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Swansea University in UK
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Swansea University Campus

Swansea University


Founded in 1920 by King George V, Swansea University has almost 100 years of research and teaching experience. The first British university to employ a female professor; research conducted by our School of Engineering contributed to the world's first supersonic car; our campus is next to the UK's first Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty: the Gower Peninsula; we have arguably one of the most beautiful campus locations in the UK.


Swansea University was awarded the Best Student Experience in Britain by the Times Higher Education Supplement in 2005. Over 10,000 undergraduates assessed their universities in the survey. Swansea University emerged the overall winner with high ratings for its facilities, prospects and social life, beating 170 other institutions to top the poll.


Swansea University was one of The Sunday Times University Guide's Top 20 academic institutions in the UK for the quality of its teaching. The University was rated 16th for 'Teaching Satisfaction' in the 2005 Guide. This research reinforces the results from the 2005 National Student Survey, which showed that 65 per cent of subjects offered by the University were rated in the top 25 per cent across the country.



Swansea University provides international students with outstanding opportunities to earn money, gain work experience and enhance their employment prospects. . An outstanding 95% of Swansea University graduates are employed or pursuing higher degrees within six months of graduating, among the most sought after by UK employers.


The Times university 2008 Top 100 league table listed the University as the 46th best university in the UK (out of a total of 109), up from 50th position in 2004 but down from 42nd in 2005. In addition, the University picked up the 2005 Times Higher Education Supplement Award for the UK's "best student experience".


Swansea has an excellent range of international activities including: International Friendship House -a charitable organization run by British locals to show hospitality to international students; International Night held in Llanelli (10 miles from Swansea) on every first Friday of the month; free training for international women students by MEWN (Minority Ethnic Women's Network) ; SCVS (Swansea Community Voluntary Service) has a huge database of voluntary activities in the community and welcomes participation from international students; different community centres hold special events for Bangladeshi, Chinese, Indian, African and Korean students; Swansea City Council holds international events throughout the year.















Location & Facilities

Library & Information Services at Swansea provides a combined library, IT and Careers service. The main Library & Information Centre on the Singleton campus has over 800,000 books and periodicals, along with a wide range of electronic resources including over 23,000 electronic journals. There are over 1,000 study spaces, almost half of which are equipped with networked PCs. LIS was awarded the Charter Mark in 2006.


Sports centre
Swansea University's sports centre is located near the main campus on the western side of Sketty Lane.


Xtreme Radio 1431AM
Xtreme Radio is the radio station of the University, run by students. It was founded in November 1968 as Action RadioIt broadcasts to various areas around campus, around Swansea itself on 1431AM and worldwide on the internet.


Museum of Egyptian Antiquities (Egypt Centre)
Located within the Taliesin building, the Egypt Centre is a museum of Egyptian antiquities open to the public. There are over 4000 items in the collection. Most of them were collected by the pharmacist Sir Henry Wellcome


Student accommodation
Swansea University provides approximately 3400 places in University halls and can normally offer accommodation to over 98% of new Undergraduate students who require it. Accommodation is also available for all International Postgraduate students.
Swansea University maintains on-campus and off-campus halls of residence and the purpose built Hendrefoelan Student Village. Several new halls of residence were completed in 2004 and in 2008.

There are also a number of University Managed Properties in the Uplands and Brynmill areas of the city.


Hendrefoelan Student Village
Hendrefoelan Student Village is the University’s largest residence site where 1644 students live in self-catering accommodation.


Campus halls
There are nine halls that make up the campus residences providing accommodation to around 1226 students.














List of Departments / Schools / Faculty / College

Swansea University's academic departments are organised into 8 schools:
The School of Arts and Humanities: These two schools have recently merged and now include: American Studies, Ancient History and Egyptology, Applied Linguistics, Classics, Cymraeg/Welsh, English, French, German, History, Italian, Medieval Studies, Media Studies, Politics & International Relations, PPE, Spanish-Hispanic Studies, Translation, War and Society.

The School of Business and Economics: Business and Economic departments.

The School of Environment and Society: Biological Sciences, Geography, Centre for Development Studies, Sociology and Anthropology.

