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Golden Gate University Campus

Golden Gate University


For more than 110 years, non-profit Golden Gate University (GGU) has been helping adults achieve their professional goals by providing undergraduate and graduate education in Accounting, Law, Taxation, Business and related areas.
GGU is California's fourth oldest private university, enrolling 5,000 students and representing more than 68,000 alumni. The university's main campus is located in San Francisco with additional teaching sites in Seattle, Silicon Valley and Los Angeles. In addition to evening and weekend classes, most courses and degrees are offered entirely online.


Why GGU:

Golden Gate University's sole purpose is to educate adults -- like you -- who are balancing the complex demands of life. We recognize the value of your education and work background, and will help you leverage your experience to accelerate your progress toward a degree.


We give you real-world knowledge from instructors who are practicing professionals in some of the Bay Area's largest and most successful organizations. We are a non-profit university, so you know that your tuition goes to your education -- not to shareholders.



Golden Gate University traces its origins to an evening lecture series started by the San Francisco YMCA during the California gold rush in the early 1850s. Even then, lectures focused on practical issues of the day such as gold assaying and English.


The first degree-conferring program of the university started in 1901, with the formation of California's first evening law school. By offering classes at night, Golden Gate made legal studies available to the common person. Four students comprised the law school's first graduating class.



Golden Gate University prepares individuals to lead and serve by providing high-quality, practice-based educational programs in law, taxation, business and related professions - as a nonprofit institution - in an innovative and challenging learning environment that embraces professional ethics and diversity.



Golden Gate University offers a wide range of courses, both on campus and online, for students at all levels of higher education. Whether you are trying to finish a degree, working to advance your career, or looking to sharpen your skills through a certificate program, we have a program that fits your needs






















Location & Facilities

    • San Francisco
    • Los Angeles
    • Seattle
    • Silicon Valley

With many classes offered online, a main campus in downtown San Francisco, and three West Coast teaching sites, Golden Gate University is committed to offering you flexible and convenient programs.



GGU eLearning offers online courses that allow students to update their skills or earn degrees and professional certificates without ever setting foot on campus. eLearning also provides increased communication, storage for course documents, and supplemental course material for web-enhanced in-person courses.


All Undergraduate Programs and most Graduate Programs are available entirely online.



The GGU San Francisco campus is located in the heart of the city's downtown financial district, and is easily accessible by public transportation. GGU libraries, legal clinics and centers, computer lab, student and alumni lounges and service offices are located here.


All Degree and Certificate Programs and Law Classes are offered on the San Francisco campus.



GGU branched out to Southern California in the 1970s when the area's major accounting and law firms requested our outstanding taxation program. GGU's Los Angeles site is located in the Ernst & Young building in the heart of downtown Los Angeles. The facility has two conference-style classrooms and includes a fully-equipped computer lab


Graduate Taxation Programs are offered in a variety of formats: evening, weekend, 5- and 10-week intensive and online.



GGU has been serving the Seattle area since 1974. Situated in downtown Seattle's 4th and Pike Building, GGU Seattle offers evening courses (Monday through Thursday). For students entering the field of taxation, tax season internships can be integrated into the completion plan.


Master of Science in Taxation and Graduate Certificates in Taxation classes are offered in the evenings and some are offered in 8-week intensive weekend and 15-week online formats.


Silicon Valley

The Silicon Valley location is one of GGU's regional learning centers. It enables local students to combine weeknight and Saturday in-person classes to complete their degrees in an accelerated cohort format.


Executive MPA and MS Human Resource Management cohorts meet on a fixed schedule with a core group of students at GGU Silicon Valley.



















List of Departments / Schools / Faculty / College

School Of Accounting

The School of Accounting has three main goals:

    • To provide the most relevant professional educational experience possible.
    • To provide job placement and internship opportunities unrivaled in our region.
    • To remain deeply involved with the profession, making sure our instruction remains up to date and relevant.


With these three goals, we give students the opportunity to develop fully as professionals, to promote career opportunities for our graduates, and to have an effect on where the field of accounting is progressing. Our primary goal is to develop professional accountants who fully meet the expectations of the public, of the profession's regulatory and standard-setting bodies, and of the profession's membership. In other words, we want our program and our graduates to be at the forefront of our nation's accounting field.



At the Edward S. Ageno School of Business, our mission is to prepare students for managerial and professional careers in a broad range of business fields through innovative programs that combine theory and practical experience. We were founded on the core belief that professional qualifications are as important as academic experience. Therefore, our dedicated faculty is both academically and professionally qualified - working professionals that have done or are doing that which they teach. Whether you pursue a general management degree, or specialize with an MS degree, you'll graduate with the knowledge, skills and well-earned confidence you need to succeed in today's evolving business environment.



