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University of Huddersfield Campus

University of Huddersfield


The University of Hudders?eld is an exciting, stimulating place to learn. As a growing centre of research and academic excellence, which can trace its roots back over 180 years, the University is always pushing the boundaries of knowledge.

A continuing programme of campus development ensures that you have access to some of the best facilities and equipment in the country. We listen to what our students say and pride ourselves on the range of opportunities you can enjoy here. In addition to developing your academic abilities, you'll also have access to one of the most friendly and diverse and vibrant student scenes in the UK.

We have an impressive record for graduate employment. This is a direct result of our practical and vocational approach, combining real work experience with high academic standards. We're among the UK's top ten providers of 'sandwich courses' where our students undertake a paid work placement in industry or commerce. The University has placed students with many organisations and international companies around the world including: Microsoft, Panasonic, Ferrari, BMW, Bosch, Intel, Motorola and many more.

The University of Hudders?eld is a successful, innovative and modern University with excellent facilities and support for students, top class teaching and many outstanding research teams. Our students consistently tell us that Hudders?eld is a great place to live and learn and our graduates are bright, con?dent, successful people. Choose to study at the University of Hudders?eld and you'll also bene?t from our commitment to develop the outstanding professionals of the future.

We offer nearly 400 courses that include; Accountancy, Architecture, Business, Computing, Engineering, Fashion, Health, Media, Pharmacy, Science, Transport and Logistics.

Location & Facilities

Hudders?eld is located in the heart of Yorkshire and with the convenient and a?ordable public transport it is quick and easy to travel from the buzz of Hudders?eld to some of England's most beautiful countryside.

Our location and great transport links make it easy to get to know Leeds, Manchester, York and She?eld, which are renowned for their live music scenes and streets lined with the latest fashion. Hudders?eld is also a convenient base to explore the rest of the UK and Europe - London is only three hours away and we are less than an hour from Manchester international airport.

Hudders?eld's greatest asset is our local people. Hudders?eld is a friendly and student focussed town (10% of the local population are students) and you will quickly feel at home here.

We are a friendly and student centred University with a strong vocational orientation and a focus on employability. We have strong links with commerce and industry, which is why our graduate employment rates are so high.

The University has placed students with many organisations and international companies around the world including: Microsoft, Panasonic, Ferrari, BMW, Bosch, Intel, Motorola and many more.



List of Departments / Schools / Faculty / College

Accountancy and Law
Art and Design
Business, Management and Marketing
Computing Science and Information Systems
Education, Teaching and Youth Work
Electronic and Electrical Engineering
Health and Social Care and Exercise Studies
History, English, Media, Journalism, Drama and Social Sciences
Hospitality, Tourism and Leisure and Events Management
Mechanical and Automotive Engineering
Multimedia and Computer Games
Music and Music Technology
Psychology, Criminology and Sociology
Transport and Logistics Management












