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University of Leicester Campus

University of Leicester


The Times Higher Education applauded Leicester’s very different approach, describing us as “elite without being elitist.”


The University of Leicester was the THE University of the Year 2008-9. In awarding the title the judges cited Leicester’s ability to “evidence commitment to high quality, a belief in the synergy of teaching and research and a conviction that higher education is a power for good”. Leicester was, said the judges, "elite without being elitist".


We’re highly ranked, consistently in the top 20 of major national tables including:

  • 12th in the Guardian
  • 14th in the Times Higher Table of Tables
  • 15th and top in the region in The Times
  • Leicester is ranked in the top 2% of universities in the world by the QS World University Rankings 2010.


Founded in 1921 we received our Royal Charter in 1957. Leicester is a member of the 1994 Group of internationally renowned universities engaged in leading-edge research and high quality teaching.


Leicester’s Quality Related research funding (QR) is the 19th highest of Britain’s 120 universities. A University of 23,000 students, our turnover is in excess £230m per annum. Our students’ spending contributes a further £140m directly and indirectly into the economy. In total the University contributes well over £700m of activity annually to the economy.


The University directly employs over 3,500 people and indirectly supports the employment of just under 3,000 others.







Location & Facilities

Leicester is situated in central England, in the region known as the East Midlands,  and is conveniently accessible from most of the country. The city is well served by public transport links.


  • Graduate Office: support for international students
  • University Library: information for international students
  • English Language Teaching Unit
  • Chaplaincy
  • Students' Union: clubs and societies
  • There is a range of resources and information within the Student Development Zone dedicated to the needs of international students.
  • Support and resources are available relating to the followings areas:
  • Working in the UK during and after your studies
  • Government schemes for international students, such as International Graduate Scheme (IGS)
  • Working outside the UK after your studies
  • Postgraduate study and funding
  • Vacancies, careers workshops and events relevant to international students
  • The city itself is well provided with sports facilities. There are many swimming pools around town, some in close proximity to student residencies.















































List of Departments / Schools / Faculty / College

  • Archeology and Ancient History
  • Biochemistry
  • Business and Management
  • Cancer Studies
  • Cell Physiology and Pharmacology
  • Chemistry
  • Computer Science
  • Counseling
  • Criminology
  • Education
  • Engineering
  • English
  • Finance and Economics
  • Genetics
  • Geography
  • Health and Social Care
  • History
  • History of Art and Film
  • Humanities
  • Human Rights
  • Law
  • Mathematics
  • Media and Communication
  • Modern Languages
  • Museum Studies
  • Politics and International Relations
  • Psychology
  • Safety, Security and Risk Management
  • Sociology





































