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University of Massachusetts, Dartmouth
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The University of Massachusetts at Dartmouth is one of five campuses and operating subdivisions of the University of Massachusetts [UMass].It is located in North Dartmouth, Massachusetts, United States, in the center of the South Coast region, between the cities of New Bedford to the east and Fall River to the west. It became a UMass campus in 1991 when Southeastern Massachusetts University was merged into the University of Massachusetts system.


The campus, also known as UMass-Dartmouth, "UMassD", or "UMD", has an overall student body of 9,155 students, including undergraduate, graduate students, and (PCE) continuing education students .


UMass Dartmouth is best known for its programs in engineering, nursing, marine science, business, visual and performing arts and business, as well as its Portuguese studies programs.


Mission Statement

The University of Massachusetts Dartmouth distinguishes itself as a vibrant public university actively engaged in personalized teaching and innovative research, and acting as an intellectual catalyst for regional and global economic, social, and cultural development.


Vision Statement

Within a climate that is inclusive, open, and diverse, UMass Dartmouth will be the university of choice for students seeking high quality liberal arts and science programs as well as professional academic programs that build a foundation for civic responsibility, individual skills and professional success.


Enrollment of more than 9,000 undergraduate, graduate & continuing education students


Undergraduate enrollment: 7,982



New England Association of Schools and Colleges (NEASC)




Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business (AACSB)


Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education (CCNE)


National Association of Schools of Art and Design (NASAD)


Massachusetts Board of Higher Education


Carnegie Community Engagement Campus


President's Higher Education Community Service Honor Roll

















Location & Facilities

The university is located 710-acre campus is on the SouthCoast of Massachusetts, between Providence, RI and Cape Cod--just one hour from Boston. Main campus: 13 buildings, 85 classrooms, 88 labs & studios. 58% of all undergraduate students live on campus in a variety of residential complexes. The university has several residential complexes and a variety of living arrangements, including apartment-style living in our newest complex. Other residence halls are designed primarily for sophomores, juniors and seniors.  There are a variety of room configurations, from the traditional double-corridor style to a suite-like design.




















List of Departments

Arts & Sciences

    • Anthropology
    • Arts and Sciences Undeclared
    • Biochemistry
    • Biology
    • Biotechnology
    • Black Studies *
    • Chemistry
    • Clinical Laboratory Science
    • Computational Mathematics
    • Crime & Justice Studies
    • Cytotechnology
    • Data Science
    • Economics
    • Education (4+1 master's)
    • English
    • French
    • Health Services
    • History
    • Indic Studies *
    • Leadership & Civic Engagement *
    • Liberal Arts
    • Literature & Criticism
    • Marine Biology
    • Mathematics
    • Medical Laboratory Science
    • Multidisciplinary Studies (transfers only)
    • Philosophy
    • Political Science
    • Portuguese
    • Pre-law
    • Psychology
    • Religious Studies *
    • Sociology
    • Spanish
    • Sustainability *
    • Women's & Gender Studies
    • Writing/Communications



    • Accounting
    • Accounting Information Science
    • Business Administration *
    • Business Undeclared
    • E-commerce/Digital Business
    • Entrepreneurship/Small Business
    • Finance
    • General Business (transfers only)
    • International Business *
    • Management Information Systems
    • Management Leadership
    • Marketing
    • Operations Management
    • Service Operation Management
    • Supply Chain Management



    • Bioengineering
    • Civil Engineering
    • Computer Engineering
    • Computer Game Design*
    • Computer Science
    • Data Science
    • Electrical Engineering
    • Engineering Undeclared
    • Environmental Physics *
    • Mechanical Engineering
    • Mobile Applications Development *
    • Physics
    • Software Engineering *
    • System Software *