Courses Offered

Post Graduate Programmes

Serial No. Full name
1 MA Gender Studies
2 MA Digital Journalism
3 MA Literary Studies
4 MA Modern English Language
5 MA Writing for Performance
6 MA Ensemble Physical Theatre: Training & Perfor
7 MA Language in Conflict
8 MA Oral History
9 MA History
10 MMus
11 MA Music (Performance Studies) internal route diff
12 Postgraduate Diploma in Performance
13 MA Computer Composition
14 MA Interactive Sound Design
15 MA by Research (Music & Humanitiesl) FT/PT
16 MSc by Research (Music & Humanitiesl) FT/PT
17 MPhil (Music & Humanitiesl) FT/PT
18 PHD (Music & Humanitiesl) FT/PT
19 MPhil/PHD (Music & Humanitiesl) FT/PT
20 MSc International Business with Tourism
21 MSc Marketing by Dissertation
22 MSc Marketing Management
23 MSc Management
24 MSc Marketing
25 MSc International Marketing
26 MSc Marketing Communications
27 MSc Digital Marketing
28 MSc Social Marketing
29 MSc Marketing and Advertising
30 MSc Business Development
31 MSc Brand Development
32 MA Sales Management
33 MA International Business
34 MSc International Business Management
35 MSc International Business w Financial Svces
36 MSc e-Entrepreneurship
37 MSc e-Governance
38 MSc e-Learning Technology and Innovation
39 MSc Entrepreneurship
40 MSc e-Business
41 MSc Risk, Disaster and Environmental Management
42 MSc Business Project Management
43 MSc Sustainable Business
44 MA by Research (Business School) FT/PT
45 MSc by Research (Business School) FT/PT
46 MPhil (Business School) FT/PT
47 PHD (Business School) FT/PT
48 MPhil/PHD (Business School) FT/PT
49 PGCE Science - Biology (11-18 1FT)
50 MSc Network Technology and Management
51 MSc Software Development
52 MSc Information Systems
53 MSc Digital Media Production
54 MA/MSc Interactive Multimedia Production
55 MSc Advanced Computer Science
56 MSc Information Systems Management
57 MSc Internet Application Development
58 MSc Internet & Enterprise Systems
59 MSc Mobile Computing
60 MSc Computing
61 Research Computing FT
62 MA by Research (Informatics) FT/PT
63 MSc by Research (Informatics) FT/PT
64 MPhil (Informatics) FT/PT
65 PHD (Informatics) FT/PT
66 MPhil/PHD (Informatics) FT/PT
67 MA TESOL FT (10 mnth)
68 Postgraduate Diploma in Guidance
69 P.Grad. Diploma in Professional Development
70 Diploma in Prof.Studies - Youth & Community Work
71 MA Professional Development
72 Professional Development MA/PGDip/PGCert
73 P.Grad. Certificate in Prof. Dev.
74 MA Education: Leadership and Management
75 MA Religion and Education in Contemporary Society
76 PgCert Education: Leadership and Management
77 PgDip Education: Leadership and Management
78 Ed D FT
79 PGCE(PCET) Business Studies
80 PGCE (PCET) Social Science/Humanities
81 MSc Multimedia and E-learning
82 PGCE (PCET) English/Expressive Arts
83 PGCE (PCET) Computing/Mathematics
84 PGCE (PCET)Tech.Construction/Hotel/Catering/Beauty & hair
85 PGCE (PCET) Special Educational Needs
86 PGCE (PCET) Art & Design
87 PGCE (PCET) Basic Skills
88 PGCE (PCET) (Darlington College of Technology)
89 PGCE (PCET) Early Years and Health Studies
90 PGCE (PCET) (Grimsby Insti)
91 MA Professional Development (Guangdong Polytechnic
92 MA by Research (Education) FT/PT
93 MSc by Research (Education) FT/PT
94 MPhil (Education) FT/PT
95 PHD (Education) FT/PT
96 MPhil/PHD (Education) FT/PT
97 PGCE Science - Chemistry  (11-18 1FT)
98 PGCE Science - Physics  (11-18 1FT)
99 PGCE Mathematics  (11-18 1FT)
100 PGCE Information & Comm/Technology (11-18 1FT)
101 PgDip Physiotherapy
102 MSc Health Professional Education
103 MSc Psychology FT
104 MSc Applied Therapeutic Counselling FT