The School of Human and Health Science: Adult Studies, Biomedical Studies, Child Health Studies, Clinical Studies, Critical and Emergency Care, E Health Learning, Health Economics and Policy Studies, Midwifery and Gender Studies, Mental Health Studies, Philosophy Humanities and Law in Healthcare, Primary Healthcare, Public Health and Older People, Psychology, Applied Social Studies, Childhood Studies, Sports Science.

The School of Engineering: Aerospace, Chemical and Biological, Civil, Electrical and Electronic, Information, Communication & Computing Technology, Materials, Mechanical, Medical, Nanotechnology, Product Design.

The School of Medicine: Graduate Entry Medicine, Centre for Health Information, Research & Evaluation, Institute of Life Science, BioMedical Research, Genetics Group.

The School of Law: International Maritime, Trade and Commercial Law, Business & Law. Legal Practice Course, Graduate Diploma in Law, IISTL, CEELP, LLB.

The School of Physical Sciences: Computer Science, Mathematics and Physics









Courses Offered

1 UG BA American Studies
2 UG BA American Studies & Econ His (Intercalary)
3 UG BA American Studies & Economic History
4 UG BA American Studies & English (Intercalary)
5 UG BA American Studies & Geography
6 UG BA American Studies & History (Intercalary)
7 UG BA American Studies & Politics (Intercalary)
8 UG BA American Studies (Intercalary)
9 UG BA American Studies& Geography (Intercalary)
10 UG BA Ancient and Medieval History
11 UG BA Ancient History
12 UG BA Classical Civilisation
13 UG BA Classical Civilisation & Latin
14 UG BA Classical Civilisation/Economic History
15 UG BA Classical Civilisation/English
16 UG BA Classical Civilisation/French (4 Years)
17 UG BA Classical Civilisation/German (4 Years)
18 UG BA Classical Civilisation/Greek
19 UG BA Classical Civilisation/Language Studies
20 UG BA Classics
21 UG BA Economic & Social History
22 UG BA Economic History & Economics
23 UG BA Economic History\Ancient History
24 UG BA Egyptology
25 UG BA Egyptology & Ancient History
26 UG BA Egyptology & Classical Civilisation
27 UG BA English Language Studies
28 UG BA English literature
29 UG BA English literature & Psychology
30 UG BA English literature & TEFL
31 UG BA English literature and Language Studies
32 UG BA English literature with Creative Writing
33 UG BA English literature with Gender
34 UG BA English literature/American Studies
35 UG BA English literature/Ancient History
36 UG BA European History (with English)
37 UG BA European History (with French)
38 UG BA European History (with German)
39 UG BA European History (with Italian)
40 UG BA European History (with Spanish)
41 UG BA European History (with Welsh)
42 UG BA French
43 UG BA French & TEFL
44 UG BA French (with Business Studies)
45 UG BA French (with Computer Studies)
46 UG BA French (with Legal Studies)
47 UG BA French/American Studies
48 UG BA French/Ancient History
49 UG BA French/Economic History
50 UG BA French/Economics
51 UG BA French/English
52 UG BA French/German (with Business Studies)
53 UG BA French/German (with Computer Studies)
54 UG BA French/German (with Legal Studies)
55 UG BA French/Italian
56 UG BA French/Italian (with Business Studies)
57 UG BA French/Italian (with Computer Studies)
58 UG BA French/Italian (with Legal Studies)
59 UG BA French/Language Studies
60 UG BA French/Spanish (with Business Studies)
61 UG BA French/Spanish (with Computer Studies)
62 UG BA French/Spanish (with Legal Studies)
63 UG BA French/Welsh (with Business Studies)
64 UG BA French/Welsh (with Computer Studies)
65 UG BA French/Welsh (with Legal Studies)
66 UG BA German
67 UG BA German & TEFL