Courses Offered

Sr. no Level Name Of The Program
1 Bachelor/ Mba/ Masters Courses
2 Bachelors Ba Animation Design 
3 Bachelors Architecture
4 Bachelors Bsc Architectural Design Technology And Production 
5 Bachelors Barch Architecture
6 Bachelors Ba  Contour Fashion 
7 Bachelors Ba   Design Crafts 
8 Bachelors  Ba  Design For Performance 
9 Bachelors Ba  Drama Studies 
10 Bachelors Ba Fashion And Contour Design 
11 Bachelors Ba  Fashion Design 
12 Bachelors Bsc Fashion Technology 
13 Bachelors Ba Fashion Fabrics And Accessories 
14 Bachelors Ba  Fine Art 
15 Bachelors Ba  Footwear Design 
16 Bachelors Ba  Furniture Design 
17 Bachelors Ba  Game Art Design 
18 Bachelors Ba  Graphic Design 
19 Bachelors Ba  Graphic Design And Illustration 
20 Bachelors Ba Graphic Design And Photography
21 Bachelors Ba Graphic Design For Interactive Media
22 Bachelors Ba  Interior Design 
23 Bachelors Ba  Photography And Video 
24 Bachelors Ba  Product And Furniture Design 
25 Bachelors Ba / Bsc Product Design , 
26 Bachelors Ba/Bsc Retail Buying In Fashion / Textiles
27 Bachelors Ba/Bsc Textile Design (Pathways In Constructed, Mixed Media And Printed Textiles)
28 Bachelors Mdes Design Products 
29 Bachelors Ba Accounting 
30 Bachelors Ba Accounting And Finance
31 Bachelors Ba   Accounting And Marketing 
32 Bachelors Ba   Advertising  
33 Bachelors Acca  Association Of Chartered Certified Accountants 
34 Bachelors Ba Business 
35 Bachelors Ba  Business And Management 
36 Bachelors Ba  Business And Marketing 
37 Bachelors Llb Business Law 
38 Bachelors Ba  Business Management 
39 Bachelors Ba Business Management And Economics
40 Bachelors Ba  Business Management And Enterprise 
41 Bachelors Ba / Bsc Business Studies 
42 Bachelors Cima Chartered Institute Of Management Accountants 
43 Bachelors Ba Creative Leadership And Management 
44 Bachelors Ba  Creative Management And Marketing 
45 Bachelors Ba  E-Business Management 
46 Bachelors Ba   Digital And Integrated Marketing
47 Bachelors Ba Economics & Fianance
48 Bachelors Finance
49 Bachelors Ba   Economics And Government 
50 Bachelors Ba  Financial Management 
51 Bachelors Ba  Government 
52 Bachelors Ba Government And Politics 
53 Bachelors Ba  Human Resource Management 
54 Bachelors Ba  International Business And Globalisation 
55 Bachelors Ba   International Marketing And Business
56 Bachelors Llb Law 
57 Bachelors Ba Law 
58 Bachelors Llb Law And Criminal Justice  
59 Bachelors Gdl /Cpe Law Graduate Diploma  
60 Bachelors Llb Law, Human Rights And Social Justice 
61 Bachelors Marketing
62 Bachelors Ba  Public Policy 
63 Bachelors Ba  Public Policy, Government And Management 
64 Bachelors Ba  Retail Management 
65 Bachelors Bsc Artificial Intelligence With Robotics  
66 Bachelors Bsc Audio And Recording Technology 
67 Bachelors Bsc Business Information Systems 
68 Bachelors Bsc Computer Science 
69 Bachelors Bsc Computer Games Programming 
70 Bachelors Bsc Computer Science 
71 Bachelors Bsc Computer Security 
72 Bachelors Bsc / Ba  Computing 