105 Postgraduate Diploma Psychology
106 MSc Conflict, Crime and the Citizen
107 MSc Investigative Psychology FT
108 MSc Psychology and Investigation FT
109 MSc Social Work
110 MSc Social Research & Evaluation
111 MSc Social Research & Evaluation (Social Work)
112 MSc Health Studies
113 MSc Cognitive Behavioural Psychotherapy FT
114 MSc Health and Social Care
115 MSc Community Nursing Practice (District Nursing)
116 MA Child Welfare & Protection
117 MA Child Welfare & Safeguarding
118 Forensic Science Training
119 Professional Doctorate (HEFCE FUNDED) FT
120 MA by Research (Human and Health) FT/PT
121 MSc by Research (Human and Health) FT/PT
122 MPhil (Human and Health) FT/PT
123 PHD (Human and Health) FT/PT
124 MPhil/PHD (Human and Health) FT/PT
125 LLM FT
126 LLM Commercial Law
127 LLM International Law
128 LLM/MA Health Care Law
129 MBA (Master of Business Admin.) with Hospitality
130 MBA (Master of Business Administration)
131 Legal Practice Course
132 MA Accounting & Finance
133 MA Corporate Governance
134 MSc in Accounting (International)
135 MSc in Accounting (Financial Services)
136 MSc Leadership & Management
137 MSc Management & Entrepreneurship
138 MSc E-Business Management
139 MA Health Care Law
140 Graduate Diploma in Law by ODL
141 MA International Human Resource Management (HRM)
142 PGCE Bus Education (Schools) (14 - 19 1FT)
143 MSc Precision Technologies & Measurement
144 MSc Mechanical Engineering Design
145 MSc Electronic & Computer Based Systems Design
146 MSc Computer Integrated Manufacturing & its Mgmnt
147 MSc Engineering Design & its Management
148 MSc Automotive System Design & Analysis
149 MSc Engineering Control Systems & Instrumentation
150 MSc Mechanical Engineering
151 MSc Engineering Management
152 MSc Embedded Systems Engineering
153 MA by Research (Engineering) FT/PT
154 MSc by Research (Engineering) FT/PT
155 MPhil (Engineering) FT/PT
156 PHD (Engineering) FT/PT
157 MPhil/PHD (Engineering) FT/PT
158 MSc Global Logistics and Supply Chain Management
159 MSc Analytical Chemistry
160 MSc Pharmaceutical & Analytical Science
161 MSc Forensic & Analytical Science
162 MSc Analytical Bioscience
163 MSc International Hospitality Management
164 MA International Hospitality Management
165 MSc Nutrition & Food Sciences
166 MA by Research (Applied Sciences) FT/PT
167 MSc by Research (Applied Sciences) FT/PT
168 MPhil (Applied Sciences) FT/PT
169 PHD (Applied Sciences) FT/PT
170 MPhil/PHD (Applied Sciences) FT/PT
171 Dip in Architecture/Architecture (International)
172 MSc Textile Technology for Textile Designers
173 MSc Computer Aided Design for Textile Designers
174 MA/MDes/MSc Innovation with Entrepreneurial St.
175 MSc Sustainable Architecture
176 MA Costume
177 MA International Fashion Management
178 MA Creative Imaging
179 MA International Fashion Promotion
180 MA Digital Media
181 MA Textiles
182 MA International Graphic Design Practice
183 MA/MSc Innovation for the Digital Future
184 MA Contemporary Practice
185 MA 3D Digital Design
186 MA International Fashion Design
187 MA International Design Marketing & Communication
188 MA Spatial Design
189 MA/MSc Smart Design
190 MA Fine Art
191 MA Innovation and Creative Enterprise
192 MA Design Management and Marketing
193 MA Innovation and Branding
194 MA by Research (Art & Design) FT/PT
195 MSc by Research (Art & Design) FT/PT
196 MPhil (Art & Design) FT/PT
197 PHD (Art & Design) FT/PT
198 MPhil/PHD (Art & Design) FT/PT
199 PGCE History (11-18 1FT)
200 PGCE Music (Schools) - (11-18 1FT)
201 PGCE Design Technology (11-16 1FT)
202 Pre-Masters Programme (EFL)

