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University of Brighton Campus

University of Brighton


The University was formed as Brighton Polytechnic in 1968 by the merging of Brighton College of Technology and Brighton College of Art. Brighton Polytechnic was expanded in September 1976 by a merger with Brighton College of Education, and in April 1979 incorporated the East Sussex College of Higher Education at Eastbourne. It was awarded full university status in 1992 as the University of Brighton allowing it to offer degrees in its own right. The Complete University Guide Rankings 2010 Ranks Brighton University at 63rd overall in the UK.


The University of Brighton is a thriving academic community of about 21,134 students and is a genuinely international university. We have approximately 2,901 international students from over 90 countries worldwide and 1,300 European Union students studying at our campuses in Brighton, Eastbourne and Hastings. We offer many professionally and vocationally oriented courses, focusing on transferable skills to prepare you for employment. Work placements form a part of many of our courses.




Location & Facilities

We are based across 3 locations Brighton, Eastbourne and Hastings. All of our campuses are accessible by public transport.

  • 50 minutes from Brighton to London
  • 90 minutes from Eastbourne to London
  • 30 minutes from Brighton to London Gatwick Airport
  • 50 minutes from Eastbourne to Gatwick

 All courses have the academic support of library, audio-visual and computing services. Over half a million items are available in the libraries, which also provide full internet access. Study places have network links and students may use their own laptops, as well as the university's PCs. Computer pools across the campuses are linked to internal and external systems and are located close to academic departments and in a number of halls of residence.


Individual studio space is provided for students on arts and architecture courses. Careers centers on each campus offer individual careers guidance, a drop-in service for help with CVs and applications and access to the Prospect (Higher Education)interactive computer programme, which matches students' aptitudes with potential fields of employment. A range of workshops includes application and interviewing techniques together with introductory sessions in psychometric testing. The University provides medical facilities for the benefit of its students.


For international students studying longer than six months, healthcare is free and all students are strongly advised to register with a general practitioner as soon as they arrive in Brighton. The university works with local medical practices to provide surgery sessions at all of the University sites for students who have registered. For international students bringing children with them, the university has two nurseries offering a total of 55 places daily for children aged two to five years.




































List of Departments / Schools / Faculty / College

There are five faculties within the university:

  • Faculty of Arts
    • School of Architecture and Design
    • School of Arts and Media
    • School of Humanities
  • Faculty of Education and Sport
    • Chelsea School
    • School of Education
    • School of Service Management
    • Centre for Learning and Teaching
  • Faculty of Health and Social Science
    • School of Applied Social Science
    • School of Health Professions
    • School of Nursing and Midwifery
    • Institute of Postgraduate Medicine (part of Brighton and Sussex Medical School)
  • Faculty of Management and Information Sciences
    • Brighton Business School
    • Centre for Research in Innovation Management
  • Faculty of Science and Engineering
    • School of Computing, Mathematical and Information Sciences
    • School of Environment and Technology
    • School of Pharmacy and Biomolecular Sciences













































