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5 Top Colleges in Australia

September 2021

Australia, known for its scenic beauty, natural wonders, spectacular beaches etc. is one of the preferred study destinations in the world for international students. One of the highly developed countries in the world, there are a number of colleges for international students to study in Australia.Courses in Australia are offered in a vast array of disciplines. The top 5 colleges in Australia are:

Courses in Australia

The University of Melbourne

  • Founded in 1853 by Hugh Culling Eardley Childers.
  • A pioneer of research and higher education, providing practical experience rather than just structured learning.
  • Ranked among the top universities in Australia, it houses 11 separate academic institutions viz. Research institutes like Florey Institute of Neuroscience and Mental Health, Grattan Institute and Walter and Eliza Institute of Medical Research.
  • On-campus cultural activities- comedy, theatre, public lectures and film.
  • Home to 48,000 students of which 13,000 are international students and 6,500 staff members respectively.

The University of Sydney

  • The University of Sydney was founded in 1850 offering more than 280 overseas exchange programs.
  • The oldest university in Australia and an open research university.
  • The primary campus was built by Edmund Blacked, called Camper Down Campus.
  • It houses the Faculty of Arts, Science, Veterinary Science, Pharmacy, Architecture, Economics and Social Work and is in close proximity to medical stores, restaurants, general stores, cafes and bars, departmental stores etc.
  • Both undergraduate and postgraduate programs-specialist degrees, professional degrees and liberal studies degree, in Architecture, Social Work, Design and Planning, Art and Social Sciences, Medical and Health, Music and Business etc. are offered.
  • Houses approximately 46,000 students, providing them with experienced faculty members and practical exposure to the industry.

Monash University

  • One of the world's famous universities in Australia.
  • On campus departments- Department of Epidemiology and Preventive Medicine, Department of Forensic Medicines, among others.
  • Home to over 54,361 and 28,701 undergraduates and postgraduate students respectively, including 27,403 international students.
  • Offers over 6,000 courses in Business and Economics, Information Technology, Arts, Engineering, Law, Medicine, Design and Architecture, Nursing and Health Sciences, among others.
  • 109 research centers situated within the campus with over 3,000 research articles produced by the staff each year.
  • The two most significant research achievements by Monash University- discovery of Relenza, an Anti-influenza drug and the development of an anti-malaria drug.

The University of Adelaide

  • The University of Adelaide, founded in 1874 is the third oldest Australian university.
  • Ranked consistently in the top 1% of the world's universities.
  • A member of the esteemed Group of Eight research- intensive universities of Australia and well-known among the world's leading institutions of learning and innovation.
  • Offered its first degree- Bachelor of Arts in 1876.
  • Houses 4 campuses, the chief one being North Terrace Campus.
  • Home to Arts, Sciences, Professions, Health and Medical Sciences and Mathematics Faculties.
  • Offers undergraduate, postgraduate and specialized degree programs.
  • The North Terrace campus provides students and faculty members, accommodation.

University of Queensland

  • A pioneer in the field of research and teaching, with a focal point on teaching excellence.
  • The university has won more national teaching awards in comparison to any other Australian universities.
  • Over 53,600 students, including 18,000 international students and more than 18,600 postgraduate students are enrolled at the university.
  • Offers courses in Agriculture and Forestry, Psychology, Sociology, Environmental Sciences, Education, Nursing, Sports-related subjects among others.
  • Houses three campuses in South East Queensland with Brisbane as the home of St. Lucia and Herston campuses, and the capital city of Queensland.
  • Comprises of six faculties, eight research institutes having world recognition and over 100 research centers with an interdisciplinary community of 1,500 scientists, engineers and social scientists.

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Universities in Australia

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