Under Graduate Programmes

Serial No. Full Course title
1 BTEC HND Hospitality Management
2 DipHE (BSc(Hons) option) Nursing Studies - Adult
3 DipHE (BSc(Hons)) Nursing Studies - Mental Health
4 DipHE (BSc(Hons)) Nursing Studies - L.Disability
5 DipHE (BSc(Hons) option) Nursing Studies - Child
6 HND Bus & Management
7 BSc(H) Human Biology
8 BSc(H) Physiotherapy
9 BSc(H) Pharmaceutical Science
10 MSci Pharmaceutical Science
11 MPharm
12 BSc(H) Food Nutrition & Health
13 BSc(H) Midwifery Studies
14 BSc(H) Exercise, Physical Activity and Health
15 BSc(H) Occupational Therapy
16 BSc(Hons) Counselling Studies
17 BSc(H) Podiatry
18 DipHE Operating Department Practice
19 Fdn Year for the Health Professions
20 BSc(Hons) Nutrition and Public Health
21 BSc Science Fdn leading to a BSc(H) Degree
22 BSc(H) Medical Biology
23 BSc(H) Biology (Molecular & Cellular)
24 BSc(H) Medical Genetics
25 BSc(H) Microbial Sciences
26 BSc(H) Biochemistry
27 BSc(H) Medical Biochemistry
28 BSc(H) Psychology
29 BSc(H) Behavioural Sciences
30 BSc(H) Psychology with Counselling
31 BSc(H) Psychological Studies
32 BSc(H) Psychological Studies
33 Bsc(H)  Psychology with Criminology
34 BSc(H) Sociology & Psychology
35 BSc (Hons) Sports Coaching (Top up)
36 BSc(H) Chemistry
37 MChem Chemistry with Industrial Experience
38 BSc(H) Chemistry with Medicinal Chemistry
39 BSc(H) Chemistry with Analytical Chemistry
40 BSc(H) Forensic & Analytical Science
41 MSci Forensic and Analytical Science
42 BSc(H) Chemistry with Biochemistry
43 BSc(H) Chemistry with Forensic Science
44 BSc(H) Chemistry with Chemical Engineering
45 BSc(H) Computing Science
46 BSc(Hons) Computing
47 BSc(H) Computing Studies (Top up)
48 BSc(H) Web Technologies
49 BA(H) Computing in Business
50 FdSc Computer Games Technology
51 BSc(H) Multimedia Computing (Top up)
52 BSc (Hons) ICT with Criminology
53 BA(H) Interactive Multimedia
54 BA (Hons) Computer Games Design
55 FdSc Information and Communication Technology
56 FdSc Information and Communication Technology
57 BSc(Hons) Information and Communication Technology
58 BSc(H) Information & Communication Technology
59 Bsc(H) Software Development
60 MEng Software Engineering
61 BSc(H) Computer Games Programming
62 BSc(H) Secure and Forensic Computing
63 BSc(H) Information & Comm Tech (Top up)
64 BSc(H) Information & Comm Tech (Top up) UCO
65 BEng(H) Electronic Engineering & Computer Systems
66 BSc(H) Music Technology Software Development
67 BSc(H) Architectural Technology
68 BEng Engineering with Technology Management (M&M)
69 Engineering Fdn Yr leading to a BEng(Hons)
70 BEng(H) Computer Aided Engineering
71 MEng Computer Aided Engineering
72 MEng Energy Engineering
73 BEng Energy Engineering
74 BEng(H) Mechanical Engineering
75 MEng Mechanical Engineering
76 BEng(H) Automotive Engineering
77 MEng Automotive Engineering
78 BSc(Hons) Motorsport Technology
79 BEng (Hons) Motorsport Engineering
80 MEng Motorsport Engineering
81 BEng(H) Automotive Design
82 MEng Automotive Design
83 BSc(H) Automotive Design & Technology
84 BSc(H) Automotive Technology
85 BSc(H) Engineering & Technology Management
86 BSc(H) Computer Aided Design
87 BEng(H) Electronic  and Electrical Engineering
88 BSc(H) Electronic Design
89 BEng Eng with Tech M'ment-Electronic & Electrical
90 BEng(H) Electronic Engineering
91 MEng Electronic Engineering
92 BEng(H) Electronic & Communication Engineering
93 BEng(H) Computer Control Systems
94 MEng Computer Control Systems
95 BEng(Hons) Computer Systems Engineering
96 BSc(H) Music Technology & Audio Systems
97 BEng(H) Engineering Design: Mechanical
98 MEng Engineering Design:Mechanical
99 BSc(H) Product Innovation Design & Development