Courses Offered Level Name of the Program
1 UG Architecture RIBA 
2 UG Cultures, Histories, Literatures BA(Hons)
3 UG Critical Fine Art Practice BA(Hons)
4 UG Digital Music and Sound Art BA(Hons)
5 UG English Language and English Literature BA(Hons)
6 UG English Studies and English Literature BA(Hons)
7 UG English Literature BA(Hons)
8 UG English Language and Media BA(Hons)
9 UG English Language and Linguistics  BA(Hons)
10 UG Fine Art Sculpture BA(Hons)
11 UG Fine Art Printmaking  BA(Hons)
12 UG Fine Art Painting BA(Hons)
13 UG Film and Screen Studies BA(Hons)
14 UG Fashion and Dress History BA(Hons)
15 UG Fashion Design with Business StudiesBA(Hons) 
16 UG Globalisation, History, Politics, CultureBA(Hons)
17 UG Graphic Design BA(Hons)
18 UG History of Decorative Art and Crafts BA(Hons)
19 UG History of Design, Culture and Society BA(Hons)
20 UG Humanities and Critical StudiesBA(Hons)
21 UG Humanities: War, Conflict, ModernityBA(Hons)
22 UG Interior Architecture BA(Hons)
23 UG Illustration BA(Hons)
24 UG Music and Visual Art BA(Hons)
25 UG Museum and Heritage Studies BA(Hons)
26 UG Media and English Literature BA(Hons)
27 UG Media Studies BA(Hons)
28 UG Moving Image BA(Hons)
29 UG Dance: Performance Visual Art BA(Hons)
30 UG Theatre Performance Visual ArtBA(Hons)
31 UG Photography BA(Hons) 
32 UG Textile Design for Fashion with Business Studies BA(Hons) 
33 UG Textile Design for Fashion with Professional Experience BA(Hons)
34 UG 3D Design BA(Hons)/
35 UG 3D Materials Practice BA(Hons)
36 UG Visual Culture BA(Hons)
37 PG Applied Ethics MA
38 PG Arts and Design by Independent Project MA
39 PG Architectural and Urban Studies MA 
40 PG Architectural Design MA
41 PG Cultural History, Memory and Identity MA
42 PG Cultural and Critical Theory MA
43 PG Creative Media MA
44 PG Digital Media Arts (Lighthouse)MA
45 PG English Language Teaching MA
46 PG English Language MA
47 PG Fine Art MA
48 PG History of Design and Material Culture MA
49 PG Inclusive Arts Practice MA
50 PG Interior Design MA 
51 PG Linguistics MA Mres 
52 PG Performance and Visual Practices MA
53 PG Media-assisted Language Teaching MA 
54 PG Photography MA
55 PG Sustainable Design MA
56 PG Sequential Design/Illustration MA 
58 PG Automotive sysytems Engineering
59 PG Automotive Engineering 
60 PG Civil Engineering 
61 PG Construction Management 
62 PG Digital Electronics, Computing and Communications 
63 PG Environmental Geology 
64 PG Facilities Management 
65 PG Product Innovation and Development 
66 PG Project Management for Construction 
67 PG Clinical Pharmacy Practice 
68 PG Industrial Pharmaceutical Sciences 
69 PG Industrial Pharmaceutical Studies 
70 PG Pharmaceutical and Biomedical Sciences  MRES
71 PG Pharmacology 
72 PG Industrial Pharmaceutical Sciences 
73 PG Biomedical Science (Clinical Biochemistry) 
74 PG Change Management 
75 PG Economics and Finance 
76 PG Finance and Investment 
77 PG General Management MBA
78 PG International Management 
79 PG International Management 
80 PG Logistics and Supply Chain Management 
81 PG Management 
82 PG Management (Entrepreneurship) 
83 PG Management (Human Resources) 
84 PG Management (Public Services) 
85 PG Marketing 
86 PG Marketing (Branding and Communication) 
87 PG Marketing (International Marketing) 
88 PG Marketing (Social Marketing) 
89 PG Personnel and Development 
90 PG Public Service Management  MBA
91 PG Health 
92 PG Psychosocial Studies 
93 PG Social Work 
94 PG Podiatry and Education 
95 PG Physiotherapy and Education 
96 PG Culinary Arts 
97 PG International Hospitality Management 
98 PG International Tourism Management 
99 PG Environmental Assessment and Management 
100 PG Environmental Geology 
101 PG Geographical Information Systems and Environmental Management 
102 PG Sustainability of the Built Environment 
103 PG Town Planning 
104 PG Water and Environmental Management 











































International applicants are eligible to apply for a range of the scholarships offered by the University of Brighton including:

  • University of Brighton scholarships
  • International scholarships
  • International research scholarships
  • Sports scholarships
  • Santander international masters scholarships
  • Pestalozzi scholarships
  • Commonwealth scholarships
  • Commonwealth shared scholarships



























































































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