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Kent State University Campus

Kent State University


Kent State University established in 1910 as an institution for training public school teachers. It’s a 105 years old university. Kent State is a public research university located in Kent Ohio, United States. It’s the 2nd largest university in Ohio. The mission of Kent State University is to discover, create, apply and share knowledge, as well as to foster ethical and humanitarian values in the service of Ohio and the global community. In 2010, KSU is one of the top 200 universities in the world by Times Higher Education.
It was named a top-10 fashion school in the United States by Runway Magazine. Kent's Business School is nationally known and the Financial Engineering program is ranked 13th in the country. Kent State is today ranked by the Carnegie Foundation among the nation’s top 77 public research universities. The only institution in Ohio to offer a degree in Library & Information Science, Kent is ranked 20th by US News & World Report.


























Location & Facilities

The campus is located on 200 acres. The campus itself includes: Main Hall, Learning Resource Center (Library), Fine Arts Building, Campus Center, Physical Education Facility, The University Center (Professional Education and Conference Center). It is having 8 campuses around the north east Ohio region with main campus in Kent being the largest.
There is a high density of Fortune 500 companies located within 48 kilometers of the campus, which offer opportunities for internships to enhance students' learning. Students enjoy club sports and the physical education facility offers open gym hours, a basketball and volleyball court, weight room, dance studio, Nautilus equipment, treadmills, stair climbers, elliptical walkers, stationary bikes and a full-service locker room for men and women. Kent State offers 24 residence halls from family housing to individual rooms.


List of Departments
KSU offers over 300 degree programs, among them 250 baccalaureate, 40 associate's, 50 master's, and 23 doctoral programs of study. Kent State University is one of few universities with graduate programs in Information Architecture and Knowledge Management. Kent State offers the only Bachelor of Science in Public Health (B.S.P.H.) degree in the state of Ohio.


Kent State has colleges of:
College of Architecture and Environmental Design

The Kent State University – Cleveland Urban Design Collaborative (KSU CUDC)

    • College of the Arts
    • School of Art
    • School of Fashion Design and Merchandising
    • School of Music
    • School of Theatre and Dance

    • College of Arts and Sciences
    • Department of Anthropology
    • Department of Biological Sciences
    • Department of Chemical Physics (graduate program only)
    • Department of Chemistry
    • Department of Computer Science
    • Department of English
    • Department of Geography
    • Department of Geology
    • Department of History
    • Department of Mathematical Sciences
    • Department of Modern and Classical Language Studies
    • Department of Pan-African Studies
    • Department of Philosophy
    • Department of Physics
    • Department of Political Science
    • Department of Psychology
    • Department of Sociology
    • School of Biomedical Sciences

Integrated Life Sciences - Bachelor of Science/Doctor of Medicine Degree Program

    • College of Business Administration
    • Department of Accounting
    • Department of Economics
    • Department of Finance
    • Department of Management and Information Systems
    • Department of Marketing

    • College of Communication and Information
    • School of Communication Studies
    • School of Journalism and Mass Communication
    • School of Library and Information Science
    • School of Visual Communication Design

    • Office of Continuing and Distance Education
    • College and Graduate School of Education, Health and Human Services
    • School of Health Sciences
    • School of Foundations, Leadership & Administration
    • School of Lifespan Development & Educational Sciences
    • School of Teaching, Learning & Curriculum Studies

