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Florida Institute of Technology Campus

Florida Institute of Technology

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Florida Institute of Technology is an independent technological university that provides quality education, furthers knowledge through basic and applied research, and serves the diverse needs of our local, state, national and international constituencies. In support of this mission, we are committed to:

    An organizational culture that values and encourages intellectual curiosity, a sense of belonging and shared purpose among faculty, students and staff, and pursuit of excellence in all endeavors.
  • Recruiting and developing faculty who are internationally recognized as educators, scholars and researchers.
  • Recognition as an effective, innovative, technology-focused educational and research institution.
  • Recruiting and retaining a high-quality, highly selective and culturally diverse student body.
  • Continued improvement in the quality of campus life for members of the university community.
  • Providing personal and career growth opportunities for both traditional and nontraditional students and members of the faculty and staff.

Listed among America's best colleges in U.S. News & World Report

  • Named one of the nation's top technological institutions in the Fiske Guide to Colleges
  • Doctoral program in industrial/organizational (I/O) psychology rates 2nd in nation
  • ROTC program ranked #1 in nation by Washington Monthly College Rankings
  • Rated the top private university in Florida by Washington Monthly College Rankings
  • Among top Southeastern colleges according to Princeton Review Rating
  • The university's Ortega 0.8-m Telescope is the largest research telescope in Florida
  • The Funk Center for Textile Arts, the only textile exhibition center in Florida, opened in August 2009
  • The Scott Center for Autism Treatment will open in September 2009
  • The Harris Center for Science and Engineering will open in October 2009
  • Listed among "The 25 `Boatiest' Schools in America" by BoatU.S. Magazine
  • Named by "Surfline" as one of the 10 best surf schools in America
  • Ranked by Forbes as among the top 15% of America's colleges in 2010
  • Cited by G.I. Jobs as among the top 15% of colleges, universities and trade schools


















Location & Facilities

In Melbourne, Fla., on 130 subtropical acres, including the picturesque Botanical Garden. The campus is located very close to the Indian River, the Atlantic Ocean and is less than an hour from Kennedy Space Center. Close to 1,700 Florida Tech undergraduates reside on campus. The newest residence halls, Harris Village, opened on the south campus in 2008. The three-building complex features 382 beds for sophomores through seniors. Their 111 apartments offer comfortable home-like amenities, which include a full kitchen, living room and compartmentalized bathrooms.

Campus life revolves around the Clemente Center for Sports and Recreation, the Denius Student Center and Panther Plaza. Students participate in a wide range of intramural sports, more than 100 student organizations and 15 NCAA Division II intercollegiate sports. From Greek life to the College Players theatrical organization, students are actively involved in the life of the campus community.

Career Services provides career and job search services to Florida Institute of Technology students and alumni. Our mission is to help students in the development of career plans and job search skills. As a service unit, Career Services acts as a liaison between Florida Tech students, alumni, faculty, staff and employer















List of Departments

Florida Institute of Technology offers undergraduate programs in science, engineering, aeronautics, business, humanities, mathematics, psychology, communication and education (science and mathematics); master's programs in science, engineering, aviation, business, psychology, communication, education (computer, environmental, mathematics, science and teaching); and doctoral programs in science, engineering, psychology, and science and mathematics education.

College of Aeronautics

  • BS - Aeronautical Science
  • BS - Aeronautical Science Flight Option
  • BS - Aviation Computer Science
  • BS - Aviation Management
  • BS - Aviation Management Flight Option
  • BS - Aviation Meteorology
  • BS - Aviation Meteorology Flight Option
  • MS - Aviation - Airport Development
  • MS - Aviation Applied Aviation Safety
  • MS - Aviation Human Factors
  • MS - Human Factors in Aeronautics

    College of Business
  • BS - Accounting
  • BS - Business Administration
  • BS - Business and Environmental Studies
  • BS - Information Systems
  • BS - Marketing
  • Master of Business Administration
  • BS - Entrepreneurship
  • BS - Global Management and Finance
  • BS - Leadership and Social Responsibility
  • BS - Information Technology Management
  • BS - Sports Management
  • Master of Science in Innovation and Entrepreneurship

