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10 Reasons to Study in USA

USA has consistently made its place as a leading study abroad destination, with a large number of rankings placing it is an eminent destination. With a plethora of courses that are taught by visionaries in the field of study, a large number of international students continue to be drawn to study in USA.

Even though, a large number of upcoming study destinations are on the rise, the standard that USA holds enables it to be highly sought after. There is no doubt when it comes to the quality of education in the country, however, if you’re still in quest for some compelling reasons to study in USA, look no further.

University in USA

Assistance to International Students

As an international student, it becomes challenging for you to get accustomed to the culture. However, a large number of US colleges and universities, provide assistance in terms of visa, accommodation, career guidance and much more. Thus, you can be rest assured that if you require any kind of aid, the university will have your back.

Campus Life

Apart from the course curriculum, you will find an exciting campus life at your disposal. The United States being a multicultural society, has students from a variety of nations. Interacting with these diverse set of individuals will allow you to increase your cultural view and become more receptive to the changing needs of todays society. US colleges and universities present you with networking opportunities that will allow you to augment your career prospects.

Clubs, activities, social groups and other networking opportunities allow you to harness your skills apart from those pertaining to the field of academia. Infrastructural facilities offered at these institutions, ensure that every need of the student is catered to.

Research and Technology

An ambit of courses in USA ensure that they incorporate in themselves the latest technological advancements. The country being a forerunner in the field of technology has ensured that the education sector does not lag behind. You will have at your fingertips an ambit of data that will help you in your academic prospects. Research and technology are two sides of the same coin, with both being codependent. Whilst the country has immense technological prospects, students will invariably have research opportunities as well. You will the opportunity to assist your professor through assistantships enabling you to meet the costs as well as harness your academic prospects.

Career Enhancement

Having a degree from abroad, will allow you to enhance your career prospects. Globally US colleges and universities are renowned for their program, thus employers have immense confidence in the abilities of these students. Increasingly, companies are the look out for students who have attained their education abroad because they have an international perspective. This perspective can be put to use in the increasingly global nature of the corporate environment.

Course Flexibility

You will have the opportunity to curate courses according to your needs. At the undergraduate level you can study a range of subjects and decide which one you would like to major in. At the postgraduate level, you receive the opportunity to study the specialized nature of your area of interest and harness your skills in the said field.

Available Programs

Nearly every imaginable field of study is present in the country. If you decide to study in USA, you will be met with the opportunity to study areas such as Engineering, Business, Computer Science, Humanities, Law and much more.

Globally Ranked Universities

US colleges and universities are few of the top ranked institutions globally. These are recognised internationally for both their undergraduate and postgraduate programs. Thus you can be rest assured that you will receive global recognition upon completion of the course.

Importance towards Work experience

At the USA, you will understand the importance of internships. A range of opportunities will be at your disposal, with assistance received from university as well. You should take advantage of these opportunities and not only get hands on experience during these crucial years but also earn to be able to sustain your study experience in the USA.

Scholarship Opportunities

Financial aid will be awarded on the basis of merit or need. If you have a strong academic performance, extra-curricular achievements and have a complete application, your chances of availing a scholarship increase magnanimously.

Strong industry links

Being one of the strongest economies of the world, you will have the opportunity to avail some exciting opportunities in the area of telecom, medicine, health care and genetics

Study in USA

Student Testimonials:

I am extremely satisfied with all services provided by Edwise.

Name - Mohan Sandeep
Country - USA
University - University of California

The experience with Edwise was very helpful. Right through my application till the point I got my visa.

Name - Sanket M Shroff
Country - USA
University - The Savannah College of Art and Design

Its been a great experience. My counsellor has been extremely helpful with all my needs.

Name - Sharmeen Attarwala
Country - USA
University - Parsons School of Design

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