73 Bachelors Bsc / Ba  Computing & Business
74 Bachelors Bsc / Ba  Computing & Accounting
75 Bachelors Bsc / Ba  Computing & Marketing
76 Bachelors Hnd Computing 
77 Bachelors Beng Electronic Engineering (Broadcast Systems) 
78 Bachelors Beng Electronic Engineering (Telecommunications) 
79 Bachelors Bsc Electronic Games Technology 
80 Bachelors Beng Engineering Design 
81 Bachelors Bsc Forensic Computing 
82 Bachelors Beng Mechanical Engineering 
83 Bachelors Bsc Information And Communications Technology 
84 Bachelors Beng Mechatronics 
85 Bachelors Bsc Media Production 
86 Bachelors Bsc Media Technology 
87 Bachelors Bsc Music Technology 
88 Bachelors Bsc Multimedia Computing 
89 Bachelors Bsc Radio Production 
90 Bachelors Bsc Software Engineering 
91 Bachelors Bsc Video And Animation Production 
92 Bachelors Ba Applied Criminology 
93 Bachelors Ba Applied Criminology And Forensic Science 
94 Bachelors Ba Applied Criminology And Psychology 
95 Bachelors  Bsc Audiology 
96 Bachelors Bsc Biomedical Science 
97 Bachelors Ba  Health Studies 
98 Bachelors Bsc Human Communication 
99 Bachelors Bsc Human Communication - Speech And Language Therapy 
100 Bachelors Bsc / Bmedsci Medical Science,, 
101 Bachelors Bsc Midwifery (Pre-Registration Midwifery) 
102 Bachelors Bsc Nursing With Registration 
103 Bachelors Bsc Pharmaceutical And Cosmetic Science 
104 Bachelors Ba /Bsc Psychology 
105 Bachelors Bsc Psychology And Forensic Science 
106 Bachelors Bsc Psychology And Health Studies 
107 Bachelors Bsc Psychology With Applied Criminology 
108 Bachelors Bsc Psychology With Health Studies 
109 Bachelors Ba Social Work
110 Bachelors Ba Youth And Community Development  
111 Bachelors Mpharm Pharmacy 
112 Bachelors Ba  Arts And Festivals Management 
113 Bachelors Ba Arts Management 
114 Bachelors Ba Arts Management And Drama 
115 Bachelors Ba Creative Writing 
116 Bachelors Ba  Dance 
117 Bachelors Ba Dance And Education Studies 
118 Bachelors Ba  Drama Studies 
119 Bachelors Ba   Education Studies
120 Bachelors Ba English 
121 Bachelors Ba  English And Film Studies 
122 Bachelors Ba  English Language 
123 Bachelors Ba  Film Studies 
124 Bachelors Ba Film Studies, And Photography And Video 
125 Bachelors Ba  History 
126 Bachelors Ba  Journalism 
127 Bachelors Ba  International Relations 
128 Bachelors Ba International Relations And Politics 
129 Bachelors Ba  Journalism And Politics 
130 Bachelors Ba Media And Communication (With Opportunities To Specialise In Digital Media, Journalism, Photography And Video, Public Relations, Tv And Radio), 
131 Bachelors Ba / Bsc Music, Technology And Innovation 
132 Bachelors Ba Media Studies 
133 Bachelors Ba Music, Technology And Moving Image
134 Bachelors Ba Music, Technology And Performance 
135 Bachelors Ba  Performing Arts 
136 Bachelors Ba  Politics 
137 Bachelors Ba  Politics & Government
138 Bachelors Ba American Studies
139 Bachelors Ba American Studies
140 Bachelors Ba English & American Studies 
141 Bachelors Ba English & American Studies 
