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Broward College - NMS West Campus in USA
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Broward College - NMS West Campus Campus

Broward College - NMS West Campus


Broward College, Florida, USA, is a 50-year old state college that is among the top ten community colleges in the United States according to the rankings by the Aspen Institute. Broward College has been running an international program for over 18 years, and has helped many international students get an American Bachelor’s Degree through the 2+2 pathway. The Broward two-year Associate of Arts degree program is currently being run in several countries including Sri Lanka, Peru, Vietnam, Ecuador and China. India is the latest Broward College International Center. The National Management School is the exclusive partner of Broward College in India. Students doing the Broward 2 year Associates program have transferred to many top universities through the 2+2 route.






















Location & Facilities

3501 Davie Rd,
Davie, FL 33314,
United States.
Broward College, Florida, USA


















List of Departments

Associate Degree Leading To Bachelors Degree(Aa) : 2 Years






















Courses Offered

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Renewable Tuition Waiver Scholarship

The National Management School offers scholarships during the first two years at NMS. A renewable tuition fee waiver of up to USD 1000/- is offered per term (three terms in a year) for students who get a GPA of 3.5 and above. The student will have to get a GPA of 3.5 each term for the scholarship to be renewed the following term. This means a total scholarship of USD 3000/- each year is available to deserving students. This brings down the tuition fee cost for the first two years.


Scholarships offered by West Campus

West Campus offers a 50% tuition scholarship for deserving students for Years 1 and 2 at The National Management School, West Campus in Mumbai. This scholarship will be awarded to academically brilliant students. ONLY TWO students each year will be the recipients of this scholarship.


Scholarships available for Years 3 and 4 in the USA

We have several partner universities in the USA who offer scholarships of varying amounts. Only students who go through our 2+2 program have access to the scholarships that are offered by our partners.


Two years Tuition Waiver at Broward College, Florida

Broward College, Florida offers a tuition waiver for the third and fourth year, in any major that they offer, leading to a bachelor’s degree. This means the student will only have to pay for their living expenses, travel and books, for years 3 and 4. This is an excellent offer for those looking for bachelor’s degrees in Education, Information and Technology, Supervision Management, Supply Chain Management, and Technology Management. This scholarship is available for one student, recommended by NMS.

















































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