100 BEng Fdn Mechanical & Automotive Design
101 BSc(Hons) Electronics and Music Technology
102 BA(H) Music Technology
103 BMus(H) Creative Music Technology
104 BSc(H) Logistics (Top-up)
105 BSc(H) Popular Music Production
106 BA(Hons) Music Technology and Popular Music
107 BA(H) Arch/Arch(Int)/Diploma in Architecture
108 Fdn Prgm BA/BSc Architectural and Interior Design
109 FdSc Construction
110 FdSc Construction
111 BSc(H) Property Development
112 BSc (Hons) Construction & Proj Mgmt Topup
113 BSc(H) Construction & Project Mment (Top up)
114 BSc(H) Construction & Project Management
115 FdSc Arch Tech & Int Des
116 BSc(H) Social Sciences
117 BSc(H) Social Sciences
118 BA(H) Politics
119 BSc(H) Politics
120 BA(H) International Politics
121 BA(H) Politics with Sociology
122 BA(H) Politics with Media
123 BA(H) Politics with Contemporary History
124 BSc(H) Sociology
125 Bsc(H)  Sociology with Criminology
126 FdSc Police Studies
127 BSc(H) Social Work
128 BA(H) Youth & Community Work
129 BSc(H)  Health & Community Studies
130 BSc(H) Health & Community Studies
131 BSc(H) Health & Community Studies
132 BA(H) Global Politics & Int Business
133 BA(H) Humanities
134 BA(H) Humanities
135 BA(H) Early Years (Top up)
136 MLP/LLB(H) Law (Exempting)
137 LLB(H) Law
138 BA(H) Law (Topup)
139 BA(H) Law (Topup) UCO
140 LLB(H) Business Law
141 FdA Paralegal Practice
142 BSc(H) Criminology w International Politics (TU)
143 BSc(H) Criminology
144 BSc(Hons) Criminology and Politics
145 BSc(H) Sociology & Criminology
146 BA(H) Law and Business
147 BA(H) Law & Accountancy
148 BA(H) Business Studies
149 BA(H) European Business (Top up)
150 BA(H) International Business (Top up)
151 BA(H) International Business
152 BA(H) Enterprise Development
153 BA(H) Business St. with Environmental Management
154 BA(H) Business Information Management
155 BA(H) Business Studies with Financial Services
156 BA(H) Business with Financial Services (Topup)
157 BA(H) International Business w a Modern Lang Topup
158 BA(H) Business with Design
159 BA(H) Hospitality Management
160 BA(H) Hospitality Management (Top up)
161 BA(H) Business Administration & Management TU
162 BA(H) Business Administration & Management
163 BA(H) Business Management
164 BA(H) Business Management
165 BA(H) Fashion & Textile Retailing
166 FdA Leadership and Management
167 BA(H) Corporate Management with Law
168 BA(H) Hospitality Mgmnt with a Modern Language
169 BA(H) Accountancy
170 BA(H) International Accountancy (Topup)
171 BA(H) International Accountancy (Topup) UCO
172 BA(H) Accountancy & Finance
173 BA(H) Accountancy with Information Systems
174 BA(H) Accountancy with Law
175 BA(H) Accountancy with Small Businesses
176 BA(H) Accountancy with Financial Services
177 BA(H) Marketing
178 BA(H) Marketing Management
179 BA(H) Direct Marketing
180 BA(H) Global Marketing (Topup)
181 BA(H) Advertising & Marketing Communications
182 BA (Hons) Sports Promotion and Marketing
183 BA(H) Marketing and Brand Management
184 BA (Hons) Marketing with Public Relations
185 BA (Hons) Sports Marketing with Public Relations
186 BA(H) Human Resource Management (Top up)
187 BA(H) Travel and Tourism Management
188 BA(H) Events Management
189 BSc (H) Transport & Logistics Management
190 BSc(H) European Logistics Management
191 BSc(H) Logistics (Top-up)
192 BSc(H) Logistics & Supply Chain Management
193 BA(H) Business & Psychology
194 BA(H) Global Business and Logistics Management T.U
195 BA(H) Entrepreneurship & Business
196 BA(H) Retail Marketing Management
197 BSc (H) Air Transport and Logistics Management
198 Foundation Degree Business & Management
199 FdA Business Management
200 BA(H) Business & Journalism
