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10 Things You Should Know Before Studying in UK

Looking to study in UK? A destination for education, it offers world class qualifications in a modern learning environment. The quality of education offered in universities in UK is unparalleled. A multicultural society, it is extremely cosmopolitan in nature and is often seen as the gateway to Europe. You will be met with a wide choice in terms of institutions, subjects and courses, all of these at economical rates.

Courses in UK are famous among Indian students who wish to study abroad. Through the years, there have been a large number of students from India’s top cities who pursue courses in UK. One such city is Mumbai. Every year, the bustling city of dreams, Mumbai, sees a growth spurt in aspiring students choosing to study at colleges in UK.

Study in UK: 10 Things You Should Know

However, before you commence your study in UK, there are a few things you should know

Select your University sensibly

There are over hundreds of universities in UK, the one you decide to study in will be a large determinant of what your experience will be like. When deciding which university to study in take into consideration various factors like the cost, the curriculum, weather, utilities available and surroundings. Once you select your university, know that it will play a determining role in your overseas education process.

Embrace the culture

The United Kingdom has a cosmopolitan society. Home to numerous ethnic groups it also hosts nationalities from around the globe. Therefore, embracing the culture that every individual gets to the table is an important trait any student looking to study in UK, should possess. It is a tolerant and stable society where you will learn to interact with a diverse range of individuals.

Utilize Student Offers

Through the National Union of Students you can avail various student discount facilities. Apart from this, a large number of companies give away vouchers to students in a range of products that include gadgets, books, clothes, transportation, furniture and much more. Some universities in UK, have fairs in the initial week of college. Here you can avail discounts on a large number of student facilities.


As you are most likely to be aware, the weather in the UK is not exactly the most pleasant. However, even when it is raining and cold, you will find the locals taking a stroll and enjoying the beauty the country has to offer. It is a whole new ball game when the sun comes out! The parks and beaches are filled with people enjoying themselves to the fullest.


It is highly recommended to set up a bank account in the UK. Most banks will require you to submit a passport and proof of residence. In certain scenarios, proof of student status is also required. Having a bank account will not only save you from the hassle from exchange rates but also avail excellent student facilities.


You will be astonished to see the amount of public transportation facilities available. You will truly be spoilt for choice. The transport facility you can use to reach your destination should be undertaken after careful analysis of convenience and cost. Getting a student pass to undertake all the traveling is a must.

Get a Health Check-up Done

Through the National Health Service, you can avail free health services in the United Kingdom. However, before leaving your home country it is pivotal that you get a health check-up done. Let your doctor know that you are looking to study abroad and thus they will help you with a complete health check up. Take any documents along with you that you believe will be a point of discussion. It is advisable to get all your vaccinations done.


It is innate to miss your loved ones when you are miles away. Luckily in this digital world it seamless to communicate with your loved ones. When you are in the UK, get in touch with a service provider and get a local plan. This will help save you a lot of money. Although you will make phone calls back home with services offered on the internet, having a local plan is essential.

Student Jobs

You can work for a maximum of 20 hours per week during the duration of the course and full time when you are on a course break. With this, you can expect to earn approximately £5-£7 per hour. To hunt for part-time jobs, keep your eyes open in local newspapers, job shops and career cells in your university.

Places To Eat

In the UK, you will never find yourself short of food. From the local fish and chips to the authentic Indian food, nearly everything will be at your disposal. Although, you will be tempted to get a hoard of food from home, there are a range of grocery stores around the country that have every imaginable products available.

Education in UK Unversities: 10 Things You Should Know Before Studying in UK

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