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Northern Michigan University in USA
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Northern Michigan University


Northern Michigan University, located in Marquette, Michigan, is a dynamic four-year, public, comprehensive university that has grown its reputation based on its award-winning leadership programs, cutting-edge technology initiatives and nationally recognized academic programs. Northern has a population of about 9,000 undergraduate and graduate students.

    • Northern Michigan University’s online graduate programs in education have been ranked by U.S. News and World Report as among the top 50 in the nation (2012).
    • Our master’s programs in nursing are ranked among the top 20 percent in the nation by U.S. News and World Report.
    • NMU has partnerships with programs in 55 countries on six continents where NMU students can study abroad, student teach, intern or volunteer on summer, semester or year-long programs. Northern is one of only 16 U.S. institutions granted a license for study abroad programs in Cuba and the first to go beyond Havana, in a partnership with the University of Matanzas.




Location & Facilities

Northern Michigan University’s physical campus is made up of more than 50 facilities. It is located just minutes from the shore of Lake Superior and downtown Marquette, Mich.


The campus has been named one of the “most unwired” (wireless) campuses in the United States.  It is also completely wired and covered by a WiMax (4G) network.


The campus’s main quad, or academic mall as it is called at NMU, consists of the Learning Resources Center and Olson Library, Jamrich Hall, the Seaborg Science Complex and the Hedgcock Student Service Center.  The arts plaza is right down the sidewalk from Jamrich and includes Forest Roberts Theatre, Thomas Fine Arts and McClintock buildings. The other main academic facilities are Whitman Hall and the Jacobetti Complex.


The majority of classes are held in Jamrich, New Science, West Science, Thomas Fine Arts, Forest Roberts Theatre and McClintock.

























List of Departments / Schools / Faculty / College

    • College of Arts and Sciences
    • School of Art and Design
    • Walker L. Cisler College of Business
    • College of Graduate Studies
    • College of Professional Studies
      • School of Education
      • School of Nursing
      • School of Technology and Applied Sciences




