68 UG BA German (with Business Studies)
69 UG BA German (with Computer Studies)
70 UG BA German (with Legal Studies)
71 UG BA German/American Studies
72 UG BA German/Ancient History
73 UG BA German/Economics
74 UG BA German/English
75 UG BA German/European Politics
76 UG BA German/French
77 UG BA German/Geography
78 UG BA German/Italian (with Business Studies)
79 UG BA German/Italian (with Computer Studies)
80 UG BA German/Italian (with Legal Studies)
81 UG BA German/Language Studies
82 UG BA German/Spanish (with Business Studies)
83 UG BA German/Spanish (with Computer Studies)
84 UG BA German/Spanish (with Legal Studies)
85 UG BA German/Welsh (with Business Studies)
86 UG BA German/Welsh (with Computer Studies)
87 UG BA German/Welsh (with Legal Studies)
88 UG BA Greek/Ancient History
89 UG BA Greek/English
90 UG BA Greek/French
91 UG BA Greek/German
92 UG BA Greek/Language Studies
93 UG BA History
94 UG BA History & Russian Studies
95 UG BA History/American Studies
96 UG BA History/Ancient History
97 UG BA History/Classical Civilisation
98 UG BA History/Economic History
99 UG BA History/Economics
100 UG BA History/English
101 UG BA History/French
102 UG BA History/Geography
103 UG BA History/German
104 UG BA History/Greek
105 UG BA International Relations
106 UG BA International Relations & Modern History JH
107 UG BA International Relations with American Studies
108 UG BA International Relations with French
109 UG BA International Relations with German
110 UG BA International Relations with Italian
111 UG BA International Relations with Spanish
112 UG BA International Relations with Welsh
113 UG BA Italian & TEFL
114 UG BA Italian (with Business Studies)
115 UG BA Italian (with Computer Studies)
116 UG BA Italian (with Legal Studies)
117 UG BA Italian/American Studies
118 UG BA Italian/Ancient History
119 UG BA Italian/Classical Civilisation
120 UG BA Italian/Economic History
121 UG BA Italian/Economics
122 UG BA Italian/English
123 UG BA Italian/European Politics
124 UG BA Italian/French
125 UG BA Italian/Geography
126 UG BA Italian/German
127 UG BA Italian/History
128 UG BA Italian/Language Studies
129 UG BA Italian/Spanish (with Business Studies)
130 UG BA Italian/Spanish (with Computer Studies)
131 UG BA Italian/Spanish (with Legal Studies)
132 UG BA Italian/Welsh (with Business Studies)
133 UG BA Italian/Welsh (with Computer Studies)
134 UG BA Italian/Welsh (with Legal Studies)
135 UG BA Language & Communication
136 UG BA Language Studies & TEFL
137 UG BA Language Studies/Ancient History
138 UG BA Language Studies/French (with Business Studies)
139 UG BA Language Studies/German (with Business Studies)
140 UG BA Language Studies/Italian(with Business Studies)
141 UG BA Language Studies/Spanish(with Business Studies)
142 UG BA Latin & English
143 UG BA Latin & French
144 UG BA Latin & German
145 UG BA Latin & History
146 UG BA Latin & Italian
147 UG BA Latin & Language Studies
148 UG BA Media Studies
149 UG BA Media Studies and English
150 UG BA Media Studies and French
151 UG BA Media Studies and German
152 UG BA Media Studies and Italian
153 UG BA Media Studies and Spanish
154 UG BA Media Studies and Welsh
155 UG BA Medieval History/Classical Civilisation
156 UG BA Medieval Studies/Ancient History
157 UG BA Medieval Studies/English
158 UG BA Medieval Studies/French
159 UG BA Medieval Studies/Greek
160 UG BA Medieval Studies/History
161 UG BA Medieval Studies/Italian
162 UG BA Medieval Studies/Latin
163 UG BA Philosophy, Politics and Economics
164 UG BA Political Communications
165 UG BA Politics
166 UG BA Politics & Social History
167 UG BA Politics & Social Policy
