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University of West of England, Bristol Campus

University of West of England, Bristol


The University of the West of England is a university based in the English city of Bristol. Its main campus is at Frenchay, about 8kms north of the city centre. UWE also has a smaller campus at St Matthias, a School of Health and Social Care at Glenside in north-east Bristol and the School of Creative Arts, located at Bower Ashton, near Ashton Court in south-west Bristol.

There are also regional centres in Bath and Swindon, and an associate faculty specialising in animal behaviour and welfare, agricultural and sports related courses in Hartpury, Gloucestershire. This satellite college has staged the European Young Rider Championship, a horse riding competition. Bristol Old Vic Theatre School is an associate school of the Faculty of Humanities, Languages and Social Sciences.


With around 30,000 students and 3,000 academic staff, UWE is the larger of the two universities in the city . The library on the Frenchay site is called the Bolland Library, named after Dr Robert Bolland, the first director of Bristol Polytechnic from 1969 to 1974. The main Frenchay campus is situated close to the M32 motorway, twenty minutes walk from the well-connected Bristol Parkway railway station.


Part of this institution became a technical college which, after merger with various other colleges, in turn became Bristol Polytechnic in 1970. In 1992 it gained University status and its present name .


UWE's academic rankings have generally stood mid-place on the league tables. The Guardian Good University Guide 2010 ranks UWE 59th overall out of 117 institutions in the UK., whilst The Complete University Guide (in association with the Independent) 2010 ranks UWE 61st out of 113


The Independent Main University League Table 2009 ranks UWE 61st out of 113, whilst the Telegraph University League Table ranks the university at 77th.


The Times Good University Guide 2009/10 ranks UWE 62nd in the country, whilst the Sunday Times University Guide ranks the university at 68.


According to The Guardian Good University Guide 2010, the UWE Computer Science department has been ranked 35th out of 100 other institutions in the UK. According to


The Guardian Good University Guide 2011, the UWE Economics department has been ranked at 8th in the UK.


Research Assessment

UWE is one of the leading and fastest growing new universities for research with a particular emphasis on interdisciplinary and collaborative research with a wide range of public and private partners. The Research Assessment Exercise 2008 showed that over a third (37%) of research carried out at UWE was considered to be world-leading or internationally excellent. As a result UWE increased its research funding allocation from HEFCE by 122%, one of the biggest increases in the country.











Location and Facilities

Bristol is full of hidden treasures. With a rich history, vibrant culture and neighbouring countryside, Bristol is the perfect place to live and study.


Frenchay Campus

The main campus of University of the West of England is situated in Frenchay.


Bower Ashton Campus

The Bower Ashton campus of the University of the West of England is home to the practice orientated programmes of the School of Creative Arts (formerly the Faculty of Art, Media and Design), which forms the major part of the Faculty of Creative Arts following the University reorganisation in 2007. Adjacent to the Ashton Court estate, on the edge of the city of Bristol, West of England College of Art was established here in purpose-built premises in 1969, moving from its previous location as the art school of the Royal West of England Academy in Clifton.


In 1970 the college became part of Bristol Polytechnic, the precursor of the University


Glenside Campus

Glenside campus is the home of the School of Health and Social Care at the University of the West of England (UWE), Bristol. It is located on Blackberry Hill in the suburb of Fishponds

The School of Health & Social Care is part of the Faculty of Health and Life Sciences and includes the following schools:


  • Department of Nursing and Midwifery
  • Department of Allied Health Professions
  • Department of Applied Social Sciences and Community Health


The campus provides a range of facilities including:


  • Student One Stop Shop
  • Library
  • Interprofessional Simulation Suite
  • Human Analysis Laboratory (HAL)
  • Imaging Suite
  • Nursing Skills Simulation Suite
  • Information Technology suites
  • Learning Technologies Technical Unit
  • Catering Services


The school is establishing a reputation for research of international quality in a range of areas based on research centres:

  • Centre for Public Health Research
  • Centre for Clinical and Health Services Research
  • Centre for Learning and Workforce Research


St Matthias Campus

 The Lodge at St Matthias
St Matthias (known by colloquially as St Matts) is located in the suburb of Fishponds in Bristol. St Matthias is home to departments within the faculty of Creative Arts, Humanities and Education. The campus has some attractive Victorian Gothic buildings, set around the sunken lawn.


