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Study Abroad Guide

6 Steps to Study Abroad

The process to study abroad is no cakewalk, while you might be met with an overwhelming number of things to do, all you need to do is gather your breath and look at the bigger picture. Studying abroad is the gateway to an enhanced future, the multiple things that you learn in a semester abroad is unparalleled. Not only in the terms of the knowledge gained, but also the various life skills that get imbibed in you.


Whilst an education abroad may seem like a hassle, here are a few steps you should take in order to accomplish your study abroad dreams:

University and Program Selection

It is important that you understand all the necessary information about your chosen country. This includes everything from the cultural nuances to understanding the education system. Understand your academic background, work experience, extracurricular activities, hobbies and budget considerations because they all play a determining role in your endeavor to study abroad. Later, understand the program and course requirement, to check whether it aligns with your career goals. After deliberations into your qualifications, needs, select that university and program which matches your career goals, personality and academic profile. You might also want to discuss this with your family, friends and some alumni to get a second opinion. But at the end of day, remember that it is your decision. Ensure that your choice meets your career and study aspirations.

Undertaken the Requisite Admission Tests

For an overseas education, it is crucial that you undertake certain admission tests as part of your application process. You might want to consider visiting a tutor or a coaching center to take the admission tests in order to meet the admission requirements. You may be required to take tests such as IELTS/TOEFL/PTE/GRE/GMAT/SAT etc depending on the entry requirement.

Application Submission

It is necessary to compile your application documents and application forms. It is crucial that you write an effective Statement of Purpose, Essay and Letters of Recommendations which all contribute towards a successful application. It is important that you monitor the progress of your application and keep in mind the deadlines of every stage.

Receiving Acceptance

Once you receive your offer letter, it is important that you accept the same within the given deadlines. Make sure you adhere to the additional document requirements.

Application for Student Visa

Understand the visa regulations and compile your visa file. You will be required to make relevant visa application fee payments and book your visa appointment with the respective Embassy. In some cases, you might be required to appear for a visa interview at the Embassy which can be a daunting experience. Take advice on what to expect and prepare for the interview thoroughly.

Prepare to Live and Study Abroad

Attend pre-departure events to comprehend the social, cultural and academic life. This is also a crucial stage because you will have to undertake decisions related to online registration of courses, foreign exchange, accommodation, insurance and medical requirements. Majority of the students who study abroad live in university halls, which are accommodation facilities managed by universities. They are impeccable avenues through which students can socialize with each other. The primary determination while packing for overseas education is the geographical location of the country; the climatic conditions largely determine the items that a student must carry when looking to study abroad.Cultural considerations need to be made to assure one that the clothes packed are culturally appropriate. It is imperative to verify the weight limit of baggage to avoid any discrepancies.

With these briefly explained steps, your dream to study abroad is going to be streamlined. Overseas education which consists of the application stage and the visa processing can be an overwhelming challenge, therefore it is important that you streamline and plan your entire process right from the university and course selection to your arrival on campus. To explore the educational opportunities overseas you need the right guidance and support.

An international degree adds value to your resume and makes you an alluring individual to prospective employers. Learning from field experts, will harness your skill sets that will aid you in a professional environment. The social motivation of pursuing a degree from abroad to gain a respectable standing in the society are impeccable reasons to study abroad.


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