    • Aging and Health *
    • Undergraduate Nursing **


Visual & Performing Arts

    • Art Education
    • Art History
    • Ceramics
    • Digital Media
    • Drawing *
    • Film & Media Studies *
    • Fine Arts *
    • Graphic Design
    • Illustration
    • Jewelry/Metals
    • Music
    • Music Education
    • Painting/2D Studies
    • Photography
    • Printmaking *
    • Sculpture/3D Studies
    • Studio Arts Undeclared
    • Textile Design/Fiber Arts























Courses Offered Level Name of the Program
1 UG Anthropology
2 UG/PG Arts and Sciences Undeclared
3 UG Biochemistry
4 UG/PG Biology
5 UG Biotechnology
6 UG Black Studies *
7 UG/PG Chemistry
8 UG Clinical Laboratory Science
9 UG Computational Mathematics
10 UG Crime & Justice Studies
11 UG Cytotechnology
12 UG/PG Data Science
13 UG Economics
14 UG Education (4+1 master's)
15 UG English
16 UG French
17 UG Health Services
18 UG History
19 UG Liberal Arts
20 UG Literature & Criticism
21 UG Marine Biology
22 UG Mathematics
23 UG Medical Laboratory Science
24 UG Multidisciplinary Studies (transfers only)
25 UG Philosophy
26 UG Political Science
27 UG Portuguese
28 UG Pre-law
29 UG Psychology
30 UG Sociology
31 UG Spanish
32 UG Women's & Gender Studies
33 UG Writing/Communications
34 UG Accounting
35 UG Accounting Information Science
36 UG Business Administration *
37 UG/PG Business Undeclared
38 UG E-commerce/Digital Business
39 UG Entrepreneurship/Small Business
40 UG Finance
41 UG International Business *
42 UG Management Information Systems
43 UG Management Leadership
44 UG Marketing
45 UG Operations Management
46 UG Service Operation Management
47 UG Supply Chain Management
48 UG Bioengineering
49 UG/PG Civil Engineering
50 UG Computer Engineering
51 UG Computer Game Design*
52 UG Computer Science
53 UG/PG Data Science
54 UG/PG Electrical Engineering
55 UG Environmental Physics *
56 UG/PG Mechanical Engineering
57 UG Mobile Applications Development *
58 UG/PG Physics
59 UG Software Engineering *
60 UG System Software *
61 UG Aging and Health *
62 UG Undergraduate Nursing **
63 UG Art Education
64 UG Art History
65 UG Ceramics
66 UG Digital Media
67 UG Drawing *
68 UG Film & Media Studies *
69 UG Fine Arts *
70 UG Graphic Design
71 UG Illustration
72 UG Jewelry/Metals
73 UG Music
74 UG Music Education
75 UG Painting/2D Studies
76 UG Photography
77 UG Printmaking *
78 UG Sculpture/3D Studies
79 UG Studio Arts Undeclared
80 UG Textile Design/Fiber Arts
81 PG Computer and Information Science
82 PG Healthcare Management
83 PG Marine Science & Technology
85 PG Nursing
86 PG Technology Management
87 PG Psychology, Clinical
88 PG Psychology, Research
89 PG Portuguese Studies

























External Fellowships and Support

Graduate students at the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth who are enrolled in degree programs and are directly supported by a national funding agency (such as the Fulbright Scholar Program or the National Science Foundation) or research funds from another academic institution are usually eligible for a tuition waiver and an adjustment of the curriculum support fee to the in-state level; however, adjustments vary dependent upon the award and students who have secured external support are encouraged to contact the Associate Provost for Graduate Studies to confirm the waiver benefits they would receive if admitted. Final determination of eligibility for a waiver and the amount of the waiver will be made by the Associate Provost for Graduate Studies.



The University of Massachusetts Dartmouth has several financial programs to assist graduate students with the cost of advanced studies. These programs apply to degree-seeking, matriculated students only. Non-degree students who have not received formal admission to the university, sometimes called "Special Students" at UMass Dartmouth, are generally not eligible to receive financial aid.

























Undergraduate – Feb 1st

Graduate – Feb 1st for fall and Nov 1st for spring






















Download Application Form

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