The main halls of residence are

  • Brecon Court (part of the student village complex)
  • Cotswold Court (part of the student village complex)
  • Mendip Court (part of the student village complex)
  • Quantock Court (part of the student village complex)
  • Carroll Court (located on Frenchay Campus)
  • Glenside (located on Glenside campus)
  • St Matthias (located on St Matthias campus and consisting of two blocks Elsa Nunn and Bishop Monk)
  • The Hollies (located opposite Glenside Campus)
  • Marketgate (located in City Centre - Owned by Unite Group)
  • Waverley House (located in City Centre- Owned by Unite Group)
  • Favell House (located in City Centre- Owned by Unite Group)


The student village, St Matthias and Marketgate are all en suite, however Marketgate has 12 studio flats that allow for single occupancy by a student. All other accommodation is shared bathrooms and shared kitchen facilities. All accommodation at UWE is self catering














List of Departments


The University is divided into four faculties which are then subdivided into departments:

    • Arts, Creative Industries and Education
    • Art and Design
    • Education
    • English, Writing and Drama
    • History, Politics and Philosophy
    • Scre, Media and Journalism
    • Bristol School of Animation (Affiliated School)
    • Bristol Old Vic Theatre School (Associate School)
    • Faculty of Business and Law
    • Bristol Business School
    • Bristol Law School
    • Faculty of Environment and Technology (incorporating Bristol Institute of Technology)
    • Computer Science and Creative Technology
    • Construction and Property
    • Engineering Design and Mathematics
    • Geography and Environmental Management
    • Planning and Architecture
    • Faculty of Health and Life Sciences
    • Allied Health Professions
    • Applied Science
    • Health and Applied Social Sciences
    • Nursing and Midwifery
    • Psychology
    • Hartpury College (Associate Faculty)
      • Academy of Sport
      • Equine Centre