142 Bachelors Ba History And American Studies 
143 Bachelors Ba History And American Studies 
144 Bachelors Ba Archaeology
145 Bachelors Ba Archaeology
146 Bachelors Ba Ancient History And Archaeology
147 Bachelors Ba Ancient History& Archaeology  
148 Bachelors Ba Ancient History And History
149 Bachelors Ba Ancient History And History
150 Bachelors Ba History And Archaeology
151 Bachelors Ba History And Archaeology
152 Bachelors Bsc Geography And Archaeology
153 Bachelors Ba In English
154 Bachelors Ba English And History
155 Bachelors Ba English And History
156 Bachelors Ba English And American Studies
157 Bachelors Ba English And American Studies
158 Bachelors Ba History Of Art
159 Bachelors Ba History Of Art And English 
160 Bachelors Ba Film Studies And Visual Arts
161 Bachelors Ba Film Studies And English
162 Bachelors Ba History
163 Bachelors Ba  Contemporary History 
164 Bachelors Ba History And Politics 
165 Bachelors Ba International Relations And History 
166 Llb Llb Law
167 Llb Llb European Union 
168 Llb Llb In Law With French Law And Language 
169 Llb Llb In English And French Law 
170 Bachelors Ba  Economics And Law  
171 Llb Llb (Senior Status)
172 Bachelors Bsc Biological Sciences
173 Bachelors Bsc Biological Sciences
174 Bachelors Mbiolsci Biological Sciences
175 Bachelors Mbiolsci Biological Sciences
176 Bachelors Bsc Biological Sciences(Physiology With Pharmacology
177 Bachelors Bsc Biological Sciences(Physiology With Pharmacology
178 Bachelors Bsc Biological Sciences (Zoology)
179 Bachelors Bsc Biological Sciences (Zoology)
180 Bachelors Bsc Biological Sciences (Genetics)
181 Bachelors Bsc Biological Sciences (Genetics)
182 Bachelors Bsc Biological Sciences (Microbiology)
183 Bachelors Bsc Biological Sciences (Microbiology)
184 Bachelors Bsc Biological Sciences (Biochemistry)
185 Bachelors Bsc Biological Sciences (Biochemistry)
186 Bachelors Bsc Psychology With Biology
187 Bachelors Bsc Psychology With Neuroscience
188 Bachelors Bsc Medical Biochemistry
189 Bachelors Bsc Medical Genetics
190 Bachelors Bsc Medical Microbiology
191 Bachelors Bsc Medical Physiology 
192 Bachelors Mbchb Medicine
193 Bachelors Mbchb Medicine
194 Bachelors Bsc Chemistry
195 Bachelors Mchem Chemistry
196 Bachelors Mchem Chemistry With A Year In Industry 
197 Bachelors Mchem Chemistry With A Year In Usa 
198 Bachelors Mchem Chemistry With A Year In Europe 
199 Bachelors Bsc Chemistry With Forensic Science
200 Bachelors Mchem  Chemistry With Forensic Science
201 Bachelors Bsc Pharmaceutical Chemistry
202 Bachelors Mchem Pharmaceutical Chemistry With An Optional Year In Industry 
203 Bachelors B Eng Aerospace Engineering
204 Bachelors M Eng Aerospace Engineering
205 Bachelors B Eng Communications And Electronics  Engineering
206 Bachelors M Eng Communications And Electronics  Engineering
207 Bachelors B Eng Embedded Systems  Engineering
208 Bachelors M Eng Embedded Systems  Engineering
209 Bachelors B Eng Electrical And Electronic  Engineering
210 Bachelors M Eng Electrical And Electronic  Engineering
