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5 questions you must ask before selecting a university

April 2019

Selecting a university can be a daunting task. Many considerations need to be made before choosing a college. Although the preferences differ, basic questions apply to all. These generic quires will aid everyone.

The below mentioned questions will enable you to decide between potential colleges and will answer the mountain of questions that you have.

Best Universities for Overseas Education

1. What are my career goals?

If you have a dream job, look at the candidate requirements and make sure these requirements are in tandem with the course specifications. The qualifications required for the job should align with your career goals. Networking with the alumni is imperative, because they provide you with information regarding your career prospects. The major question to ask yourself before picking a course is whether it would make you employable and give impetus to your career.

2. What are the prerequisites of the course?

Another critical question to ask yourself is the course requirements. All courses have minimum course requirements such as qualifications, experience and entrance scores. The application process is tedious; colleges tend to do this because they want to filter the most deserving candidates into the course. You must be able to concur whether you can sail through the application process. Sometimes, colleges base their entry requirement on the foundation of test scores. As a student you must be able to draw a conclusion on whether the scores required to get into the college can be achieved by you.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, people with professional degrees like MBA earn more than the ones with Bachelor's degrees. Many of the highest paying corporate jobs are reserved for those with MBAs, and in some cases an MBA will be a sign of years of experience in the eyes of employers.

3. Where do I want to study?

A multitude of factors influence the decision of selecting a university. An array of influencers such as cost of living, including accommodation charges, food costs determine your decision. Moreover, the prominent consideration is the fee structure of the course. The cost structure of the course includes financial aids provided by the college, which include loans and scholarships. Often students are burdened with tuition fees and the cost of study materials. Apart from the financial considerations, accreditation and reputation of the university is a primary decision maker. Usually students only consider the reputation of the college; however this may prove to be extremely detrimental in nature. You must make sure that you not only consider eminence but course specific factors as well. The strength of the department coupled with the choice of your major, should be cardinal determinants of your decision. Managing time becomes second nature in university, thus if you wish to take up a minor or work alongside the course, the time commitment demanded by the program becomes crucial. Secondary factors such as student population, class size, faculty size and graduate ratio become paramount catalyst. Resources such as library, gym and medical facilities should be factors that you take into consideration while picking a college.

4. What do I enjoy?

You must think about what you like. Locate courses that tap into your passions. Going through college requires stimulus, only your favored course will enable you to sail through. Even if the course is challenging or rigorous your affinity for the same will enable you to have a joyful experience.

5. What is the social life like?

You’re going to spend a major chunk of your college life outside the classroom. Thus, how students spend their time off campus and the safety of the community around the college should be decision makers. Many colleges have clubs; a thorough research into the same will enable you to have a delightful experience at college.

Best Universities for Overseas Education

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