    • College of Nursing
    • College of Public Health
    • College of Technology





















Courses Offered

Sr.No Level Name of the programme
1 UG BA in Interior Design
2 UG BA in Architectural Studies
3 UG Fine Arts
4 UG Crafts
5 UG Art Education
6 UG Art History
7 UG Fashion Design
8 UG Fashion Merchandising
9 UG BA of Music
10 UG BA in Theater
11 UG Bachelor of Fine Arts in Theater (B.F.A in Theater)
12 UG B.F.A in Design & Technology
13 UG B.F.A in Dance
14 UG Bachelor of General Studies (BGS)
15 UG Anthropology (B.A., B.S.)
16 UG Biology (B.A., B.S.)
17 UG Biotechnology (B.S.)
18 UG Botany (B.S.)
19 UG Applied Conflict Management (B.A.)
20 UG Applied Mathematics (B.S.)
21 UG American Sign Language (B.A.)
22 UG American Studies (B.A.)
23 UG Chemistry (B.A., B.S.)
24 UG Classics (B.A.)
25 UG Computer Science (B.S.)
26 UG Conservation (B.S.)
27 UG Economics (B.A.)
28 UG English (B.A.)
29 UG French (B.A.)
30 UG French Translation (B.S.)
31 UG Geography (B.A.)
32 UG Geology (B.A., B.S.)
33 UG German (B.A.)
34 UG German Translation (B.S.)
35 UG History (B.A.)
36 UG Horticulture (B.A.H.)
37 UG Integrated Life Sciences (B.S.)
38 UG International Relations (B.A.)
39 UG Justice Studies (B.A.)
40 UG Latin (B.A.)
41 UG Latin American Studies (B.A.)
42 UG Mathematics (B.A., B.S.)
43 UG Medical Technology (B.S.)
44 UG Pan-African Studies (B.A.)
45 UG Paralegal Studies (B.A.)
46 UG Philosophy (B.A.)
47 UG Physics (B.A., B.S.)
48 UG Political Science (B.A.)
49 UG Psychology (B.A.)
50 UG Russian (B.A.)
51 UG Russian Translation (B.S.)
52 UG Sociology (B.A.)
53 UG Soviet and East European Studies (B.A.)
54 UG Spanish (B.A.)
55 UG Spanish Translation (B.S.)
56 UG Teaching English as a Second Language (B.A.)
57 UG Zoology (B.S.)
58 UG Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA)
59 UG Communication Studies (B.A)
60 UG Broadcast Journalism (B.S.)
61 UG Magazine Journalism (B.S.)
62 UG Newspaper Journalism (B.S.)
63 UG Electronic Media Management (B.S.)
64 UG Electronic Media Production (B.S.)
65 UG Advertising (B.S.)
66 UG Public Relations (B.S.)
67 UG Information Design (B.S.)
68 UG Photojournalism (B.S.)
69 UG Bachelor degree in Radiologic and Imaging Sciences Technology Computed Tomography (CT)\ Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI)\ Diagnostic Medical Sonography (DMS or Ultrasound)\ Nuclear Medicine (NM)\ Radiation Therapy (RTH)
70 UG Exercise Science (B.S.) Exercise Physiology\ Exercise Specialist
71 UG Community Health Education (B.S.)
72 UG B.S.E in Health/Physical Education (HPE)
73 UG B.S.E. in School Health Education
74 UG Integrated Health Studies (B.S.)
75 UG Bachelors in Nutrition & Dietetics
76 UG Speech Pathology and Audiology (B.S.)
77 UG Education (B.S.)
78 UG Hospitality Management (B.S.)
79 UG Bachelors in Recreation, Park & Tourism Management
80 UG Education (B.S.)
81 UG Bachelor’s in Human Development & Family Studies (HDFS) Gerontology\ Child & Youth Development\ Nursing Home Administration
82 UG Middle Childhood Education (B.S.)
83 UG Physical Education (B.S.) Physical Education Teacher Licensure\ Health and Physical Education\ Human Movement Studies
84 UG Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN)
85 UG Public Health (B.S.)Health Care Administration\ Health Promotion and Education\ Environmental/Sanitation (Environmental and Occupational Health)
86 UG Aeronautical Studies (B.S.)
87 UG Aeronautical Systems Engineering (B.S.)
88 UG Air Traffic Control (B.S.)
89 UG Aviation Management (B.S.)
90 UG Flight Technology (B.S.)
91 UG Computer Design, Animation and Game Design (B.S.)
92 UG Applied Engineering and Technology Management (B.S.)
93 UG Computer and Electronics (B.S.)
94 UG Manufacturing Systems (B.S.)
95 UG Technology (B.S.)
96 UG Construction Management (B.S.)
97 UG Technology Education and Licensure (B.S.)
98 PG Master of Urban Studies
99 PG Graduate Certificate in Urban Design
100 PG Master of Music (M.M) Conducting
101 PG Music Education (M.M)
102 PG Performance (M.M)
103 PG Composition (M.A)
104 PG Ethnomusicology (M.A)
105 PG Musicology (M.A)
106 PG Theory (M.A)
107 PG Philosophy (M.A , Ph.D) Music Theory-Composition
108 PG Master of Fine Arts in Theater
109 PG MFA Acting
110 PG MFA Costume Design
111 PG MFA Lighting Design
112 PG MFA Scenic Design
113 PG MFA Theater Technology