211 Bachelors B Eng Mechanical Engineering
212 Bachelors M Eng Mechanical Engineering
213 Bachelors B Eng General Engineering 
214 Bachelors M Eng General Engineering 
215 Bachelors Bsc Communications, Media And Society
216 Bachelors Ba Sociology With Media Studies
217 Bachelors Ba Criminology
218 Bachelors Ba In Security And Risk Management 
219 Bachelors Ba In Economics
220 Bachelors Ba In Business Economics
221 Bachelors Ba In Financial  Economics
222 Bachelors Ba In Economics And Law
223 Bachelors Ba In Banking And Finance
224 Bachelors Bsc  In  Business Economics
225 Bachelors Bsc In Economics
226 Bachelors Bsc Banking And Finance
227 Bachelors Bsc  Financial Economics
228 Bachelors Bsc Financial Economics
229 Bachelors Bsc Economics And Mathematics
230 Bachelors Ba Management Studies With Economics 
231 Bachelors Ba Politics And Economics 
232 Bachelors Bsc Computer Science
233 Bachelors Bsc Computer Science(Europe)
234 Bachelors Bsc Computer Science(Industry)
235 Bachelors Bsc Computing
236 Bachelors Bsc Computing(Europe)
237 Bachelors Bsc Computing(Industry)
238 Bachelors Bsc Computing With Management 
239 Bachelors Bsc Computing With Management (Europe)
240 Bachelors Bsc Computing With Management (Industry)
241 Bachelors Mcomp Computer Science
242 Bachelors Bsc  Mathematics And Computer Science
243 Bachelors Ba Geography
244 Bachelors Bsc Geography
245 Bachelors Ba  Human Geography
246 Bachelors Bsc Physical Geography
247 Bachelors Bsc  Geography And Archaeology
248 Bachelors Bsc  Geography And Geology
249 Bachelors Ba  Management Studies
250 Bachelors Ba  Management Studies With Economics
251 Bachelors Ba  Management Studies With Politics 
252 Bachelors Marketing
253 Bachelors Management
254 Bachelors Accounting And Finance
255 Bachelors Msc Management , Finance And Accounting 
256 Bachelors Finance
257 Bachelors Bsc Mathematics
258 Bachelors Bsc Mathematics(Europe)
259 Bachelors Mmath  Mathematics
260 Bachelors Bsc Mathematics(Usa)
261 Bachelors Mmath  Mathematics(Usa)
262 Bachelors Ba Mathematics
263 Bachelors Bsc Computational  Mathematics
264 Bachelors Mmath Computational  Mathematics
265 Bachelors Bsc Mathematics And Computer Science
266 Bachelors Bsc Mathematics And Computer Science(Europe)
267 Bachelors Bsc Mathematics With Astronomy
268 Bachelors Bsc Mathematics With Astronomy(Europe)
269 Bachelors Mmath Mathematics With Astronomy
270 Bachelors Bsc Mathematics With Management 
271 Bachelors Bsc Financial Mathematics
272 Bachelors Bsc  Economics With Mathematics
273 Bachelors Ba Politics 
274 Bachelors Ba International Relations 
275 Bachelors Ba Politics And Economics 
276 Bachelors Ba Management Studies With Politics
277 Bachelors Ba Politics And Sociology 
278 Bachelors Msc Political Research
279 Bachelors Ma International Relations And World Order
280 Bachelors Bsc Psychology
281 Bachelors Bsc Psychology With Sociology
282 Bachelors Bsc Psychology With Neuroscience
283 Bachelors Bsc Psychology With Biology 
284 Bachelors Ba Sociology



