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5 Common Student Visa Questions

July 2017

Pursuing a semester abroad requires you to obtain a student visa. However, before applying to a particular program, you need to ensure that the course that you're applying to meets the visa requirements of that country. Visa processing can take days to even a couple of months depending on the country you will be studying in, so it is important that you keep yourself updated with the average time that it could take.

Mentioned below are some of the most common queries that students have when applying for their visas.

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How Do I Apply For A Student Visa?

The application process and requirements for a student visa varies, depending on the country you wish to apply to. There are certain documents that need to be submitted when you apply for your visa. However, before you begin with the process, you need to be accepted into a program first.

How Much Money Do I Need?

When applying for your student visa, it is important that you have sufficient funds to cover your study abroad expenses. When considering your options, ensure that you know what your program costs cover. Tuition and living costs will vary depending on the country and region you choose to live in. You will be required to provide records of your bank statement along with other details to show that you are able to pay for your overseas education.

Can I Work On My Student Visa?

Many students work on or off campus during their time overseas, however, they are only permitted to work once their course begins. As a student, you can work part time up to 20 hours per week and full time up to 40 hours per week during your summer break depending on the country you decide to study in.

How Long Can I Stay For?

When you enter on a student visa, you can stay as long as you are a full time student, which means that you can stay on till you have successfully completed your course.

Can I Travel After My Program If My Visa Has Expired?

Every country deals with this situation differently and some countries are strict about travel if your visa has expired. It is recommended that you consider your options carefully before you decide to travel with an expired visa.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the common student visa questions?

When a candidate is applying for a visa, there are specific student visa questions that would be asked. To know how to apply for an international student visa and the potential questions, students must know that the questions may vary as per the country and individual circumstances. Here are some common student visa questions:

  • Do you have any previous names or aliases?
  • What is your educational background?
  • What is the name of the institution you plan to attend?
  • What are your academic and career goals?
  • How does studying abroad fit into your long-term plans?
  • Have you researched the institution and programme you plan to attend?
  • Have you taken any language proficiency tests, such as the TOEFL or IELTS?
  • Are you planning to enrol in language courses before or during your studies?
  • Do you plan to return to your home country after completing your studies?
  • How do you intend to use your education upon returning home?
  • Do you have ties to your home country, such as family, property, or employment?

What should I consider before applying for a student visa?

Every student has a common query on how to apply for a student visa and what the visa requirements are. Before knowing how to apply for an international student visa, there are specific considerations that a candidate must consider. The considerations include:

  • Researching well about the visa requirements
  • Choose the suitable programme and university.
  • Plan your finances carefully.
  • Start applying for admission if the eligibility criteria are met.
  • Make sure to have all the student visa documents.
  • Obtain health insurance.
  • Keep track of the visa processing time.
  • Know about the potential questions asked during the visa interview and prepare accordingly.
  • Understand the visa conditions and restrictions.

What is the process for applying for a student visa?

As an international student, every other student is worried about how to apply for an international student visa, the student visa documents required, etc. To know how to get a student visa, one must be aware of the process of getting a student visa. Here is the process:

  • Research the student visa requirements.
  • Choose a suitable programme at the desired university.
  • Prepare the necessary student visa documents, such as a passport, health insurance, language proficiency test score, acceptance letter from universities, and visa application forms. Passport-six photographs, visa application fee receipt
  • Complete the visa application form on time.
  • Pay the visa application fees.
  • Schedule a visa appointment.
  • Attend the visa interview.
  • Await the visa decision.
  • If the visa is approved, make sure to receive the visa.

Does the student visa application process vary by country?

Yes, the student visa application process and the requirements for the student visa documents may also change as per the country. Here are the factors based on which the visa application process changes:

  • Type of visa
  • Application requirements
  • Application process
  • Visa processing time
  • Post-study work opportunities
  • Financial requirements

Are sufficient funds required to apply for a student visa?

The student visa requirements include an important aspect of sufficient funds for studying overseas. Here are some of the key points on how to apply for an international student visa, keeping in mind the financial requirements required:

  • Tuition fees: Applicants need to show proof of payment or funding to cover the tuition fees.
  • Living expenses: demonstration of sufficient funds for staying is necessary.
  • Bank statement: Bank statements showcasing sufficient funds for overseas education need to be shown as proof.
  • Sponsorship or scholarships: In cases funded by a scholarship, proof of confirmation of the scholarship must be shown.
  • Currency stability: It is necessary that the currency specified meets the requirements. Also, the stability of the funding resources needs to be submitted.
  • Financial undertaking: Specific countries require the students to sign an undertaking or declaration to confirm their financial ability during their stay in the country. By doing so, they would acknowledge and abide by the visa regulations.

How much funding is required to apply for a student visa?

One of the student visa requirements is funds. The funds vary as per the country, type of institution, cost of living, and other requirements set by the immigration authorities. To know the exact cost, Candidate can contact the embassy, consulate, or their official website. Also, financial documentation to support visa requirements needs to be prepared.

The places where funds will be used are as follows:

  • Tuition fees
  • Living expenses
  • Bank statement or financial documents.
  • Currency conversion
  • Sponsorship or scholarships.

What are the documents required to apply for a student visa?

Student visa documents vary as per the country of study and individual circumstances. However, the student visa requirements, especially the specific documents, can be common for all countries; those are as follows:

  • Valid passport
  • Visa application form
  • Letter of acceptance
  • Proof of sufficient funds
  • Proof of health insurance
  • Proof of accommodation
  • Proof of English language proficiency
  • Medical examination certificate
  • Passport-sized photographs
  • Additional documents, such as a statement of purpose, letters of recommendation, academic transcripts, and proof of funds or assets in the home country.

What is the validity period of a student visa?

One of the most common questions is, how can I get a student visa? A point to be noted is that there is a validity period for student visas. This usually corresponds to the duration of the study.

Duration of Study Program: Visa validity often matches the study program's duration. For instance, a 4-year undergraduate program may yield a 4-year visa.

Single or Multiple Entries: Visas may allow single or multiple entries. Single-entry visas permit one entry; multiple-entry visas allow several entries within the validity period.

Additional Time: Some visas include extra time beyond the study period for early arrival or post-study activities.

Post-Study Grace Period: Certain countries offer post-graduation work opportunities or a grace period for arrangements. The visa may cover this period.

Renewal or Extension: If the study program exceeds the visa's initial validity, students may apply for renewal or extension based on immigration regulations.

Can a student visa be extended?

Graduate visa requirements can change depending on specific circumstances. The student visa can be extended based on the following criteria:

  • Students need to meet specific criteria that include a good academic record, sufficient funds, following the visa rules, etc.
  • Some countries the visa can be extended if the student has filled out a form, provided the necessary documents, and paid the application fees on time.
  • An extension visa needs to be applied for days in advance to avoid delay.
  • If the extension is approved, the new visa will have validity that corresponds with the programme of study, post-study work, or other purposes related to the course of study.
  • The students must produce necessary documents like proof of enrolment, financial documents, visa extension applications, and other relevant documents.

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