201 BA(H) Leadership and Managing Innovation
202 BA(H) Media & Popular Culture
203 BA(H) Journalism
204 BA(H) Broadcast Journalism
205 BA(H) Music Journalism
206 BA(H) Sports Journalism
207 BA (Hons) Digital Journalism UCO
208 BA(H) Advertising & Media Relations
209 FdA Journalism &  Media Production
210 BA(H) English Studies
211 BA(H) English Language
212 BA(Hons) English Literature
213 BA(H) English with Journalism
214 BA(H) English Language with Journalism
215 BA(Hons) English Literature with Journalism
216 BA(H) English Language w Modern Lang
217 BA (H) English w Modern Language
218 BA(Hons) English Literature with a Modern Language
219 BA(H) English with Creative Writing
220 BA(H) English Language with Creative Writing
221 BA(Hons) English Literature with Creative Writing
222 BA(H) English & History
223 BA(H) History
224 BA(H) History with Sociology
225 BA(H) History with Journalism
226 BA(Hons) History with a Modern Language
227 BA (Hons) Religion & Education
228 BA(H) History & Politics
229 BA(H) History & English Literature
230 BA(H) History & English Literature
231 BA(H) Interdisciplinary Art and Design
232 FdSc Multimedia
233 BA(H) Advertising Design
234 BA(H) Multimedia Design
235 BA(H) Graphic Design
236 BA(H) Graphic Design (Topup)
237 BA(H) Contemporary Visual Arts
238 BA(H) Illustration
239 BA(H) Fashion Design (Top up)
240 BA/BSc(H) Textile design for Fashion and Interiors
241 BA(H) Fashion Design with Textiles
242 BA/BSc(H) Product Design
243 BA(H) Interior Design
244 BA(H) Exhibition and Retail Design
245 Interior Design Top up BA(Hons)
246 Exhibition and Retail Design Top up BA (Hons)
247 BA(H) Motion Graphics
248 BA(H) Fashion & Textile Management
249 BA(H) Fashion Design with Marketing & Production
250 BMus(H)
251 BA(H) Popular Music
252 BA(H) Music with English
253 BA(H) Music with a Modern Language
254 BA(H) Music with Drama
255 Foundation Degree Performance
256 BA(H) Drama
257 Foundation Degree Technical Theatre
258 BA(Hons) Technical Theatre
259 BA(Hons) Performance
260 BA(H) Costume with Textiles
261 BA(H) Virtual Reality Design with Animation
262 BA(H) Animation
263 BA(H) Photography
264 BA(Hons) Digital Film and Visual Effects Product
265 BA(H) Digital Arts Practice (Top up)
266 BA(H) Surface Design for Fashion & Interiors
267 BA(H) Contemporary Arts
268 FdA Arts: Digital Arts Practice
269 BA (H) Transport Design
270 BA(H) Popular Music Production
271 BA(H) Music Production & Sound Recording
272 BA(H) Fashion & Textile Buying
273 BA(H) Fashion Communication & Promotion
274 BA(H) Music & Promotion
275 BA(H) Drama & English
276 BA(H)  Textile Crafts
277 BA(H) Contemporary Crafts Design
278 BA(Hons) Film, Music and Enterprise
279 BA(Hons) Early Primary Education with QTS
280 BA(H) Childhood Studies
281 FdA Early Years
282 FdA Early Years























We have an extensive scholarship programme to help well-quali?ed international students to study in Huddersfield.

Scholarships are awarded based on academic achievements and the standard of English language that an applicant will reach, so it is important to submit all of your transcripts with your application.

Chevening Awards
Research Bursaries
Progression Scholarships
Art, Design and Architecture Burberry Scholarship
The Sir John Ramsden International PhD Scholarship (Politics and International Studies only)
Commonwealth Scholarships to Developed Countries






















September 2010 - main intake - all courses
January 2011 - secondary intake mainly postgraduate; Business, Computing, Engineering and Science


















Download Application Form

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