Courses Offered Level Name of the Program
1 PG Master of Arts Programs
2 PG Master of Arts in Education 
3 PG Master of Fine Arts 
4 PG sMaster of Individualized Studies 
5 PG Master of Public Administration Programs
6 PG Master of Science Programs
7 PG Master of Business Administration Programs
8 PG Master of Science in Nursing Programs
9 UG Accounting Major
10 UG Accounting/Computer Information Systems Major
11 UG Accounting/Corporate Finance Major
12 UG Accounting/Financial Planning Major
13 UG Art and Design - Specific B.F.A. Requirements: Ceramics
14 UG Art and Design - Specific B.F.A. Requirements: Digital Cinema
15 UG Art and Design - Specific B.F.A. Requirements: Drawing and Painting
16 UG Art and Design - Specific B.F.A. Requirements: Electronic Imaging
17 UG Art and Design - Specific B.F.A. Requirements: Furniture Design
18 UG Art and Design - Specific B.F.A. Requirements: Graphic Communication
19 UG Art and Design - Specific B.F.A. Requirements: Human Centered Design
20 UG Art and Design - Specific B.F.A. Requirements: Illustration
21 UG Art and Design - Specific B.F.A. Requirements: Jewelry, Metalsmithing and Blacksmithing
22 UG Art and Design - Specific B.F.A. Requirements: Photography
23 UG Art and Design - Specific B.F.A. Requirements: Printmaking
24 UG Art and Design - Specific B.F.A. Requirements: Sculpture
25 UG Art and Design - Specific B.F.A. Requirements: Woodworking
26 UG Art and Design Education Major
27 UG Art and Design Major - Bachelor of Fine Arts 
28 UG Art and Design Major - Bachelor of Science 
29 UG Art History Major - Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science
30 UG Athletic Training Major
31 UG Biochemistry Major
32 UG Biology - General Major
33 UG Biology Major - Ecology Emphasis
34 UG Biology Major - Microbiology Emphasis
35 UG Biology Major - Physiology Emphasis
36 UG Botany Major
37 UG Business Computer Information Systems Major
38 UG Chemistry Major (ACS Certified)
39 UG Clinical Health Science Major
40 UG Clinical Laboratory Science Major
41 UG CLS Concentration: Anatomic Pathology
42 UG CLS Concentration: Clinical Systems Analyst
43 UG CLS Concentration: Diagnostic Genetics
44 UG CLS Concentration: Laboratory Medicine
45 UG CLS Concentration: Microbiology
46 UG CLS Concentration: Science Technologist
47 UG Communication Studies Major
48 UG Community Health Education Major
49 UG Computer Science Major
50 UG Construction Management
51 UG Criminal Justice Major
52 UG Early Childhood Major
53 UG Earth Science Major
54 UG Economics Major
55 UG Electronic Journalism Major
56 UG Electronics Engineering Technology Major
57 UG Elementary Education - Two Minors
58 UG Elementary Education English Major
59 UG Elementary Education Integrated Science Major
60 UG Elementary Education Language Arts Major
61 UG Elementary Education Mathematics Major
62 UG Elementary Education Social Studies Major
63 UG Elementary Education Special Education Major
64 UG English Graduate Bound Major
65 UG English Major
66 UG English Writing Major
67 UG Entertainment and Sports Promotion Major
68 UG Entrepreneurship Major
69 UG Environmental Conservation Major
70 UG Environmental Science Major
71 UG Finance and Risk Management Major
72 UG Forensic Biochemistry Major
73 UG French Major
74 UG General Psychology Major
75 UG Geographic Information Science Major
76 UG German Studies Major
77 UG History Major
78 UG Hospitality Management
79 UG Human Geography Major
80 UG Individually Created Programs (ICP)/Individualized Studies
81 UG Industrial Technologies Major
82 UG Integrated Science Major with Biology Minor (Option 1)
83 UG Integrated Science Major with Chemistry Minor (Option II)
84 UG Integrated Science Major with Earth Science Minor (Option III)
85 UG Integrated Science Major with Physics Minor (Option IV)
86 UG International Studies Major
87 UG Liberal Arts and Sciences Major - Option 1
88 UG Liberal Arts and Sciences Major - Option 2
89 UG Loss Prevention Management Major
90 UG Management Major
91 UG Management of Health and Fitness Major
92 UG Marketing Major
93 UG Mathematics Major
94 UG Mechanical Engineering Technology Major
95 UG Media Production and New Technology Major
96 UG Music Major
97 UG Network Computing Major
98 UG Nursing Major
99 UG Outdoor Recreation Leadership and Management Major
100 UG Philosophy Major
101 UG Physical Education - Coaching Major
102 UG Physical Geography Major
103 UG Physics Major
104 UG Planning Major
105 UG Political Science / Pre-Law Major
106 UG Political Science Major
107 UG Psychology/Behavior Analysis Major
108 UG Psychology/Graduate School Preparation Major
109 UG Public Administration Major
110 UG Public Relations Major
111 UG RN to Baccalaureate Nursing Major
112 UG Secondary Education Biology Major
113 UG Secondary Education Chemistry Major
114 UG Secondary Education Earth Science Major
115 UG Secondary Education Economics Major
116 UG Secondary Education English Major
117 UG Secondary Education French Major
118 UG Secondary Education Geography Major
119 UG Secondary Education Health Education Major
120 UG Secondary Education History Major
121 UG Secondary Education Industrial Technology Major
122 UG Secondary Education Integrated Science Major
123 UG Secondary Education Mathematics Major
124 UG Secondary Education Music Major
125 UG Secondary Education Physical Education Major
126 UG Secondary Education Physics Major
127 UG Secondary Education Political Science Major
128 UG Secondary Education Social Studies Major
129 UG Secondary Education Spanish Major
130 UG Secondary Education Special Education Major
131 UG Ski Area Business Management Major
132 UG Social Work Major
133 UG Sociology in Liberal Arts Major
134 UG Sociology Major
135 UG Spanish Major
136 UG Speech, Language and Hearing Sciences Major
137 UG Sports Science Major
138 UG Technical Communications Major
139 UG Theatre Major
140 UG Zoology Major










Scholarship awards are available for eligible international students in the range of $500 to $1000 or more. For some scholarships the amount varies.




The Major Intake is January and August. Application deadlines for international students are June 1 for the fall semester and October 1 for the winter semester.




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