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Avoid These 5 Mistakes To Make Your Statement Of Purpose Essay A 5 Star Document

June 2018

Looking forward to pursue your higher education from a good University abroad ? Just good grades aren't enough to fetch you a place out there. Your Statement of Purpose essay is an important document which can help you land in a well-reputed institution, or settle for an average one. Most of the students take their Statement of Purpose essay for granted and write it just for the sake of it, but remember the fact that it isn't possible for you to have a face to face conversation with the university representative, and that is what your SOP essay is supposed to do for you.

So if you wish to hit the top-notch universities, make sure you avoid committing the following mistakes in order to crack admission in your desired institution.

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Working on your SOP at the last moment

As it has been well said, "haste is waste!" So start framing your SOP essay way in advance, just like you would have been preparing for an interview. Know that your SOP is your voice to the institution, therefore it ought to be well framed. Make sure you thoroughly research about all the aspects and include all the relevant details about the course, the institution, your future goals etc.

Considering SOP as an extension of your Resume

Keep in mind that your resume is already attached with the list of documents, so do not consider your SOP as just an elaboration of your resume. Follow a storytelling approach and explain what triggered your interest in the particular field, your academics so far, why you wish to pursue the specific course, why did you choose that particular institution, how you are going to contribute to the institution and most importantly, your future goals. The essay should be brief, yet to the point. It should depict that you are well informed about everything and that you have taken the decision wisely.


Plagiarism is not just a mistake, but also considered as a crime in the foreign countries. So don't even think of copying and pasting material from the internet. Know that we all have different profiles and experiences, and your SOP essay should represent that distinction. Stick to your own motivation and experiences.

Making it too Professional

Yes! You read it right! Making it too flashy or giving too much professional touch to your SOP essay will actually put a negative mark, rather than enhancing it. Keep in mind that you are a student seeking admission and thus you are expected to frame the content on your behalf, rather than asking someone else to do it for you. Giving it too much professional touch clearly depicts that you have got the work done by experts, rather than putting efforts by yourself.

Spelling or Grammatical Errors

Needless to mention, this is an integral parameter when it comes to SOP essays. No matter how good your content is, your efforts might not be appreciated if the reader keeps stumbling over grammatical errors or spelling mistakes. Thus, it is very important to proofread your statement essay. We often fail to recognize our own mistakes, therefore I suggest you to ask a friend to proofread it for you.

I hope by now you must have understood how important the SOP essay is, that can make or break your profile. Therefore, make sure you keep the above mentioned points in mind and do not make these mistakes. Remember to keep it original and interesting as your SOP must reflect your individuality. All the best !

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