The Bruce F. Braden School of Taxation has enrolled more students over the last 45 years than any other tax program in the nation. Our focus on providing students with practical skills and hands-on experience has earned the respect of the industry's leading firms. Major accounting firms actively recruit our graduates, and they also rely on Golden Gate for continuing education and professional training for their employees. As the nation's leading tax school, we offer more tax classes more frequently than any other university, and our large adjunct faculty and student body allow us to offer a greater variety of classes within areas of specialization. As a private university, we also have the flexibility to quickly make changes to the curriculum in response to new developments in the industry.



You will practice law in a complex world. Golden Gate students reflect a wide variety of ages; work experience; and cultural, ethnic, and religious backgrounds. Our more than 20 student organizations address the many interests of our diverse student population. Golden Gate's 1,000 law students include working professionals and recent college graduates from more than 100 undergraduate and graduate institutions. They come from across the United States and from a number of foreign nations and represent a wide spectrum of ethnic, economic, and cultural backgrounds.



More than 80% of Golden Gate University courses are taught by practicing professionals.

    • GGU instructors bring real-world and real-time expertise directly into the classroom.
    • You get valuable insights from CEOs, VPs, directors, entrepreneurs, consultants, partners and other industry leaders.




















    Courses Offered


    Undergradute Degrees

      • Bachelor of Science in Business
          • Accounting Concentration
          • Finance Concentration
          • Human Resources Management Concentration
          • International Business Concentration
          • IT Concentration
          • Marketing Concentration
          • Operations and Supply Chain Management Concentration
          • Public Administration Concentration


      • Bachelor of Arts in Management (BAM)
          • Human Resources Management Concentration
          • IT Concentration
          • Marketing Concentration
          • Public Administration Concentration


    Graduate Programs:

        • Master of Accountancy
        • Master of Accountancy Accelerated Online
        • Master of Business Administration (MBA)
        • Master of Business Administration in
          • Accounting Concentration
          • Finance Concentration
          • Finance
          • Financial Planning
          • Financial Planning and Taxation
          • Human Resource Management Concentration
          • International Business Concentration
          • IT Management Concentration
          • Marketing Concentration
          • Project Management Concentration
          • Global Supply Chain Management Concentration
          • Public Administration Concentration
        • Master of Science in
          • Accounting
          • Financial Planning and Taxation
          • Human Resource Management
          • Information Technology Management
          • Integrated Marketing Communication
          • Marketing
          • Project Management
          • Taxation
        • Master of Arts in
          • Counseling Psychology
          • Industrial-Organizational Psychology
        • Executive Master of Public Administration
        • Executive Master of Business Administration (EMBA)
        • Master of Laws
        • Master of Business Administration / Juris Doctor (Joint Degree)
        • Doctor of Juridicial Science
        • Juris Doctor


    Undergradute Certificate Programs:

      • Associate of Arts in General Studies
      • Certificate in Accounting
      • Certificate in International Business
      • Certificate in Management
      • Certificate in Finance
      • Certificate in Human Resource Management
      • Certificate in International Business
      • Certificate in Information Technology
      • Certificate in Marketing
      • Certificate in Public Administration Leadership
      • Certificate in Operations and Supply Chain Management


    Graduate Certificate Programs:

      • Certificate in Accounting
      • Certificate in Forensic Accounting
      • Certificate in Finance
      • Certificate in Technical Market Analysis
      • Certificate in Financial Planning
      • Certificate in Human Resource Management
      • Certificate in International Taxation
      • Certificate in Information Technology Management
      • Certificate in Integrated Marketing Communications
      • Certificate in Marketing
      • Certificate in Public Relations
      • Certificate in Project Management
      • Certificate in Conflict Resolution
      • Certificate in Counseling Skills
      • Certificate in Industrial-Organizational Psychology
      • Certificate in Public Administration Leadership
      • Certificate in Global Supply Chain Management
      • Certificate in Advanced Studies in Taxation
      • Certificate in Estate Planning 
      • Certificate in State and Local Taxation
      • Certificate in Taxation











      Financial Aid

        • Federal Aid
        • State Aid
        • Scholarships & Grants
        • Net Price Calculator
        • Satisfactory Academic Progress

      There are several financial aid options available to Golden Gate University students. In general, these options fall into the following categories: Federal financial aid, state grants, GGU scholarships & grants, and private loans. GGU's financial planners are eager to assist you to develop a customized financial plan that maximizes the use of grants or scholarships in order for you to graduate with the lowest debt level possible.





















      When To Apply

      GGU international students are granted admission on a rolling basis. Early application allows time for receiving credentials and processing government documents necessary for attendance. Timely submission is important for students currently living outside the United States who will need to apply for an F-1 or J-1 visa in their home country. We do not have specific deadlines but we recommend submitting application materials at least 30 days prior to admission term start date:

        • Fall Term: last week of August
        • Spring Term: first week of January
        • Summer Term: last week of April



















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