168 UG BA Politics/Ancient History
169 UG BA Politics/English
170 UG BA Politics/French
171 UG BA Politics/German
172 UG BA Politics/History
173 UG BA Politics/Italian
174 UG BA Public and Media Relations
175 UG BA Screen Studies
176 UG BA Screen Studies & French
177 UG BA Screen Studies & German
178 UG BA Screen Studies & Italian
179 UG BA Screen Studies & Spanish
180 UG BA Screen Studies & Welsh
181 UG BA Social History & Social Policy
182 UG BA Spanish
183 UG BA Spanish & Psychology
184 UG BA Spanish & TEFL
185 UG BA Spanish (with Business Studies)
186 UG BA Spanish (with Computer Science)
187 UG BA Spanish (with Legal Studies)
188 UG BA Spanish/American Studies
189 UG BA Spanish/Ancient History
190 UG BA Spanish/Classical Civilisation
191 UG BA Spanish/Economic History
192 UG BA Spanish/Economics
193 UG BA Spanish/English
194 UG BA Spanish/European Politics
195 UG BA Spanish/French
196 UG BA Spanish/German
197 UG BA Spanish/History
198 UG BA Spanish/Italian
199 UG BA Spanish/Language Studies
200 UG BA Spanish/Latin
201 UG BA Spanish/Medieval Studies
202 UG BA Spanish/Politics
203 UG BA Spanish/Welsh (with Business Studies)
204 UG BA Spanish/Welsh (with Computer Studies)
205 UG BA Spanish/Welsh (with Legal Studies)
206 UG BA Translation
207 UG BA War & Society
208 UG BA Welsh
209 UG BA Welsh & Economics
210 UG BA Welsh & Psychology
211 UG BA Welsh (with Business Studies)
212 UG BA Welsh (with Computer Studies)
213 UG BA Welsh (with Legal Studies)
214 UG BA Welsh/American Studies
215 UG BA Welsh/Ancient History
216 UG BA Welsh/Classical Civilisation
217 UG BA Welsh/English
218 UG BA Welsh/European Politics
219 UG BA Welsh/French
220 UG BA Welsh/Geography
221 UG BA Welsh/German
222 UG BA Welsh/Greek
223 UG BA Welsh/History
224 UG BA Welsh/Italian
225 UG BA Welsh/Language Studies
226 UG BA Welsh/Latin
227 UG BA Welsh/Medieval Studies
228 UG BA Welsh/Politics
229 UG BA Welsh/Spanish
230 UG BScE American Studies & Politics
231 UG BScE American Studies & Soc Hist (Intercalary)
232 UG BScE American Studies & Social History
233 UG BA Business Economics
234 UG BA Business Economics (Year Abroad)
235 UG BA Business Management
236 UG BA Business Management (Accounting)
237 UG BA Business Management with Law
238 UG BA Economics
239 UG BA Economics & Politics
240 UG BA Economics & Social Policy
241 UG BA Economics (Year Abroad)
242 UG BA International Business Management (Australasia)
243 UG BA International Business Management (Europe)
244 UG BA International Business Management (Language)
245 UG BA International Business Management (N. America)
246 UG BSc Accounting and Finance
247 UG BSc Accounting and Finance (Year Abroad)
248 UG BSc Actuarial Studies
249 UG BSc Actuarial Studies with a Year Abroad
250 UG BSc Actuarial Studies with Accounting
251 UG BSc Actuarial Studies with Accounting(Year Abroad)
252 UG BSc Business Economics
253 UG BSc Business Economics (Year Abroad)
254 UG BSc Business Economics with Accounting
255 UG BSc Business Management
256 UG BSc Business Management (Accounting)
257 UG BSc Business Management (Finance)
258 UG BSc Business Management (Information System)
259 UG BSc Business Management (Marketing)
260 UG BSc Business Management and Economics
261 UG BSc Economics
262 UG BSc Economics & Geography
263 UG BSc Economics & Mathematics
264 UG BSc Economics & Psychology
265 UG BSc Economics (Year Abroad)
266 UG BSc Financial Economics
267 UG BSc Financial Economics with Accounting
268 UG BSc International Business Economics
269 UG BSc International Business Management (Europe)
270 UG BSc International Business Management (Language)
271 UG BSc International Business Management (N. America)