      Courses Offered UG / PG Course
      1 UG Accounting and Finance - BA(Hons)
      2 UG Adult Nursing - BSc(Hons)/BSc
      3 UG Adult Nursing (Conversion) - BSc(Hons)
      4 FOUNDATION Aerospace Computer Systems - FdSc
      5 UG Aerospace Engineering - MEng
      6 UG Aerospace Engineering - BEng(Hons)
      7 FOUNDATION Aerospace Engineering Manufacturing - FdSc
      8 FOUNDATION Agricultural Business Management - FdA
      9 FOUNDATION Animal Behaviour and Welfare - FdSc
      10 UG Animal Behaviour and Welfare - BSc(Hons)
      11 FOUNDATION Animal Management - FdSc
      12 UG Animal Management - BSc(Hons)
      13 UG Animal Science - BSc(Hons)
      14 FOUNDATION Animal Science - FdSc
      15 UG Animation - BA(Hons)
      16 UG Architectural Technology and Design - BSc(Hons)
      17 UG Architecture - BArch/MA
      18 UG Architecture and Environmental Engineering - BEng(Hons)
      19 UG Architecture and Planning - BA(Hons)
      20 UG Audio and Music Technology - BSc(Hons)
      21 UG Banking and Finance - BA(Hons)
      22 UG Biological Sciences - BSc(Hons)
      23 UG Biomedical Science - BSc(Hons)
      24 UG Bioveterinary Science - BSc(Hons)
      25 UG Building Services Engineering - BSc(Hons)
      26 UG Building Services Engineering - BEng (Hons)
      27 UG Building Surveying - BSc(Hons)
      28 UG Built and Natural Environments - BSc(Hons)
      29 FOUNDATION Built and Natural Environments Foundation Year - Foundation year
      30 UG Business and Law - BA(Hons)
      31 FOUNDATION Business and Management - FdA
      32 UG Business Enterprise - BA(Hons)
      33 UG Business Management - BA(Hons)
      34 UG Business Management Practice - BA(Hons)
      35 UG Business Studies - BA(Hons)
      36 UG Business Studies with Accounting and Finance - BA(Hons)
      37 UG Business Studies with Economics - BA(Hons)
      38 UG Business Studies with Human Resource Management - BA(Hons)
      39 UG Business Studies with Marketing - BA(Hons)
      40 UG Business Studies with Tourism - BA(Hons)
      41 FOUNDATION Business with Management - Foundation degree
      42 UG Child Health - BSc(Hons)
      43 UG Children's Nursing - BSc(Hons)
      44 UG Children's Nursing (18 Month Conversion) - BSc(Hons)/BSc
      45 UG Children's Nursing (One Year Conversion) - Graduate Diploma/BSc(Hons)
      46 UG Civil and Environmental Engineering - BEng(Hons)
      47 FOUNDATION Civil Engineering - FdSc
      48 UG Civil Engineering - BSc(Hons)
      49 UG Climate Change and Energy Management - BSc(Hons)
      50 UG Commercial Law - LLB(Hons)
      51 UG Computer Science - BSc(Hons)
      52 UG Computer Security - BSc(Hons)
      53 UG Computer Systems Integration - BSc(Hons)
      54 UG Computing - BSc(Hons)
      55 FOUNDATION Computing Foundation Programme - Foundation year
      56 FOUNDATION Conservation and Countryside Management - FdSc
      57 UG Conservation Biology - BSc(Hons)
      58 UG Construction Management - BSc(Hons)
      59 UG Construction Management (Commercial Management) - BSc(Hons)
      60 UG Construction Management (HND top-up) - BSc(Hons)
      61 UG Construction Management (Property Management) - BSc(Hons)
      62 UG Creative Music Technology - BSc(Hons)
      63 FOUNDATION Creative Practices - FdA
      64 UG Creative Practices - BA(Hons)
      65 UG Creative Product Design - BSc(Hons)
      66 UG Criminology - BA(Hons)
      67 FOUNDATION Criminology and Criminal Justice - FdA
      68 UG Criminology and Law - BA(Hons)
      69 UG Criminology and Sociology - BA(Hons)
      70 UG Criminology with Psychology - BSc(Hons)
      71 UG Design for Smart Products - BSc(Hons)
      72 UG Diagnostic Imaging - BSc(Hons)
      73 UG Digital Media - BSc(Hons)
      74 UG Drama - BA(Hons)
      75 UG Drama and English - BA(Hons)
      76 UG Drama with Creative Writing - BA(Hons)
      77 UG Drawing and Applied Arts - BA(Hons)
      78 UG Early Childhood Studies - BA(Hons)
      79 FOUNDATION Early Years - FdA
      80 UG Economics - BA(Hons)
      81 UG Education and Early Childhood Studies - BA(Hons)
      82 UG Education in Professional Practice - BA(Hons)
      83 UG Education Studies - BA(Hons)
      84 UG Education Studies + PGCE (3+1) - BA(Hons)
      85 FOUNDATION Educational Support - FdA
      86 UG Electrical and Electronic Engineering - MEng
      87 UG Electrical and Electronic Engineering - BEng(Hons)
      88 UG Electronics and Communications - BEng(Hons)
      89 UG Emergency Care - BSc(Hons)
