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Location & Facilities
List of Departments
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SUNY-State University College at Old Westbury


SUNY Old Westbury students discover quickly that the College is a place of big thinking, big ideas and big opportunities all within a small college environment. Offering 45 undergraduate degrees in business, education and the arts and sciences, our academic and student life programs work together so you have the confidence in your ability to succeed at whatever you choose to undertake-to own your future.





















Location & Facilities

Located just 22 miles from New York City, Old Westbury lies on a 604-acre rural campus, so students can get the best of both worlds. Internship and community service opportunities offer students valuable skills in their chosen fields while also instilling in them an understanding of the changing global community.


Students participate in over 50 student organizations and compete on our 13 Division III athletic teams. They also learn as part of one of the most diverse campuses in the nation, experiencing opinions and insight both from around the corner and around the world.















List of Departments

School of Arts and Sciences

    • American Studies
    • Biological Sciences
    • Chemistry and Physics
    • English
    • History & Philosophy
    • Mathematics, Computer & Information Science
    • Modern Languages
    • Politics, Economics & Law
    • Psychology
    • Public Health
    • Sociology
    • Visual Arts


School of Business

    • Accounting, Taxation & Business Law
    • Management, Marketing & Finance


School of Education

    • Adolescence Education
    • Childhood Education and Literacy
    • Exceptional Education and Learning






















Courses Offered

    • Bachelor of Arts
    • Adolescence Education: Chemistry (7-12), B.A.
    • Adolescence Education: Social Studies (7-12), B.A.
    • Adolescence Education: Spanish (7-12), B.A.
    • American Studies, B.A.
    • Biological Sciences, B.A.
    • Chemistry, B.A.
    • English, B.A.
    • History, B.A.
    • Industrial and Labor Relations, B.A.
    • Media and Communications, B.A.
    • Philosophy and Religion, B.A.
    • Politics, Economics & Law, B.A.
    • Psychology, B.A.
    • Sociology, B.A.
    • Spanish Language, Hispanic Literature & Culture, B.A.
    • Visual Arts, B.A.
    • Bachelor of Fine Arts
    • Visual Arts, B.F.A.
    • Bachelor of Science
    • Accounting, B.S.
    • Adolescence Education: Biology (7-12), B.S.
    • Adolescence Education: Chemistry (7-12), B.S.
    • Adolescence Education: Mathematics (7-12), B.S.
    • Biochemistry, B.S.
    • Biological Sciences, B.S.
    • Business Administration, B.S.
    • Chemistry, B.S.
    • Childhood Education (1-6), B.S.
    • Childhood Education with Bilingual Extension (1-6), B.S.
    • Computer & Information Science, B.S.
    • Criminology, B.S.
    • Health and Society, B.S.
    • Industrial and Labor Relations, B.S.
    • Management Information Systems, B.S.
    • Mathematics, B.S.
    • Middle Childhood Education: Biology (5-9), B.S.
    • Middle Childhood Education: Chemistry (5-9), B.S.
    • Middle Childhood Education: Mathematics (5-9), B.S.
    • Middle Childhood Education: Spanish (5-9), B.S.
    • Psychology, B.S.
    • Sociology, B.S.
    • Special Education and Childhood Education (1-6), B.S.
    • Special Education with Bilingual Extension (1-6), B.S.
    • Visual Arts: Electronic Media, B.S.
    • Combined Bachelor of Science/Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine
    • Biological Sciences & Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine, B.S./D.O.
    • Combined Bachelor of Science/Master of Science
    • B.S./M.S. in Accounting
    • B.S./M.S. in Accounting & Taxation
    • Master of Arts
    • Liberal Studies, M.A.
    • Master of Arts in Teaching
    • Adolescence Education: Biology (7-12), M.A.T.
    • Adolescence Education: Chemistry (7-12), M.A.T.
    • Adolescence Education: English Language Arts (7-12), M.A.T.
    • Adolescence Education: Mathematics (7-12), M.A.T.
    • Adolescence Education: Social Studies (7-12), M.A.T.
    • Adolescence Education: Spanish (7-12), M.A.T.
    • Master of Science
    • Accounting, M.S.
    • Adolescence Education: Biology (7-12), M.S.
    • Adolescence Education: Chemistry (7-12), M.S.
    • Adolescence Education: English Language Arts (7-12), M.S.
    • Adolescence Education: Mathematics (7-12), M.S.
    • Adolescence Education: Social Studies (7-12), M.S.
    • Adolescence Education: Spanish (7-12), M.S.
    • Mental Health Counseling, M.S.
    • Taxation, M.S.
    • Minor
    • Women & Gender Studies Minor

































Scholarships provide financial assistance based on merit and/or need that does not have to be repaid. There are several scholarships made available by both SUNY College at Old Westbury and The Old Westbury College Foundation, Inc.


Scholarships Open to All Students

Scholarship Award
Rosalyn Baxandall and Barbara Joseph Scholarship Varied
Robert Plan Scholarship $1000
Michelle and Robert Wallach Scholarships $1000























Fall : March 15

Spring : Dec 1








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