work, which will supplement your finances.

Incomplete Application Form :-

More than 70% of the applications are rejected because a student has failed to attach all the necessary documents with the application form. Make sure that you've filled all the necessary information in the form and also double check all the required documents that need to be sent with the application form. Prepare a check list to help you with this process. Ensure that all the documents and paperwork is in the format as expected by the institution/school. Don't forget to include your test scores and application fee.

Wrong College Name in the SOP :-

It has been widely observed that many students write an SOP and change the name of the college for different applications. You should always prepare a separate SOP for each institution you are planning to apply to and also make sure that the correct name appears in the essay wherever it is required. It will not look good at all if the admissions manager finds a different name of college in the application essay.

Get your essays proofread by atleast 3-4 people before think about sending it to the institution. Rereading and rechecking can help you to avoid such a silly mistake.

Fabricating Credentials on the Application :-

Most of the students are aware of the fact that falsifying qualification on the application is a serious offence, but still there are some who tend to falsify their grades in the application to get admitted to the desired university. Fudging ones information while filing an application to study abroad should be avoided at all costs as it can ruin any reliable credibility the applicant may have, and possibly bar them from studying in a foreign country.

What Edwise Students Studying Abroad Says. ?

Had a great time with the counselors at Edwise. They are very helpful. Thank you Edwise for helping in all the stages.

Name : Preet Zalawadiya
Country : Canada
University : TRU

My experience with Edwise was comfortable. They were always available to solve any issues.

Name : Pavan Shah
Country : USA
University : California State University, Long Beach

My experience with Edwise was very good, the staff and counselors here are very experience about everything.

Name : Harshvardhan Khoday
Country : UK
University : Regents London

My experience has been very good with Edwise and good information was provided at each stage of my overseas education plan.

Name : Hrithvik A
Country : Canada
University : Brock University

My experience with Edwise was wonderful. Counselors are very friendly and helpful. The advice given was very valuable.

Name : Rashmi Krishnamurthy
Country : Canada
University : St. Lawrence College

Edwise Overseas Education Consultant

We at Edwise streamline and personalize the process for each student irrespective of the destination, institution, course or any level of study. Our team of experienced professionals will provide you individual attention and exceptional guidance throughout your process of application. We provide assistance related to course selections, admission, visa, bank-loan and scholarships. We also host University delegates for direct student interaction and all these services are provided free of cost. We have established since 1991 and have been maintaining strong networks with over 725 universities in 16 countries, hence giving us a unique insight into the finest educational establishments worldwide.

Start your education overseas with valuable information on everything you need to know about studying abroad from study permits, temporary resident visas and how much it costs, to finding the best suited program for you.

Do visit your nea4trest Edwise branch & choose your university carefully under our expert guidance and ensure that you have all your paperwork in order. Once you apply, and the wait is over, you can really begin to look forward to not only studying in a beautiful and vibrant country, but also to a life experience quite like no other.

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