272 UG BSc International Business Management(Australasia)
273 UG BSc International Management Science (Australasia)
274 UG BSc International Management Science (Europe)
275 UG BSc International Management Science (Language)
276 UG BSc International Management Science (N. America)
277 UG BSc Management Science
278 UG BSc Management Science & Mathematics Year Abroad
279 UG BSc Management Science & Mathematics
280 UG BSc Management Science (Accounting)
281 UG BSc Management Science (Finance)
282 UG BSc Management Science (Marketing)
283 UG BEng Aerospace Eng w/ propulsion (Year Industry)
284 UG BEng Aerospace Engineering
285 UG BEng Aerospace Engineering (Year Industry)
286 UG BEng Aerospace Engineering w/ propulsion
287 UG BEng Chemical & Bio-process Eng (YearIndustry)
288 UG BEng Chemical & Bio-process Engineering
289 UG BEng Civil Engineering
290 UG BEng Civil Engineering (4 Years)
291 UG BEng Civil Engineering (Year Industry)
292 UG BEng Electronic & Elect Eng (Year Overseas)
293 UG BEng Electronic & Electrical Eng (4 Years)
294 UG BEng Electronic & Electrical Engineering
295 UG BEng Electronics w/ Computer Science (Abroad)
296 UG BEng Electronics with Computer Science
297 UG BEng Engineering with deferred choice of spec
298 UG BEng Environmental Engineering
299 UG BEng Integrated Aerospace Engineering
300 UG BEng Integrated Chemical and Bio-Process Eng
301 UG BEng Integrated Environmental Engineering
302 UG BEng Materials Science & Eng (Year in N.Amer.)
303 UG BEng Materials Science & Engineering
304 UG BEng Materials Science with Engineering (4 Yrs)
305 UG BEng Mechanical Engineering
306 UG BEng Mechanical Engineering (4Yrs)
307 UG BEng Mechanical Engineering (Year in Europe)
308 UG BEng Mechanical Engineering (Year in Industry)
309 UG BEng Mechanical Engineering (Year in N. America)
310 UG BEng Medical Engineering
311 UG BEng Medical Engineering with Foundation Year
312 UG BEng Nanoelectronics
313 UG BEng Product Design Engineering
314 UG BEng Product Design Engineering (4 Yr Integrated)
315 UG BEng Product Design Engineering (Yr in Europe)
316 UG BEng Product Design Engineering (Yr in Industry)
317 UG BEng Product Design Engineering (Yr in N.America)
318 UG BEng Product Design Technology
319 UG BEng Product Design Technology (4 Yr Integrated)
320 UG BEng Product Design Technology (Yr in Europe)
321 UG BEng Product Design Technology (Yr in Industry)
322 UG BEng Product Design Technology (Yr in N.America)
323 UG BEng Sports Materials
324 UG BEng Telecommunication Engineering
325 UG BEng Telecommunication Engineering (Year Abroad)
326 UG BSc Internet Technology
327 UG BSc Materials Engineering with Management
328 UG BSc Mobile Communication & Internet Technology
329 UG BSc Sports Science
330 UG HND Sports Science
331 UG MEng Aerospace Eng w/ propulsion (Year Industry)
332 UG MEng Aerospace Engineering
333 UG MEng Aerospace Engineering (Year Industry)
334 UG MEng Aerospace Engineering w/ propulsion
335 UG MEng Chemical & Biochemical Engineering
336 UG MEng Civil Engineering
337 UG MEng Electronic & Electrical Eng (4 Years)
338 UG MEng Electronic & Electrical Eng (Abroad)
339 UG MEng Electronics with Computer Science (4 Years)
340 UG MEng Electronics with Computer Science (Abroad)
341 UG MEng Environmental Engineering
342 UG MEng Materials Science & Engineering (4 Yrs)
343 UG MEng Mechanical Engineering
344 UG MEng Medical Engineering
345 UG MEng Nanoelectronics
346 UG MEng Product Design Engineering
347 UG MEng Product Design Engineering (Yr in Industry)
348 UG MEng Telecommunication Engineering (4 Years)
349 UG MEng Telecommunication Engineering (Year Abroad)
350 UG BA Geography
