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Benefits of taking internships while studying abroad

Students who decide to study abroad see it an alluring prospect. They are met with an overwhelming number of opportunities and possibilities. However, in the face of it all, they often get burdened with the overwhelming amount of classwork they have to undertake. It is but natural to not have time to indulge in things of their liking.

It is of great importance that students simultaneously undertake extra-curricular activities, such as internships, during their overseas education. Undertaking an internship is a great platform through which a student can explore themselves; the number of perks an internship presents is magnanimous.


Some of these benefits can be briefly understood as follows:

Be distinct

In today's competitive world, every pupil who attains his education abroad is academically noted. However, what makes one stand out from the crowd is the undertaking of an internship. It increases their marketability and adds value to the resume. In the competitive global environment, it is imperative that a student takes all the efforts to make themselves stand out from the crowd. An internship will help you escape from the monotonous classwork and equip you with financial security as well. Having financial security becomes paramount when studying abroad, because it gives you a certain level of confidence in a foreign land. The overall environment in the world is cut-throat, undertaking an internship while studying abroad will bolster your confidence and give your career a jumpstart. If you decide to come home, upon completion of your education abroad, you will have an upper hand over them due to the internship you undertook.

Personal fulfillment

The character augmentation one receives while juggling between classes and internships is profound. The work culture abroad is starkly different from that at home, undertaking an internship will allow you to enhance your adaptability traits and harness your self-sufficiency. Interning abroad is definitely on one's checklist, fulfilling that will help you get one thing off your bucket list. Working abroad nudges you out of your comfort zone and enables you to discover what your capable of. Apart from improving your communication skills, you can learn a new language and understand new cultures. Having a comprehensive understanding of varied cultures, has become paramount in today's global environment. It imbibes in you the knack to handle people with patience. The independence one gains from fending for themselves is profound.


By witnessing another culture, you gain international experience which will enable you to comprehend what makes you prosperous. If the employer appreciates your work, odds of availing a permanent job increases. Taking internships will give you a fair sense of what the competitive pool is like and networking with fellow mates may increase the chances of you availing a job. If an area of interest appeals to you, getting work experience in it will allow you to gauge whether you can make a career out of it. Contrastingly, dwelling into an alien field will help you discover things that you earlier didn't consider. The work experience along with the travel experience allows you to practically imply things that you learnt in the classroom. Undertaking an internship is the pathway to your dream job.


Student Testimonials:

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The staff here is very experienced. Excellent work force, well managed and supportive too. I had an excellent experience with Edwise.

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Country - New Zealand
University - Auckland Institute of Studies

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