      90 UG Engineering - BSc(Hons)
      91 FOUNDATION Engineering Foundation Programme - Foundation year
      92 UG English - BA(Hons)
      93 UG English and English Language - BA(Hons)
      94 UG English and History - BA(Hons)
      95 UG English and Journalism - BA(Hons)
      96 UG English and Philosophy - BA(Hons)
      97 UG English Language and Linguistics - BA(Hons)
      98 UG Enterprise Computing (Hewlett-Packard) - BSc(Hons)
      99 FOUNDATION Environmental Health - FdSc
      100 UG Environmental Management with Tourism - BA(Hons)
      101 UG Environmental Science - BSc(Hons)
      102 UG Equestrian Sports Science - BSc(Hons)
      103 UG Equine Business Management - BA(Hons)
      104 FOUNDATION Equine Business Management - FdA
      105 FOUNDATION Equine Management - FdSc
      106 UG Equine Management - BSc(Hons)
      107 FOUNDATION Equine Performance - FdSc
      108 UG Equine Science - BSc(Hons)
      109 FOUNDATION Equine Science and Management - FdSc
      110 FOUNDATION Equine Veterinary Nursing Science - FdSc
      111 UG European and International Law - LLB(Hons)
      112 UG Fashion - BA(Hons)
      113 UG Fashion/Textile Design - BA(Hons)
      114 UG Film Studies - BA(Hons)
      115 UG Film Studies and English - BA(Hons)
      116 UG Film Studies and Media and Cultural Studies - BA(Hons)
      117 UG Film with Screenwriting * - BA(Hons)
      118 UG Filmmaking and Creative Media - BA(Hons)
      119 UG Fine Arts - BA(Hons)
      120 UG Forensic Biology - BSc(Hons)
      121 UG Forensic Chemistry - BSc(Hons)
      122 UG Forensic Computing - BSc(Hons)
      123 UG Forensic Science - BSc(Hons)
      124 FOUNDATION Forensic Science - FdSc
      125 UG Games Technology - BSc(Hons)
      126 FOUNDATION Garden History and Heritage Horticulture - FdA
      127 UG Geography - BA(Hons)
      128 UG Geography and Environmental Management - BSc(Hons)
      129 UG Geography and Planning - BA(Hons)
      130 UG Geography with Tourism - BA(Hons)
      131 UG Graphic Design - BA(Hons)
      132 FOUNDATION Health and Social Care Practice - FdSc
      133 FOUNDATION Health Care Practice - FdSc
      134 FOUNDATION Health Professions - Foundation year
      135 UG Healthcare Science (Life Science) - BSc(Hons)
      136 UG Healthcare Science (Physiological Sciences) * - BSc(Hons)
      137 UG History - BA(Hons)
      138 UG History and Politics - BA(Hons)
      139 FOUNDATION Housing - FdA
      140 UG Housing Development and Management - BA(Hons)
      141 UG Human Biology - BSc(Hons)
      142 UG Illustration - BA(Hons)
      143 FOUNDATION Inclusive Practice - FdA
      144 UG Information Technology - BSc(Hons)
      145 UG Information Technology Management for Business - BSc(Hons)
      146 FOUNDATION Integrated Wildlife Conservation - FdSc
      147 UG International Business - BA(Hons)
      148 UG International Relations - BA(Hons)
      149 UG International Relations and Journalism - BA(Hons)
      150 UG International Relations and Politics - BA(Hons)
      151 UG Journalism - BA(Hons)
      152 UG Journalism and Media and Cultural Studies - BA(Hons)
      153 UG Journalism and Public Relations - BA(Hons)
      154 UG Law - LLB(Hons)
      155 UG Law with Psychology * - LLB(Hons)
      156 UG Learning Disabilities Nursing - BSc(Hons)/BSc
      157 UG Learning Disabilities Nursing (Conversion) - BSc(Hons)
      158 UG Manufacturing Process Improvement - Certificate
      159 UG Marketing - BA(Hons)
      160 UG Marketing Communications - BA(Hons)
      161 UG Mathematics - BSc(Hons)
      162 FOUNDATION Mathematics Foundation Programme - Foundation year
      163 UG Mechanical Engineering - BEng(Hons)
      164 UG Mechanical Engineering - MEng
      165 UG Media and Cultural Studies and English - BA(Hons)
      166 UG Media and Journalism - BA(Hons)
      167 UG Media Culture and Practice - BA(Hons)
      168 UG Mental Health - BSc(Hons)
      169 UG Mental Health (Psychosocial Interventions) - BSc(Hons)
      170 UG Mental Health Nursing - BSc(Hons)/BSc
      171 UG Midwifery - BSc(Hons)
      172 UG Midwifery (Conversion) - BSc(Hons)
      173 UG Motorsport Engineering - BEng(Hons)
      174 UG Occupational Therapy - BSc(Hons)
      175 FOUNDATION Outdoor Adventure Management - FdA
      176 FOUNDATION Paramedic Science - FdSc
      177 UG Philosophy - BA(Hons)
      178 UG Photography - BA(Hons)
      179 UG Physiotherapy - BSc(Hons)
      180 UG Politics - BA(Hons)
      181 UG Primary Early Years Education (Initial Teacher Education) - BA(Hons)