351 UG BA Geography & Spanish
352 UG BA Geography/Economics
353 UG BA Geography/English
354 UG BA Geography/French
355 UG BSc Biochemistry
356 UG BSc Biological Sciences & Geography
357 UG BSc Biological Sciences & Psychology
358 UG BSc Biological Sciences (specialisation)
359 UG BSc Biology
360 UG BSc Geography
361 UG BSc Geography & Geo-Informatics
362 UG BSc Geography with European Studies
363 UG BSc Marine Biology
364 UG BSc Medical Biochemistry
365 UG BSc Zoology
366 UG BScE Geography
367 UG BScE Geography & Social Policy
368 UG Higher Education Diploma Paramedic Science
369 UG BMid Midwifery
370 UG BMid Midwifery (18 months)
371 UG BN Adult Nursing (Carmarthen)
372 UG BN Mental Health Nursing (Camarthen)
373 UG BN Nursing (Adult)
374 UG BN Nursing (Child)
375 UG BN Nursing (Mental Health)
376 UG BSc Audiology
377 UG BSc Clinical Physiology w/ Cardiology
378 UG BSc Clinical Physiology w/ Respiratory Physiology
379 UG BSc Clinical Technology (Medical Physics)
380 UG BSc Medical Sciences & Humanities
381 UG Foundation Certificate in Health Studies
382 UG BA Psychology & French
383 UG BA Psychology & German
384 UG BA Psychology & Italian
385 UG BA Psychology & Spanish
386 UG BSc Criminology & Criminal Justice
387 UG BSc Criminology & Psychology
388 UG BSc Criminology & Social Policy
389 UG BSc Psychology
390 UG BSc Psychology & Law
391 UG BSc Social Work
392 UG BScE Childhood Studies
393 UG BScE Social History & Social Policy
394 UG BScE Social Policy
395 UG LLB (Hons) Law and Criminology
396 UG LLB Law & American Studies
397 UG LLB Law & American Studies (Intercalary Year)
398 UG LLB Law & Economics
399 UG LLB Law & French
400 UG LLB Law & German
401 UG LLB Law & History
402 UG LLB Law & Italian
403 UG LLB Law & Politics
404 UG LLB Law & Psychology
405 UG LLB Law & Spanish
406 UG LLB Law & Welsh
407 UG LLB Law and Criminology
408 UG LLB Law with Business
409 UG BSc Biochemistry
410 UG BSc Biochemistry and Zoology
411 UG BSc Genetics
412 UG BSc Genetics and Biochemistry
413 UG BSc Genetics and Marine Biology
414 UG BSc Genetics and Zoology
415 UG BSc Medical Biochemistry
416 UG BSc Medical Genetics
417 UG MBBCH Medicine (Graduate Entry)
418 UG BSc Applied Mathematics
419 UG BSc Computer Science
420 UG BSc Computer Science & Geo-Informatics
421 UG BSc Computer Science & Physics
422 UG BSc Computer Science & Psychology
423 UG BSc Computer Science (4 Years)
424 UG BSc Computer Science w/ French
425 UG BSc Computer Science w/ German
426 UG BSc Computer Science w/ Italian
427 UG BSc Computer Science w/ Spanish
428 UG BSc Computer Science w/ Welsh
429 UG BSc Computer Simulation in Materials
430 UG BSc Computing & Communications
431 UG BSc Computing with Finance
432 UG BSc Mathematics
433 UG BSc Mathematics (with French)
434 UG BSc Mathematics (with German)
435 UG BSc Mathematics (with Spanish)
436 UG BSc Mathematics (with Welsh)
437 UG BSc Mathematics and Geo-Informatics
438 UG BSc Mathematics and Physics
439 UG BSc Mathematics for Computer Science
440 UG BSc Mathematics for Finance
441 UG BSc Mathematics with Sports Science
442 UG BSc Maths (Information and Comm. Technology)
443 UG BSc Physics
444 UG BSc Physics (Year Abroad)
445 UG BSc Physics with Nanotechnology
446 UG BSc Physics with Particle Physics & Cosmology
447 UG BSc Physics with Sports Science
448 UG BSc Pure Mathematics
449 UG BSc Pure Mathematics & Computer Science
450 UG BSc Theoretical Physics
451 UG MEng Computing
452 UG MMath Mathematics (4 Yrs)
453 UG MPhys Physics (4 Yrs)
454 UG MPhys Physics (Year Abroad)
455 UG MPhys Theoretical Physics (4 Yrs)
1 PG MA Ancient Egyptian Culture
2 PG MA Ancient History & Classical Civilisation