    College of Engineering
  • BS - Aerospace Engineering
  • BS - Chemical Engineering
  • BS - Civil Engineering
  • BS - Computer Engineering
  • BS - Computer Science
  • BS - Construction Management
  • BS - Electrical Engineering
  • BS - Environmental Science
  • BS - Mechanical Engineering
  • BS - Meteorology
  • BS - Ocean Engineering
  • BS - Oceanography
  • BS - Software Engineering
  • BS - Biomedical Engineering
  • BS - Information System
  • MS - Biomedical Engineering
  • MS - Computer Information System
  • MS - Human Centered Design

    General Engineering - College of Engineering
  • MS - Aerospace Engineering
  • MS - Chemical Engineering
  • MS - Civil Engineering
  • MS - Computer Engineering
  • MS - Computer Science
  • MS - Earth Remote Sensing
  • MS - Electrical Engineering
  • MS - Engineering Management
  • MS - Environmental Resource Mgmt
  • MS - Environmental Science
  • MS - Mechanical Engineering
  • MS - Meteorology
  • MS - Ocean Engineering
  • MS - Oceanography/Biological
  • MS - Oceanography/Chemical
  • MS - Oceanography/Coastal Zone Mgmt
  • MS - Oceanography/Geological
  • MS - Oceanography/Physical
  • MS - Software Engineering
  • MS - Systems Engineering
  • Ph.D. - Aerospace Engineering
  • Ph.D. - Chemical Engineering
  • Ph.D. - Civil Engineering
  • Ph.D. - Computer Engineering
  • Ph.D. - Computer Science
  • Ph.D. - Electrical Engineering
  • Ph.D. - Environmental Science
  • Ph.D. - Mechanical Engineering
  • Ph.D. - Ocean Engineering
  • Ph.D. - Oceanography
  • Ph.D. - Systems Engineering

    College of Science
  • BS - Astrobiology
  • BS - Bio mathematics
  • BS - Biochemistry
  • BS - Biological Sciences-Aquaculture
  • BS - Biological Sciences-Conservation Biology & Ecology
  • BS - Biological Sciences-General
  • BS - Biological Sciences-Marine
  • BS - Biological Sciences-Molecular
  • BS - Biological Sciences-Premedical
  • BS - Biomathematics
  • BS - Chemistry, Chemical Management
  • BS - Chemistry, General
  • BS - Chemistry, Premedical
  • BS - Chemistry, Research
  • BS - Chemistry / Chemical Engineering Dual Degree
  • BS - Interdisc Sci Military Sc Op
  • BS - Interdisciplinary Science
  • BS - Mathematical Sci/Applied Math
  • BS - Mathematical Sciences
  • BS - Mathematics Education
  • BS - Middle Grades Math & Science
  • BS - Physics
  • BS - Physics, Preprofessional
  • BS - Planetary Science
  • BS - Science Education, Biology
  • BS - Science Education, Chemistry
  • BS - Science Education, Earth & SS
  • BS - Science Education, General
  • BS - Science Education, Physics
  • BS - Space Science - Astronomy&Astrophysics
  • BS - Space Sciences
  • BS - Space Sciences-Astrobiology
  • BS - Space Sciences-Solar, Earth & Planetary Sci
  • General Science - College of Science
  • Ed.D. - Mathematics Education
  • Ed.D. - Science Education
  • Ed.S. - Mathematics Education
  • Ed.S. - Science Education
  • MA - Teaching
  • M Ed. - Elementary Science Education
  • MS - Applied Mathematics
  • MS - Biochemistry
  • MS - Biological Science, Ecology
  • MS - Biological Science, Marine Biology
  • MS - Biological Science - Biotechnology
  • MS - Biological Science-Cell&Molecular
  • MS - Chemistry
  • MS - Computer Education
  • MS - Environmental Education
  • MS - Interdisciplinary Science
  • MS - Mathematics Education
  • MS - Operations Research
  • MS - Physics
  • MS - Science Ed - Informal Science Ed
  • MS - Science Education
  • MS - Space Sciences
  • Ph.D. - Applied Mathematics
  • Ph.D. - Biological Sciences
  • Ph.D. - Chemistry
  • Ph.D. - Operations Research
  • Ph.D. - Physics
  • Ph.D. - Science Education
  • Ph.D. - Space Sciences
  • Ph.D. Mathematics Education