      182 UG Primary Education (Initial Teacher Education) - BA(Hons)
      183 UG Product Design Technology - BSc(Hons)
      184 UG Professional Accounting - BSc(Hons)/HEDip/Cert HE
      185 UG Professional Studies - BSc(Hons)
      186 UG Property Development and Planning - BA(Hons)/MPlan
      187 UG Property Investment and Management - BSc(Hons)
      188 UG Psychology - BSc(Hons)
      189 UG Psychology with Criminology - BSc(Hons)
      190 UG Psychology with Law - BSc(Hons)
      191 UG Psychology with Sociology - BSc(Hons)
      192 FOUNDATION Public and Environmental Health - FdSc
      193 UG Public and Environmental Health - BSc
      194 UG Public Health (Specialist Community Public Health) - BSc(Hons)
      195 UG Quantity Surveying and Commercial Management - BSc(Hons)
      196 UG Radiotherapy and Oncology - BSc(Hons)
      197 UG Real Estate - BSc(Hons)
      198 FOUNDATION River and Coastal Engineering - FdSc
      199 UG River and Coastal Engineering - BSc(Hons)
      200 UG Robotics - B.Eng.(Hons)
      201 FOUNDATION Science - Foundation year
      202 UG Social Work - BSc(Hons)
      203 UG Social Work Studies (Specialist Social Work with Adults) - BA(Hons)
      204 UG Sociology - BA(Hons)
      205 UG Sociology with Psychology - BSc(Hons)
      206 UG Specialist Practice - BSc(Hons)
      207 UG Sport and Exercise Management - BA(Hons)
      208 FOUNDATION Sport Performance - FdSc
      209 FOUNDATION Sports Business Management - FdA
      210 UG Sports Business Management - BA(Hons)
      211 FOUNDATION Sports Coaching - FdSc
      212 UG Sports Coaching - BSc(Hons)
      213 UG Sports Science - BSc(Hons)
      214 UG Sports Studies - BSc(Hons)
      215 UG Sports Therapy and Rehabilitation - BSc(Hons)
      216 UG Statistics - BSc(Hons)
      217 FOUNDATION Supporting Learning - FdA
      218 UG Tourism Management - BA(Hons)
      219 UG Town and Country Planning - BA(Hons)/MPlan
      220 CERTIFICATE Town Planning - Certificate in Professional Development
      221 CERTIFICATE Traffic Engineering - Certificate
      222 UG Undergraduate Integrated Professional Development - BA(Hons)/BSc(Hons)/FdA/FdSc/GradDip/Dip/CertHE/GradCert/Cert
      223 FOUNDATION Uniformed Services - FdA
      224 UG Veterinary Nursing Science - BSc(Hons)
      225 FOUNDATION Veterinary Nursing Science - FdSc
      226 UG Web Design - BSc(Hons)
      227 FOUNDATION Working with Children, Young People and their Families - FdA
      228 PG Accounting and Financial Management (Fast Track route for qualified professionals) - MSc
      229 PG Accounting and Financial Management (full-time) - MSc
      230 PG Advanced Engineering Robotics - MSc
      231 PG Advanced Forensic Analysis * - MSc/Postgraduate Diploma/PG Certificate
      232 PG Advanced Legal Practice - LLM
      233 PG Advanced Practice - MSc/Postgraduate Diploma/Postgraduate Certificate
      234 PG Advanced Technologies in Electronics - MSc
      235 PG Aerospace - MSc/Postgraduate Diploma/Postgraduate Certificate
      236 PG Aerospace - Postgraduate Certificate
      237 PG Air Quality and Carbon Management - MSc/Postgraduate Diploma/Postgraduate Certificate
      238 PG Animation - MA/Postgraduate Diploma/Postgraduate Certificate
      239 PG Applied Economics - MSc/Postgraduate Diploma/Postgraduate Certificate
      240 PG Applied Geographical Information Systems - MSc/PGDip/PGCert
      241 PG Applied Social Research (Built Environment) - MA/Postgraduate Diploma/Postgraduate Certificate
      242 PG Applied Social Research (Business and Management) - MA/Postgraduate Diploma/Postgraduate Certificate
      243 PG Applied Social Research (Education) - MA/Postgraduate Diploma/Postgraduate Certificate
      244 PG Architecture * - MArch
      245 PG Art, Media and Design by Project - MA/Postgraduate Diploma
      246 PG Bar Professional Training Course (full time) - Postgraduate Diploma
      247 PG Bar Professional Training Course (Open Learning) - Postgraduate Diploma
      248 DOCTORATE Biomedical Science - Professional Doctorate
      249 PG Biomedical Science - MSc/Postgraduate Diploma
      250 MRES Bio-Sensing Technology - MSc by Research
      251 PG Building Surveying - MSc/Graduate Diploma
      252 PG Business Management - MSc/Postgraduate Diploma/Postgraduate Certificate
      253 PG Careers Education - Postgraduate Certifcate
      254 PG Cellular Pathology - MSc/Postgraduate Diploma
      255 PG Child and Adolescent Mental Health - Postgraduate Certificate