114 PG Anthropology (MA, M.S, Ph.D)
115 PG Aquatic Ecology (MS, Ph.D)
116 PG Evolutionary, Systematic and Population Ecology (MS, Ph.D)
117 PG Neurobiology & Behavior (MS, Ph.D)
118 PG Cell & Molecular Biology (MS)
119 PG Microbiology (MS, Ph.D)
120 PG Reproductive Physiology/Endocrinology (MS, Ph.D)
121 PG Behavioral Medicine (MS, Ph.D.)
122 PG Biomedical Mathematics (MS, Ph.D.)
123 PG Cellular & Molecular Biology (MS, Ph.D.)
124 PG Neurosciences (MS, Ph.D.)
125 PG Pharmacology (MS, Ph.D.)
126 PG Physiology (MS, Ph.D.)
127 PG Chemical Physics (MS, Ph.D.)
128 PG Chemistry (MA, M.S, Combined B.S. / M.S, Ph.D.)
129 PG Computer Science (MA, M.S, Combined B.S. / M.S, Ph.D.) 
130 PG Geography (MA, Combined B.A. / M.A, Ph.D.)
131 PG English (MA, Ph.D.)
132 PG English for Teachers (MA)
133 PG TESL (Teaching English as a Second Language) (MA)
134 PG Geology (MS, Ph.D.)
135 PG History (MA, Ph.D.)
136 PG Justice Studies (MA, Combined B.A. / M.A, Ph.D.)
137 PG Master of Liberal Studies
138 PG Mathematics (M.A., M.S, Ph.D.)
139 PG Financial Engineering (MS)
140 PG Physics (M.A., M.S, Ph.D.)
141 PG Political Science (MA, Ph.D.)
142 PG Policy & Administration (M.P.A)
143 PG Psychology (MA, M.Ed., Ph.D.)
144 PG Sociology (MA, Ph.D.)
145 PG Latin (MA)
146 PG German Literature (MA)
147 PG Spanish Literature (MA)
148 PG French (M.A., Ph.D.)
149 PG Translation Studies (MBA, MS, Ph.D.)
150 PG Executive MBA (Online program)
151 PG Full-time MBA Program
152 PG Professional MBA Program (Evening Classes)
153 PG Accounting (MS)
154 PG Economics (MA)
155 PG Health Care Management Education (EMBA)
156 PG MBA / Master of Architecture
157 PG MBA / Master of Library & Information Science
158 PG Nursing & Business administration (MSN\MBA, Ph.D.)
159 PG Nursing and Public Administration (MSN\MPA, Ph.D.)
160 PG Nursing and Health Care Management (MSN)
161 PG Communication and Information (MA, Ph.D.)
162 PG Media Management (MA)
163 PG Public Relations (MA)
164 PG Public Relations Online (MA)
165 PG Reporting and Editing (MA) Broadcast\ Convergence\ Journalism Educators\ Magazine\ Newspaper
166 PG Exercise Physiology (MS, Ph.D.)
167 PG School Health Licensure (MA, M.Ed., Ph.D.)
168 PG Community Health (MA, M.Ed., Ph.D.)
169 PG Health Education and Promotion (Ph.D.)
170 PG Health Education (Ph.D.)
171 PG Masters in Nutrition & Dietetics
172 PG Speech-Language Pathology (M.A., Combined M.A.-B.S., Ph.D.)
173 PG Audiology (Ph.D.)
174 PG Cultural Foundations (MA, M.Ed., Ph.D.)
175 PG Evaluation & Measurement (MA, M.Ed., Ph.D.)
176 PG Educational Administration (Master, Ph.D.)
177 PG Hospitality and Tourism Management (M.S.)
178 PG Masters in Recreation, Park & Tourism Management
179 PG Sport & Recreation Management (MA)
180 PG Sport Studies (MA)
181 PG Counseling and Human Development Services (MS, Ph.D.)
182 PG Learning and Development (MA, M.Ed., Ph.D.)
183 PG Instructional Technology (M.Ed., Ph.D.)
184 PG Master’s in Gerontology
185 PG Education (MA, M.Ed.)
186 PG Master of Arts in Teaching (M.A.T)
187 PG Middle Childhood Education (MA, Ph.D.)
188 PG Physical Education (M.Ed.)
189 PG Masters in Reading Specialization
190 PG Curriculum & Instruction (Ph.D.)
191 PG Public Health (MPH, Ph.D.)
192 PG Applied Technology (MTEC., Combined B.S-M.S)
193 PG Aeronautics/Aviation (MTEC., Combined B.S-M.S)
194 PG Computer Technology (MTEC., Combined B.S-M.S)
195 PG Computer and Electronics Technology (MTEC., Combined B.S-M.S)
196 PG Manufacturing Systems (MTEC., Combined B.S-M.S)
197 PG Quality Systems (MTEC., Combined B.S-M.S)
198 PG Sustainable Systems (MTEC., Combined B.S-M.S)
199 PG Technology Education (MTEC., Combined B.S-M.S)
200 PG Technology Management (MTEC., Combined B.S-M.S)
201 PG Information Architecture and Knowledge Management IAKM (M.S.)



























There are over 700 scholarships offered by various Kent State University departments. Kent State University awards financial aid based on financial need and/or merit. More than 85% of Kent State freshman receive some form of financial aid including grants, student loans, parent loans, work-study and scholarships.

















Intake            Deadline
Fall Intake (Aug/Sept.) 15 March            
Spring Intake (Jan/Feb.) 15 December
Summer Intake (May)   15 September













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