Bachelor/ Mba/ Masters

Sr. no Level Name Of The Program
1 Masters Ma Architectural Design 
2 Masters Ma / Msc   Creative Technologies 
3 Masters Ma Design Entrepreneurship
4 Masters Ma / Msc Design Innovation
5 Masters Fashion Studies
6 Masters Ma / Msc Independent Study In Art And Design  
7 Masters Ma Journalism 
8 Masters Ma Photography
9 Masters Accounting And Finance 
10 Mba Mba
11 Mba Mba
12 Masters Msc International Business And Hrm
13 Masters International Business
14 Masters Msc  International Business And Corporate Social Responsibility (Csr) 
15 Masters Msc International Business And Entrepreneurship 
16 Masters Msc International Business And Finance
17 Masters Human Resource Management
18 Llm Llm Law/ Business Law
19 Masters Msc Project Management 
20 Masters Msc, Strategic Marketing 
21 Masters  Msc Advertising And Public Relations Management , 
22 Masters Msc, Strategic Public Management
23 Masters Msc Climate Change And Sustainable Development
24 Masters Msc Communications Engineering 
25 Masters Msc Computer Security  
26 Masters Computing 
27 Masters Electrical And Electronic Engg.
28 Masters Msc Energy And Sustainable Building Design
29 Masters Msc Forensic Computing 
30 Masters Msc Information Systems Management 
31 Masters Msc Information Technology  
32 Masters Msc Intelligent Systems And Robotics (Isr) Intelligent Systems (Is)  
33 Masters Msc Mechatronics 
34 Masters Software Engineering 
35 Masters Msc Media Production
36 Masters Msc Micro Electronics And Nano Technologies 
37 Masters Msc Rapid Product Development 
38 Masters Msc Pharmaceutical Biotechnology 
39 Masters Ma Applied Health Studies (Research/Management) 
40 Masters Ma Applied Health Studies 
41 Masters Ma Adaptations, 
42 Masters Ma Dance And Professional Practice 
43 Masters Ma Cultural Events Management
44 Masters Ma English Language Teaching 
45 Masters Ma Independent Study 
46 Masters Ma Management, Law And Humanities Of Sport 
47 Masters Ma Public Relations
48 Masters Ma Music, Technology And Innovation
49 Masters Ma Humanities 
50 Masters Ma Archaeology And Landscape History 
51 Masters Ma Historical Archaeology
52 Masters Ma Rome And Its Neighbours 
53 Masters Ma Classical Mediterranean 
54 Masters Ma In Modern Literature
55 Masters Ma In Victorian Studies
56 Masters Ma In English Studies
57 Masters Ma In English And Humanities 
58 Masters Ma In The Country House Art, History And Literature
59 Masters Ma In History Of Art And Humanities
60 Masters Ma History
61 Masters Ma In English Local History 
62 Masters Ma In Urban History 
63 Masters Ma In European Urbanisation 
64 Llm Llm (General)
65 Llm Llm In European Law And Integration 
66 Llm Llm In Human Rights
67 Llm Llm In International Commercial Law 
68 Llm Llm In Public International Law
69 Llm Llm In Legal Research
70 Masters Msc Bioinformatics
71 Masters Msc Cancer Cell And Microbiology
72 Masters Msc Molecular Pathology
73 Masters Msc Molecular Toxicology
74 Masters Msc Molecular Pathology
75 Masters Msc Cancer Chemistry
76 Masters Msc Biological Chemistry
77 Masters Msc Green  Chemistry
78 Masters Msc Green  Chemistry With Industry 
79 Masters Msc Molecular Genetics
80 Masters Msc Advanced Control And Dynamics
81 Masters Msc Advanced Electrical And Electronic Engineering 
82 Masters Msc Advanced Engineering
83 Masters Msc Advanced Mechanical Engineering 
84 Masters Msc Control And Signal Processing 
85 Masters Msc Embedded Systems And Control
86 Masters Msc Information And Communication Engineering 
87 Masters Msc Criminology
88 Masters Msc Criminology(Applied)
89 Masters Msc Criminology(Clinical)
90 Masters Banking And Finance
91 Masters Msc Business Analysis And Finance
92 Masters Economics
93 Masters Msc Financial Economics
94 Masters Msc Money And Banking 
95 Masters Msc Public Sector Economies
96 Masters Msc Advanced Computational Methods
97 Masters Msc Advanced Computer Science
98 Masters Msc Advanced Distributed Systems
99 Masters Msc Advanced Software Engineering Techniques
100 Masters Msc Agile Software Engineering Techniques
101 Masters Msc Software Engineering For Financial Services 
102 Masters Msc Web Applications And Services 
103 Masters Msc Environmental Informatics(Geographical Information Systems With Sustainable Management Of Natural Resources)
104 Masters Msc Geographical Information Systems
105 Masters Msc Geographical Information Systems And Human Geography
106 Masters Msc Global Environmental Change 
107 Masters Msc Human Geography By Individually Supervised Study
108 Masters Msc Physical Geography By Individually  Supervised Study 
109 Masters Msc Sustainable Management Of Natural Resources 
110 Mba Mba
111 Masters Msc Financial Mathematics And Computation
112 Masters Msc Mathematical Modellig No Biology
113 Masters Msc Forensic Psychology
114 Masters Dclinpsy In Clinical Psychology
115 Masters Msc Psychological Research Methods
































We have a range of research degree studentships, Graduate Teaching/Research Assistant Posts, and bursaries for masters degree study.A range of postgraduate scholarships in specific disciplines are available.


Our current PhD and postgraduate funding opportunities are listed below - please click on the links for further details and advice on how to apply. you can narrow your search to the areas covered by our four Colleges:

  • College of Arts, Humanities, and Law
  • College of Medicine, Biological Sciences, and Psychology
  • College of Science and Engineering
  • College of Social Science































Jan 2011 or Feb 2011

Major Intake: September

























Download Application Form

Click here to Download Application form


























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