3 PG MA Ancient Narrative Literature
4 PG MA Classics
5 PG MA Comparative Journalism
6 PG MA Contemporary Celtic Studies
7 PG MA Creative Writing
8 PG MA Development and Human Rights
9 PG MA Digital Media
10 PG MA Early Modern History
11 PG MA English
12 PG MA English Language Studies
13 PG MA European Literary and Cultural Studies
14 PG MA Gender & Culture
15 PG MA German Studies
16 PG MA Hispanic Studies
17 PG MA History
18 PG MA Hollywood and the World
19 PG MA International Communication and Development
20 PG MA International Relations
21 PG MA International Security and Development
22 PG MA Latin American Studies
23 PG MA Literary Translation
24 PG MA Maritime and Imperial History
25 PG MA Medieval Studies
26 PG MA Modern History
27 PG MA Modernism(s)
28 PG MA Politics
29 PG MA Professional Writing
30 PG MA Public Policy
31 PG MA Screening/Staging Europe
32 PG MA Teaching English as a Foreign Language
33 PG MA Translation with Language Technology
34 PG MA War and Society
35 PG MA Welsh Writing in English
36 PG MA Wittgensteinian Studies
37 PG MPhil American Studies
38 PG MPhil Ancient History
39 PG MPhil Ancient History and Civilisation
40 PG MPhil Classics
41 PG MPhil Egyptology
42 PG MPhil History
43 PG MPhil in English
44 PG MPhil in Language Studies
45 PG MPhil in Media & Communication Studies
46 PG MSc Contemporary Conflict and Violence
47 PG MScEcon in Social Research
48 PG PhD American Studies
49 PG PhD Ancient History
50 PG PhD Ancient History & Civilisation
51 PG PhD Ancient History & Medieval Studies
52 PG PhD Classical Archaeology
53 PG PhD Classical Archaeology & Egyptology
54 PG PhD Classics
55 PG PhD Classics / Ancient History & Egyptology
56 PG PhD Egyptology
57 PG PhD History
58 PG PhD in English
59 PG PhD in Language Studies
60 PG PhD in Media and Communication Studies
61 PG PHd programme in Applied Linguistics (Distance)
62 PG MBA (Master of Business Administration)
63 PG MPhil in Business Management
64 PG MPhil in Economics
65 PG MSc Finance
66 PG MSc Management
67 PG MSc Management (Finance)
68 PG MSc Management (International Management)
69 PG MSc Management (Marketing)
70 PG MSc Marketing
71 PG MScEcon Business Economics
72 PG MScEcon Business Economics with Computing
73 PG MScEcon Business Economics with Finance
74 PG PhD in Business Management
75 PG PhD in Economics
76 PG EngD Steel Technology
77 PG EngD Structural Materials for Gas Turbines
78 PG MPhil Civil and Computational Engineering
79 PG MPhil Electronic Systems Design Engineering
80 PG MPhil Materials Engineering
81 PG MPhil Nanotechnology
82 PG MPhil Sports Science
83 PG MRes Communication Systems
84 PG MRes Computer Modelling in Engineering
85 PG MRes Environmental Management
86 PG MRes Nanoscience to Nanotechnology
87 PG MRes Photonic and Communication Systems
88 PG MRes Steel Technology
89 PG MSc Aerospace Engineering
90 PG MSc Biochemical Engineering
91 PG MSc Chemical Engineering
92 PG MSc Civil Engineering
93 PG MSc Communication Systems
94 PG MSc Computational Mechanics
95 PG MSc Computational Modelling & Finite Elements
96 PG MSc Electronic and Electrical Engineering
97 PG MSc Electronics for Sustainable Energy
98 PG MSc Materials Engineering
99 PG MSc Mechanical Engineering
100 PG MSc Medical Radiation Physics
101 PG MSc Nanoscience to Nanotechnology
102 PG MSc Sports Science
103 PG MSc Sports Science with Management
104 PG PhD Sports Science
105 PG MA Human Geography
106 PG MPhil in Biological Sciences
107 PG MPhil in Geography
108 PG MSc Development and Human Rights
109 PG MSc Env. Biology: Conservation and Resource Man.
110 PG MSc Environmental Dynamics and Climatic Change