      256 PG Clinical Chemistry - MSc/Postgraduate Diploma
      257 PG Clinical Research - MSc/Postgraduate Diploma/Postgraduate Certificate
      258 PG Coaching and Mentoring - MSc/Postgraduate Diploma/Postgraduate Certificate
      259 PG Coaching and Mentoring - Postgraduate Certificate
      260 PG Coaching Science - PG Cert
      261 PG Coaching Science - PG Dip
      262 PG Coaching Science - MSc
      263 PG Commercial Law - LLM/Postgraduate Diploma/Postgraduate Certificate
      264 PG Community Practice - MSc/Postgraduate Certificate/Postgraduate Diploma
      265 PG Conserving the Historic Environment - MA
      266 PG Construction Law - MSc
      267 PG Construction Project Management - MSc
      268 DOCTORATE Counselling Psychology - Professional Doctorate
      269 PG Criminology - MSc/Postgraduate Diploma/Postgraduate Certificate
      270 MRES Culture - MA by Research
      271 PG Design - MA/Postgraduate Diploma/Postgraduate Certificate
      272 DOCTORATE Education - Professional Doctorate
      273 PG Education - Postgraduate Diploma/Postgraduate Certificate
      274 PG Education - MA
      275 PG Education in Virtual Worlds - MA
      276 PG Engineering Management - MSc/Postgraduate Diploma/Postgraduate Certificate
      277 PG Environmental Consultancy - MSc/Postgraduate Diploma
      278 PG Environmental Health - MSc/Postgraduate Diploma
      279 PG Environmental Law and Sustainable Development - LLM/Postgraduate Diploma/Postgraduate Certificate
      280 PG Equine Business Management - Postgraduate Certificate
      281 PG Equine Business Management - MA
      282 PG Equine Business Management - Postgraduate Diploma
      283 PG Equine Science - Postgraduate Diploma
      284 PG Equine Science - MSc
      285 PG Equine Science - Postgraduate Certificate
      286 PG European Philosophy - MA
      287 PG Events Management - MSc
      288 PG Family Business Advising - Postgraduate Certificate
      289 PG Finance - MSc
      290 PG Fine Art - MA/Postgraduate Diploma/Postgraduate Certificate
      291 PG Graphic Arts - MA/Postgraduate Diploma/Postgraduate Certificate
      292 PG Guidance (Vocational/Educational) - MA
      293 PG Haematology - MSc/Postgraduate Diploma
      294 DOCTORATE Health and Social Care - Professional Doctorate
      295 DOCTORATE Health Psychology - Professional Doctorate
      296 PG Health Psychology - MSc
      297 PG History - MA
      298 PG Human Resources Management - MA/Postgraduate Diploma
      299 PG Human Rights - MA
      300 PG Immunology - MSc/Postgraduate Diploma
      301 PG Information and Library Management - MSc/Postgraduate Diploma/Postgraduate Certificate
      302 PG Information Technology - MSc/Postgraduate Diploma/Postgraduate Certificate
      303 PG Integrated Leadership and Management in Playwork - Graduate Certificate
      304 PG Integrated Professional Development (Environmental Health) - MSc/Postgraduate Diploma
      305 PG Intercultural Communication - MA
      306 PG International Banking and Finance Law - LLM/Postgraduate Diploma/Postgraduate Certificate
      307 PG International Human Resource Management - MA
      308 PG International Law - LLM/Postgraduate Diploma/Postgraduate Certificate
      309 PG International Management - MSc
      310 PG International Tourism Management - MSc
      311 PG International Trade Law - LLM/Postgraduate Diploma/Postgraduate Certificate
      312 PG Journalism - MA/Postgraduate Diploma/Postgraduate Certificate
      313 PG Law (full-time) - Graduate Diploma
      314 PG Law (open learning) - Graduate Diploma
      315 PG Leadership and Management (Coaching and Mentoring) - MSc/Postgraduate Diploma/Postgraduate Certificate
      316 PG Leadership and Management (Health and Social Care) - MSc/Postgraduate Diploma/Postgraduate Certificate
      317 PG Learning and Skills - Postgraduate Certificate
      318 PG Legal Practice Course (full-time) - Postgraduate Diploma
      319 PG Legal Practice Course (Part Time) - Postgraduate Diploma
      320 PG Lifelong Learning - MA
      321 PG Lower Primary - Early Years (3-7) - Postgraduate Certificate in Education
      322 PG Machine Vision, Automation and Management * - MSc
      323 PG Management (International Human Resource Management) - MSc
      324 PG Marketing - MSc
      325 PG Marketing Communications - MSc
      326 PG Master of Business Administration - MBA
      327 PG Mechanical Engineering - MSc/Postgraduate Diploma/Postgraduate Certificate