    College of Psychology and Liberal Arts
  • BA - Forensic Psychology
  • BA - Humanities
  • BA - Humanities Prelaw Option
  • BA - Psychology
  • BS - Applied Behavioral Analysis
  • BS - Communication
  • BS - Psychology
  • General Studies - Dept. of Humanities & Communication
  • Psychology Honors Program
  • MS - ABA and OBM
  • MS - Applied Behavior Analysis
  • MS - Industrial/Organizational Psychology
  • MS - Organizational Behavior Mgmt
  • MS - Technical & Professional Com
  • Ph.D. - Behavior Analysis
  • Ph.D. - Industrial/Organizational Psyc
  • Psy. D. - Clinical Psychology

    University Alliance
  • AA - Accounting
  • AA - Business Administration
  • AA - Criminal Justice
  • AA - Healthcare Management
  • AA - Liberal Arts
  • AA - Marketing
  • AS - CIS
  • BA - Accounting
  • BA - Applied Psychology
  • BA - Bus Admin, Accounting
  • BA - Bus Admin, Comp Info Sys
  • BA- Bus Admin, Healthcare Mgmt
  • BA - Bus Admin, Management
  • BA - Bus Admin, Marketing
  • BA - Criminal Justice
  • BS - Computer Info Sys
  • MBA - Accounting and Finance
  • MBA - Healthcare Management
  • MBA - Information Technology Management
  • MBA - Internet Marketing
  • MBA - Management
  • MBA - Marketing
  • MBA - Project Management
  • MS - Information Technology

























Courses Offered

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Merit-based scholarships
Applications received on or before January 15 for will receive priority consideration. Academic scholarships are available through the Office of Admission. Scholarships are awarded to students with very strong secondary school grades Scholarships may be available to qualified students regardless of country of citizenship. Scholarships range from $5,000 to $12,000 per year and are awarded automatically at the time of admission. No additional scholarship application is needed. These scholarships are only awarded to students with no prior community college or university course work.
Those students having attended, or who are currently attending, a community college or university may be eligible for a Transfer Scholarship of $8,000 per year ($4,000 per semester) until graduation. If the student attends a community college in the United States and has earned a membership to the community college honor society Phi Theta Kappa, they can combine an additional award with their transfer scholarship for a total of $12,500 per year.

Need-based aid
Florida Tech offers limited financial aid (up to $10,000) to international students on the basis of need. This award may be combined with a Merit scholarship. To apply for need based aid, file the application for admission and Request for Financial Support form before January 15 for priority consideration. A limited number of part-time jobs may be available on campus, but they are very competitive. Therefore, it is our recommendation that you should apply to Florida Tech with the understanding that you will be personally responsible for obtaining the funds necessary to attend the university.

Athletic Scholarships
Florida Tech competes at the NCAA Division II level with scholarships available in the following sports:

  • Baseball, basketball, rowing, cross country, golf, soccer and tennis.
  • Basketball, rowing, cross country, golf, softball, tennis, soccer and volleyball.

Students interested in pursuing athletic scholarships must have significant athletic accomplishments in their country to be competitive. For further information, contact the specific coach for your sport. Coach contact information can be found on the Florida Tech Athletics website.
International Student Finances
The university strictly conforms to U.S. immigration laws concerning international students. Upon acceptance, you must provide certified evidence that you have adequate funds to meet all your expenses during the first year of college. In addition, U.S. Immigration requires this information to be on your I-20 form (the form we send you to give to the U.S. Consulate in your country to secure a student visa). It is important for you to know that tuition and fees must be paid prior to the beginning of each semester. Also, even though you are only required to show proof of financial support for the first year, you are expected to have planned funding for the duration of your course of study.

Graduate assistantships, both research and teaching, are available for domestic and international students.
You are encouraged to apply by February 1 for priority consideration.
International applicants who apply for teaching assistantships must also submit a minimum of a 600 on the paper-based TOEFL or a 250 on the computer-based TOEFL and a 45 on the TSE (Test of Spoken English).
Scholarship assistance is considered for both undergraduate and graduate students and is based on academic merit and demonstrated financial need. International applicants for a master's or doctoral degree are considered for a scholarship on a rolling basis and are encouraged to apply considerably in advance of the admission application deadlines. Students who are awarded a Florida Tech Scholarship and a Graduate Assistantship (apply directly to the academic department) may choose between either award. Students may not receive both.
All international students are encouraged to secure scholarships from external sources to help fund their education in the United States. Additionally, students may apply for on-campus employment and are permitted to work up to 20 hours per week.
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Fall - August
Spring - Junuary












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