111 PG MSc Migration and International Development
112 PG MSc Social Research
113 PG PhD in Biological Sciences
114 PG PhD in Geography
115 PG Doctorate in Professional Practice
116 PG MA Health Care Law & Ethics
117 PG MA Medical Humanities
118 PG MA/PgD/PgC Professional Ed. in Clinical Settings
119 PG MPhil in Health Science
120 PG MSc/PgD Community Health Studies
121 PG MSc/PgD/PgC Adv Clin Practice-Nurse Practitoner
122 PG MSc/PgD/PgC Adv Clinical Practice–Infect. Control
123 PG MSc/PgD/PgC Advanced Clinical Practice
124 PG MSc/PgD/PgC Chronic Condition Management
125 PG MSc/PgD/PgC Health Care Management
126 PG MSc/PgD/PgC Health Informatics
127 PG MSc/PgD/PgC Public Health & Health Promotion
128 PG MSc/PgD/PgC Public Health & Partnerships in Care
129 PG MSc/PgD/PgC Specialist Comm. Public Health Nursing
130 PG PGCert Infection Prevention and Control
131 PG PhD in Health Science
132 PG MA Applied Criminal Justice and Criminology
133 PG MA Child Welfare & Applied Childhood Studies
134 PG MA Childhood Studies
135 PG MA Developmental and Therapeutic Play
136 PG MPhil Applied Social Studies
137 PG MPhil Childhood Studies
138 PG MPhil Psychology
139 PG MSc Abnormal and Clinical Psychology
140 PG MSc Ageing Studies
141 PG MSc Research Methods in Psychology
142 PG MScEcon Early Childhood
143 PG PhD Applied Social Studies
144 PG PhD Childhood Studies
145 PG PhD Psychology
146 PG Graduate Diploma in Law
147 PG Legal Practice Course/Postgraduate Diploma in Law
148 PG LLM International Commercial & Maritime Law
149 PG LLM International Commercial Law
150 PG LLM International Maritime Law
151 PG LLM International Trade Law
152 PG LLM Law and Globalisation
153 PG LLM Legal Practice and Advanced Drafting
154 PG MA Global Legal Orders and Law
155 PG MPhil Law
156 PG PhD Law
157 PG MD Doctor of Medicine
158 PG MPhil in Medicine
159 PG PhD Medicine
160 PG MSc Trauma Surgery
161 PG Diploma Trauma Surgery
162 PG MBBCH Medicine (Graduate Entry)
163 PG MPhil in Computer Science
164 PG MPhil in Mathematics
165 PG MPhil in Physics
166 PG MRes in Computer Graphics, Vis. and Virt. Environs
167 PG MRes Logic and Computation
168 PG MRes Stochastic Processes
169 PG MSc Computing and Future Interaction Technologies
170 PG MSc Computing and Software Technology
171 PG MSc Mathematics and Computing for Finance
172 PG PhD in Mathematics
173 PG PhD in Physics











• Undergraduate Bursary Scheme [deadline august 31st]

For 2010 entry, students who undertake Undergraduate courses in areas of study such as business, law, computer science, economics, mathematics, psychology, health science, arts, humanities, will receive a bursary of £2,200 per annum towards fees, guaranteed for the full duration of studies.

Students who wish to study degrees in science and engineering will receive a bursary of £3,000 per annum towards fees, guaranteed for the full duration of studies.

• £200,000 worth of Scholarships available [ deadline 1st july ]
The bursaries are open to all subject areas.
Who is eligible:
• Candidates must be new, full-time, degree seeking, non-EU applicants
• Candidates must have accepted the offer of a place at Swansea
• Candidates must show strong academic ability and financial need
• Candidates should not be eligible for other financial support from Swansea University eg. tuition fee reductions through collaborative links, bursaries














General Intake

Only September intake.
No intake in February.















Download Application Form

Click here to Download UG Application form
Click here to Download PG Application form



















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