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American Musical and Dramatic Academy in USA
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American Musical and Dramatic Academy


Your future in the performing arts doesn't have to be a dream. For over 50 years, AMDA has launched some of the most successful careers in theatre, film and television. AMDA creates industry professionals who don't just wait for life to happen-they stage their own career path. Watched by the eyes of millions, our graduates take the world's stages, film sets and movie screens, changing the way we think about art in the 21st century.


Success requires more than just talent. From the moment you arrive until the day you graduate, AMDA trains you to leave our doors a professional ready to work in today's competitive industry. With over 150 opportunities to perform each year, you'll receive world-class training while living in the beating hearts of the world's entertainment capitals: Los Angeles and New York City.


To become the best, you'll train with the best. You'll receive world-class training from our faculty of successful Broadway directors, choreographers, actors, film directors, TV producers and casting agents who are still working in entertainment. Each day will immerse you in a rigorous and demanding pursuit of excellence, giving you the knowledge and skill set that will last you a lifetime. It's time for your next role-you're ready.





















Location & Facilities

When you attend AMDA New York, Broadway is your backyard. Our students are a vital part of the creative community here, and the city itself sets the scene for an innovative learning experience. An AMDA education is more than just studio training; it's a backstage pass to New York City's performing arts scene.


When you attend AMDA Los Angeles, you become a part of Hollywood's creative community; the studios, theatres and landmarks are your inspiration. Hundreds of films, television shows and live performances take place here each day. With Hollywood as your classroom, you'll get a real understanding of how show business actually works.


AMDA provides rigorous, performance-based training and an industry-focused education experience; one that inspires excellence and prepares artists with an appreciation for the universal power of transformation through art. AMDA's educational philosophy is based on close collegial interaction between instructors and students - in class, in production and through active mentorship.


AMDA is committed to providing an unsurpassed performing arts education to a diverse community of creative artists. AMDA serves as both school and stage, where students are given the support and opportunity to define their own personal objectives and to develop and refine their own distinctive artistic voices.


AMDA strives to create an environment for students to develop the skills, confidence, imagination and power to contribute to their community as artists, entrepreneurs, visionaries,
























List of Departments / Schools / Faculty / College

  • Acting
  • Music Theatre
  • Dance Theatre
  • Performing Arts





















Courses Offered

AMDA Programs

Artistry. Professionalism. Collaboration. Discovery. Diversity. Community.

These are the essential values of the educational programs at AMDA.

AMDA offers two primary paths of study:



  • Bachelor of fine arts - Acting
  • Bachelor of fine arts - Music Theatre
  • Bachelor of fine arts - Dance Theatre
  • Bachelor of fine arts - Performing Arts


  • The Integrated Program - Atcing, Dance and Music Theatre
  • Dance Theatre - Conservatory
  • The Studio Program - Acting for Stage, Film and Television

































These are merit- and/or need-based awards that do not need to be repaid.


AMDA's financial aid programs include many institutional scholarships and government awards, which are given to students based on the results of the audition, application and/or FAFSA. Below you will find a complete list of the available grants and scholarships, including the eligibility criteria for each one


AMDA Scholarships

  • National Scholarship Nominations
  • AMDA Grant
  • AMDA First-Year Summer Grant
  • Federal Pell Grant
  • Federal Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grant
  • Federal Work Study
  • International Scholarships
  • International Grant
  • Federal Direct Loan Programs
  • Federal Parent PLUS Loan
  • Alternative Loan Programs

























































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