      328 PG Media: Practice and Culture - MA/Postgraduate Diploma
      329 PG Medical Microbiology - MSc/Postgraduate Diploma
      330 PG Medical Ultrasound - MSc/Postgraduate Diploma/Postgraduate Certificate
      331 PG Molecular Biotechnology - MSc
      332 PG Motorsport Engineering - MEng(Hons)
      333 PG Multi-Disciplinary Printmaking - MA/Postgraduate Diploma/Postgraduate Certificate
      334 PG Music Therapy - MA
      335 PG National Award for Special Educational Needs Co-ordinator - Postgraduate Certificate
      336 PG Network Systems* - MSc
      337 PG Nuclear Medicine - MSc/Postgraduate Diploma/Postgraduate Certificate
      338 PG Peace and Conflict Studies - MA/Postgraduate Diploma/Postgraduate Certificate
      339 PG Post-Compulsory Education and Training (PCET) - Postgraduate Certificate in Education
      340 PG Postgraduate Integrated Professional Development - MA/MSc/PGDip/PGCert
      341 PG Practical Science Communication - Postgraduate Certificate
      342 PG Professional Practice and Management in Architecture - Postgraduate Certificate
      343 PG Professional Skills Course - PSC
      344 PG Psychological Therapy (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy) - Postgraduate Diploma
      345 PG Psychological Therapy (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy) - MSc
      346 PG Psychological Therapy (Relational Psychotherapy)* - MSc
      347 PG Psychology and Health - MSc
      348 PG Psycho-Social Studies - MSc/Postgraduate Diploma/Postgraduate Certificate
      349 PG Public Health - MSc/Postgraduate Diploma/Postgraduate Certificate
      350 PG Public Health (Specialist Community Public Health) - Postgraduate Diploma
      351 PG Quantity Surveying - Graduate Diploma/MSc
      352 PG Radiotherapy and Oncology - MSc
      353 PG Real Estate (Distance Learning) - MSc
      354 PG Real Estate Management - MSc
      355 PG River and Coastal Engineering - Graduate Diploma
      356 PG Robotics - MSc by Research
      357 PG Science Communication - MSc/Postgraduate Diploma
      358 PG Secondary Art and Design - Postgraduate Certificate in Education
      359 PG Secondary Business Education - Postgraduate Certificate in Education
      360 PG Secondary Design and Technology - Postgraduate Certificate in Education
      361 PG Secondary English - Postgraduate Certificate in Education
      362 PG Secondary Geography - Postgraduate Certificate in Education
      363 PG Secondary History - Postgraduate Certificate in Education
      364 PG Secondary Mathematics - Postgraduate Certificate in Education
      365 PG Secondary Mathematics with Business Education - Postgraduate Certificate in Education
      366 PG Secondary Modern Languages - Postgraduate Certificate in Education
      367 PG Secondary Physics with Mathematics - Postgraduate Certificate in Education
      368 PG Secondary Science with Biology - Postgraduate Certificate in Education
      369 PG Secondary Science with Chemistry - Postgraduate Certificate in Education
      370 PG Secondary Science with Physics - Postgraduate Certificate in Education
      371 PG Social Marketing * - Postgraduate Certificate
      372 PG Social Work Studies (Specialist Social Work with Adults) - GradDip
      373 PG Social Work Studies (Specialist Social Work with Adults) - Postgraduate Certificate
      374 PG Social Work with Adults (Advanced) - MSc
      375 PG Social Work with Adults (Higher Specialist) - Postgraduate Diploma
      376 PG Software Engineering - MSc/Postgraduate Diploma/Postgraduate Certificate
      377 PG Spatial Planning - MA/Postgraduate Diploma/Postgraduate Certificate
      378 PG Specialist Practice - MSc/Postgraduate Diploma/Postgraduate Certificate
      379 PG Sport and Exercise Psychology - MSc
      380 PG Sports Management - Postgraduate Certificate
      381 PG Sports Management - Postgraduate Diploma
      382 PG Statistics and Management Science - MSc
      383 PG Sustainable Development in Practice - MSc/Postgraduate Diploma/Postgraduate Certificate
      384 PG Teaching and Learning - MA/Postgraduate Diploma
      385 PG Town and Country Planning - MA/Postgraduate Diploma
      386 PG Town and Country Planning (distance learning) - MA
      387 PG Transport Planning - MSc/Postgraduate Diploma/Postgraduate Certificate
      388 PG Upper Primary (7 - 11) - Postgraduate Certificate in Education
      389 PG Urban Design - MA
      390 PG Veterinary Physiotherapy - MSc
      391 PG Wildlife Filmmaking * - MA

















      The University of the West of England, Bristol offers more than £100,000 worth of scholarships for international students each year.

      Academic merit scholarships UWE offers scholarships of up to £1,500 to overseas students who have demonstrated academic merit. To be eligible, students must have already submitted an application and received an unconditional offer from UWE.


      Alumni scholarship: This is a tuition fee discount available for all international students who have previously graduated from a UWE degree programme.


      Chancellors sholarship
      wo full tuition fee scholarships will be awarded to two outstanding students to study a one year postgraduate programme at UWE. Recipients will be required to undertake ambassadorial duties for the university throughout the duration of the course. Applicants will be invited to apply via a task in their welcome website.

      To be eligible for this scholarship you must have achieved the equivalent of a British 1st in your undergraduate degree and have an unconditional offer of a place to study at UWE by 31 May.

      The deadline for submitting your application is 31 May and you will be informed of our decision by 30 June via your welcome website.



      Excellence in sport scholarships
      One full fee scholarship (including the cost of accommodation up to £3000) will be awarded to a student who is ranked in the World Top 10 or equivalent in a sport recognised by the International Olympic Committee which is also available within the British University and Colleges sporting framework (BUCS). Applicants will be invited to apply.


      Golbal student scholarships 
      One full-fee scholarship will be awarded for a one year Masters programme and will be awarded based on academic merit. Recipients will be required to undertake ambassadorial duties for the university throughout the duration of the course. Applicants will be invited to apply via a task in their welcome website.

      To be eligible for this scholarship you must have achieved the equivalent of a British 1st in your undergraduate degree and have an unconditional offer of a place to study at UWE by 31 May.

      The deadline for submitting your application is 31 May and you will be informed of our decision by 30 June via your welcome website.


      Lord templeman scholarships
      This scholarship offers remission of fees for up to two years to international students studying an undergraduate law programme. This scholarship is awarded based on academic merit. Applicants will be invited to apply via a task in their welcome website.

      The deadline for submitting your application is 31 May and you will be informed of our decision by end June via your welcome website.


      MBA scholarship

      Millenium development scholarships
      One full-fee scholarship will be awarded for a one year Masters programme. Applicants will need to submit an application detailing how the scholarship will help them to attain the Millennium Development goals within their country. Recipients will be required to undertake ambassadorial duties for the university throughout the duration of the course. Applicants will be invited to apply via a task in their welcome website.

      To be eligible for this scholarship you must have achieved the equivalent of a British 1st in your undergraduate degree and have an unconditional offer of a place to study at UWE by 31 May.

      The deadline for submitting your application is 31 May and you will be informed of our decision by 30 June via your welcome website.

      Full payment discount
      If you are a new full-time or sandwich student and you or your sponsor is liable for the full international tuition fee for your programme of study, you will be eligible for a full payment discount of £500 provided that:


      • you have paid your fees for the academic year in full before the date specified below*.
      • the tuition fee received by UWE after the full payment discount is awarded is at least £8,250.
      • you are paying a higher fee than 'home' students on the same award.
      • this scholarship is awarded as a fee reduction so students should pay, in total, the full amount due minus the £500.
      • this scholarship can be awarded in addition to our other scholarships where students are eligible as per our terms and conditions.

      Awards excluded from this scholarship are the MBA, Legal Practice Course, Graduate Diploma in Law, the Bar Vocational Course and PHDs.

      Introduce a frd;
      U+WE introduce a friend scheme

      When you join UWE, you are automatically eligible to participate in the "Introduce a Friend" scheme. For every friend, colleague or family member you introduce who goes on to study at UWE you will receive an introduction fee of £500. Every student you introduce will also receive a £500 tuition fee reduction for their first year of study. Conditions apply












      General Intake

      September, January












      Download Application Form

      Click here to Download Application form















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